Current Publications List

The list below includes outlets that are Tomatometer-approved, or which publish reviews from critics with individual approval. These publications have published reviews within the last twelve months.
  • Reviews appearing in an approved publication are eligible for inclusion, regardless of whether the critic who wrote them was individually approved.
  • Non-approved publications that publish reviews from individually-approved critics will have that critic’s name listed.
For a list of inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Vague Visages when reviewed by Becky Kukla, Bedatri D. Choudhury, Beth McDonough, Devika Girish, Ella Kemp, Jacob Oller, Joey Keogh, Kyle Kizu, Manuel Betancourt, Manuela Lazic, Marshall Shaffer, Natalia Winkelman, Sara Clements, Tanner Tafelski

Vanguardia (Mexico) when reviewed by Carlos Díaz Reyes

Vanity Fair Approved publication

Vanyaland when reviewed by Nick Johnston

Variety Approved publication

VCinema when reviewed by Grant Watson, Harris Dang

Vice when reviewed by Candice Frederick, Genevieve Valentine, Jason Bailey, Karen Han, Kristen Yoonsoo Kim, Manuel Betancourt, Michael Nordine, Pilot Viruet when reviewed by Steve Crum

View From The Dark when reviewed by Carolyn Mauricette

ViewLondon Approved publication

Village Voice Approved publication

Virginia Quarterly Review when reviewed by Michelle Orange when reviewed by Alan Cerny, Jenna Busch, Joshua Starnes, Sarah Musnicky

Vix when reviewed by Pablo Fernandez when reviewed by Reginald Ponder when reviewed by Anton Bitel, Katie Smith-Wong, Laurence Boyce, Matthew Turner

Vogue Approved publication

Voices & Visions when reviewed by Jim Laczkowski

Vox Approved publication

Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Alberta) Approved publication

Vulture Hound when reviewed by Becky Kukla, Charlotte Harrison, Chloe Leeson, Katie Hogan

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