Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale

  • Highest Rated: 100% Queen of Diamonds (2019)
  • Lowest Rated: 0% All Roads Lead to Rome (2008)
  • Birthday: Apr 15, 1938
  • Birthplace: Tunis, Tunisia
  • An internationally known beauty with a husky voice, Claudia Cardinale was once groomed to be Italy's answer to Brigitte Bardot, as well as a replacement for Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, both of whom had defected to Hollywood. In 1957, Cardinale won the "most beautiful girl in Tunisia" contest and, as her prize, attended the Venice Film Festival. She later took drama lessons at Rome's Centro Sperimentale film school and, shortly thereafter, landed secondary roles in several films. Producer Franco Cristaldi began molding her career, turning her into a sex symbol, and the two later married. She was an established international star by the early '60s, although she never attained the success of Bardot, Lollobrigida, or Loren; however, she did make many notable films, working with (among others) such directors as Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, Manolo Bolognini, Luigi Comencini, Sergio Leone, Blake Edwards, and Richard Brooks -- for example, Fellini cast her as herself, the object of star Marcello Mastroianni's erotic daydreams in the film 8 1/2 (1963).


Highest Rated Movies








100% Queen of Diamonds Actor 2019
42% Effie Gray Viscountess 2015
No Score Yet Audace Colpo Dei Soliti Ignoti Actor 2015
100% Gebo and The Shadow (Gebo et l'ombre) Doroteia 2014
No Score Yet Pietro Germi - Il bravo, il bello, il cattivo Actor 2014
No Score Yet Les Francis Actor 2014
No Score Yet Hiver 54, l'abbé Pierre (Winter of '54: Father Pierre) Actor 2014
No Score Yet La ragazza di Bube (Bebo's Girl) Actor 2014
No Score Yet The Silent Mountain Nuria Calzolari 2014
70% El artista y la modelo (The Artist and the Model) Léa $48.6K 2013
No Score Yet Nell'anno del Signore (The Conspirators) Actor 2013
No Score Yet Les lions sont lâchés (The Lions Are Loose) Actor 2013
No Score Yet Joy de V. Signora Morosini 2013
No Score Yet I delfini (Silver Spoon Set) Actor 2013
No Score Yet Bello, onesto, emigrato Australia sposerebbe compaesana illibata (A Girl in Australia) Actor 2011
80% The Story Of Film: An Odyssey Actor 2011
No Score Yet Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Adventures Of Gerard Actor 2011
No Score Yet A View Of Love (Un Balcon Sur La Mer) La mère de Marc 2010
No Score Yet Le fil (The String) Sara 2009
0% All Roads Lead to Rome Carmen 2008
No Score Yet L'Udienza (The Audience) (Papal Audience) Aiche 2006
No Score Yet Marcello: A Sweet Life Actor 2006
47% And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Madame Falconnetti $0.6M 2003
No Score Yet Dead Silent Sandy 1999
No Score Yet A Summer in La Goulette Actor 1996
No Score Yet Nostromo Actor 1995
6% Son of the Pink Panther Maria 1993
No Score Yet 588 Rue Paradis (Mother) Araxi (Mayrig) 1992
No Score Yet Mayrig Araxi (Mayrig) 1991
No Score Yet Battle of the Three Kings, The Roxelane 1990
No Score Yet Ben Webster - The Brute and the Beautiful Actor 1989
No Score Yet Un homme amoureux (A Man in Love) Julia Steiner 1987
No Score Yet Next Summer Jeanne 1986
No Score Yet Henry IV Matilda 1984
No Score Yet The Salamander Actor 1983
No Score Yet Princess Daisy Anabelle de Fourdemont 1983
78% Fitzcarraldo Molly 1982
94% Burden of Dreams Actor 1982
No Score Yet Bankers Also Have Souls (Le Cadeau) Actor 1982
No Score Yet La Pelle Princess Caracciolo 1981
No Score Yet The Salamander Elena 1981
No Score Yet Escape to Athena Eleana 1979
No Score Yet Corleone Rosa 1978
No Score Yet Il prefetto di ferro (The Iron Prefect) Woman 1977
No Score Yet Blonde in Black Leather Actor 1977
80% The Pink Panther Strikes Again Actor 1976
No Score Yet Il comune senso del pudore (A Common Sense of Modesty) Actor 1976
No Score Yet Libera, amore mio... (Libera, My Love) Libera Valente 1975
No Score Yet The Deadly Tower Actor 1975
No Score Yet Immortal Bachelor Gabriella Sansoni 1975
78% Conversation Piece (Gruppo di famiglia in un interno) Wife 1974
No Score Yet Blood Brothers (I Guappi) Actor 1974
No Score Yet One Russian Summer Actor 1973
No Score Yet La Scoumoune (Hit Man)(Mafia Warfare)(The Pariah) Genevieve Saratov 1972
88% The Red Tent Nurse Valeria 1971
No Score Yet Legend of Frenchie King Actor 1971
No Score Yet The Butterfly Affair Popsy 1971
No Score Yet Queen of Diamonds Actor 1971
No Score Yet Diary of a Telephone Operator Marta CHiaretti 1969
98% Once Upon a Time in the West Jill McBain 1968
No Score Yet Il giorno della civetta (The Day of the Owl) Rosa Nicolosi 1968
No Score Yet Don't Make Waves Laura Califatti 1967
88% The Professionals Mrs. Maria Grant 1966
No Score Yet Lost Command Aicha 1966
No Score Yet Blindfold Vicky Vincenti 1965
No Score Yet Time of Indifference (Gli Indifferenti) Carla 1965
100% Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa Sandra 1965
No Score Yet Cartouche Venus 1964
40% Circus World Toni Alfredo 1964
98% The Leopard Angelica Sedara/Bertiana 1963
98% 8 1/2 Claudia 1963
90% The Pink Panther Princess Dahla 1963
No Score Yet Careless (senilita) Actor 1962
89% Rocco and His Brothers (Rocco e i suoi fratelli) Ginetta 1961
No Score Yet La Viaccia (The Lovermakers) Bianca 1961
No Score Yet Girl with a Suitcase Aida Zepponi 1961
89% Big Deal on Madonna Street (I Soliti Ignoti) Carmelina 1960
No Score Yet Bell' Antonio Barbara Puglisi 1960
No Score Yet The Battle of Austerlitz Pauline 1960
No Score Yet Un Maledetto imbroglio (The Facts of Murder) Assuntina 1959
No Score Yet Upstairs And Downstairs Actor 1959


Hey, you're sort of a handsome man!
But I'm not the right man. And neither is he.
You deserve better.
The last man who told me that... is buried out there.
What's he waiting for out there? What's he doing?
He's whittlin' on a piece of wood. I've got a feeling when he stops whittlin'... Somethin's gonna happen.