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The Women Quotes

  • Alex Fisher: Excuse me, our friend is having a baby. We need a room now, so we need you guys to hurry up. [Nurse] - Does she have insurance? She doesn't need insurance. Have four, get the fifth one free. Get her a room.

  • Edie Cohen: I wanna keep going until I get a boy.
    Alex Fisher: Don't we have enough of those?

  • Sylvie Fowler: Weren't you taking some puppet-making class?
    Edie Cohen: Let me tell you something. Weird crowd of people, the puppet people.

  • Catherine Frazier: I ordered you a gimlet. I know you don't drink in the afternoon, but you will eventually, so why not start now?

  • Catherine Frazier: Don't be bitter. It leads to Botox.

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