Current Publications List

The list below includes outlets that are Tomatometer-approved, or which publish reviews from critics with individual approval. These publications have published reviews within the last twelve months.
  • Reviews appearing in an approved publication are eligible for inclusion, regardless of whether the critic who wrote them was individually approved.
  • Non-approved publications that publish reviews from individually-approved critics will have that critic’s name listed.
For a list of inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Sacramento News & Review Approved publication Approved publication

Salt Lake Tribune Approved publication

San Antonio Current when reviewed by Kiko Martinez

San Diego CityBeat when reviewed by Glenn Heath Jr.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News when reviewed by Jean Lowerison

San Diego Reader Approved publication

San Francisco Bay Times when reviewed by Gary M. Kramer

San Francisco Chronicle Approved publication

San Francisco Examiner Approved publication

San Jose Mercury News Approved publication

Saporta Report (Atlanta) when reviewed by Eleanor Ringel Cater

Sarah's Backstage Pass when reviewed by Sarah Knight Adamson

SassyMamaInLA when reviewed by Courtney Howard, Yolanda Machado Approved publication

Scene Creek when reviewed by Chelsea Phillips-Carr when reviewed by Abby Olcese, Eric Melin

Schmoes Know Approved publication

School Library Journal when reviewed by Kent Turner

Sci-Fi Movie Page when reviewed by Brian Orndorf, Daniel M. Kimmel, James O'Ehley, Mark Dujsik, Rob Vaux when reviewed by Todd Gilchrist

SciFiNow Approved publication

Scotsman Approved publication

Screen International Approved publication

Screen It! Approved publication

Screen Junkies Approved publication

Screen Queens when reviewed by Amelia Harvey, Caroline Madden, Chloe Leeson, Emily Maskell, Hannah Ryan, Millicent Thomas, Rebecca Harrison, Sara Clements

Screen Slate Approved publication

Screen Zealots when reviewed by Louisa Moore

Screen-Space when reviewed by Simon Foster

ScreenAnarchy Approved publication

ScreenCrush Approved publication

ScreenRant Approved publication

Scriptophobic when reviewed by C.H. Newell Approved publication

Sean Chandler Talks About when reviewed by Sean Chandler when reviewed by Sean Axmaker

Seattle Film Blog when reviewed by Kathy Fennessy

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Approved publication

Seattle Times Approved publication

Seattle Weekly when reviewed by Brian Miller, Robert Horton, Sean Axmaker, Tim Appelo

Sensacine Approved publication

Senses of Cinema Approved publication

Seven Days Approved publication

Seventh Row Approved publication

SF Crowsnest when reviewed by Frank Ochieng

SF Weekly Approved publication

SFX Magazine Approved publication

Shadow and Act Approved publication

Shadows on the Wall when reviewed by Derek Malcolm, Rich Cline

Shakefire when reviewed by Matt Rodriguez

Shifter Magazine when reviewed by Vladimir Jean-Gilles when reviewed by Brent Simon, Harvey S. Karten, Perri Nemiroff

Shondaland when reviewed by Candice Frederick

Should I See It when reviewed by Michael Ward

Showbiz 411 when reviewed by Leah Sydney

Showbiz Cheat Sheet when reviewed by Fred Topel

Showbiz Junkies when reviewed by Rebecca Murray when reviewed by Mario P. Székely

Siftpop when reviewed by Aaron Dicer

Sight and Sound Approved publication

Silver Screen Riot when reviewed by Matt Oakes

Sister Rose at the Movies when reviewed by Sr. Rose Pacatte

Sky Cinema Approved publication

Slant Magazine Approved publication

Slashfilm Approved publication

SlashFilmcast Approved publication

Slate Approved publication

Slickster Magazine when reviewed by Chris Sawin

Sloths and Movies when reviewed by Aaron Leggo

Sly Fox when reviewed by Kam Williams

Smash Cut Reviews when reviewed by Karl Delossantos Approved publication

Sojourners when reviewed by Abby Olcese

Solzy at the Movies when reviewed by Danielle Solzman

South China Morning Post Approved publication

Spark Magazine when reviewed by Elena Lazic, Manuela Lazic

Spectrum Culture when reviewed by David Harris, Dominic Griffin, Josh Goller, Kristen Lopez, Pat Padua

Spirituality and Practice when reviewed by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Splash Report when reviewed by J. Don Birnam

Splice Today when reviewed by Stephen Silver

Spliced Personality when reviewed by Sean Burns

Spoiler TV when reviewed by Brent Hankins

Spokesman-Review (Washington) when reviewed by Dan Webster

SpoutBlog when reviewed by Karina Longworth, Steve Erickson

Square Eyes when reviewed by Rachael Mead

SSG Syndicate when reviewed by Susan Granger

St. Anthony Messenger when reviewed by Sr. Rose Pacatte

St. Louis Jewish Light when reviewed by Cate Marquis

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Approved publication

St. Paul Pioneer Press Approved publication

Stabroek News when reviewed by Andrew Kendall

Star-Democrat (Easton, MD) when reviewed by Greg Maki

Starburst Approved publication when reviewed by Stephen Farber

Student Edge when reviewed by Simon Miraudo Approved publication

Stylecaster when reviewed by Aramide Tinubu, Joi Childs

Suburban Journals of St. Louis when reviewed by Mathew DeKinder

Suddenly A Shot Rang Out when reviewed by Lauren Humphries-Brooks

Sunday Independent (Ireland) Approved publication

Sunday Times (UK) Approved publication

SuperHeroHype when reviewed by Luke Y. Thompson

Sydney Morning Herald Approved publication

Syfy Wire Approved publication

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