Current Publications List

The list below includes outlets that are Tomatometer-approved, or which publish reviews from critics with individual approval. These publications have published reviews within the last twelve months.
  • Reviews appearing in an approved publication are eligible for inclusion, regardless of whether the critic who wrote them was individually approved.
  • Non-approved publications that publish reviews from individually-approved critics will have that critic’s name listed.
For a list of inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Wall Street Journal Approved publication

Washington City Paper Approved publication

Washington Free Beacon when reviewed by Sonny Bunch

Washington Post Approved publication

Watertown Daily Times when reviewed by Adam Tobias

WBAI Radio when reviewed by Prairie Miller

WBAL-TV when reviewed by Lauren Veneziani

We Are Movie Geeks when reviewed by Cate Marquis

We Bought a Blog when reviewed by Alan French

We Got This Covered Approved publication

We Have a Hulk when reviewed by Nicola Austin

We Live Entertainment when reviewed by Aaron Neuwirth, Ashley Menzel, Fred Topel, Kit Bowen, Scott Menzel, Staci Layne Wilson

Weekend Special (South Africa) when reviewed by Theresa Smith

WETA when reviewed by Ani Bundel

What Culture Approved publication

What I Watched Tonight when reviewed by Matt Hudson

What She Said when reviewed by Anne Brodie

What the Flick?! Approved publication

Whiskey and Popcorn Approved publication

Why So Blu when reviewed by Aaron Neuwirth

Wicked Horror when reviewed by Joey Keogh

Willamette Week Approved publication

Wilmington StarNews when reviewed by Hunter Ingram

Winnipeg Free Press Approved publication

Wizard when reviewed by Fred Topel, Luke Y. Thompson, Todd Gilchrist

Woman in Revolt when reviewed by Lindsay Pugh

Women Rocking Hollywood when reviewed by Leslie Combemale

Women's Voices for Change when reviewed by Alexandra MacAaron, Cecilia Ford

WORLD when reviewed by Laura Finch, Megan Basham, Rebecca Cusey

World of Reel when reviewed by Jordan Ruimy

Writes of the Roundtable when reviewed by Luciana Mangas

WXIX-TV (Cincinnati, OH) when reviewed by tt stern-enzi

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