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The movie borrows heavily from Risky Business, though Hirsch and Cuthbert are appealing leads.



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Boy meets girl who's already met all sorts of boys and girls in this teen-slanted comedy. Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) is a straight-laced and highly ambitious high school student who plans to study at Georgetown University and dreams of a career in politics. While most of his classmates are in the throes of an epidemic of senioritis, Matthew is obsessed with schoolwork and has a hard time relaxing and having fun. But he finds himself a bit less focused on his future career when Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert), a beautiful 19-year-old blonde, moves in next door. Danielle is playful, spontaneous, and doesn't always remember to draw her shades, and before long Matthew is head over heels in love. Danielle soon finds herself taken with Matthew as well, but their relationship takes an unusual turn when he discovers that, before she moved to town, Danielle had a successful career as a porn actress. Matthew is able to convince Danielle that she's cut out for better things in life than appearing in porn videos, but his advice doesn't especially please Kelly (Timothy Olyphant) or Hugo (James Remar), two porn moguls who figure Matthew owes them big-time after convincing their leading lady to drop out of the adult industry. The Girl Next Door -- which, appropriately enough, shares its title with a 1999 documentary about adult film superstar Stacy Valentine -- also features Timothy Bottoms, Paul Dano, and Chris Marquette.

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Emile Hirsch
as Matthew Kidman
James Remar
as Hugo Posh
Paul Dano
as Klitz
Timothy Bottoms
as Mr. Kidman
Donna Bullock
as Mrs. Kidman
Sung Hi Lee
as Ferrari
Ulysses Lee
as Samnang
Harris Laskaway
as Dr. Salinger
Julie Osburn
as Jeannie
Laird Stuart
as Mr. Ruether
Dane A. Garretson
as Ryan Winger
Dane Garretson
as Ryan Wenger
Richard Fancy
as Mr. Peterson
Catherine McGoohan
as Mrs. Peterson
Josh Henderson
as Pep Rally Jock
Olivia Wade
as Whitney Parker
John-Clay Scott
as Rent-a-Cop
Ellis E. Williams
as Scholarship President
Stephanie Fabian
as Mina Lopez
Michael Villani
as TV Talk Show Host
Dan Klass
as School Photographer
Benjamin Banks
as Karate Guy in Porn Film
Tomas Herrera
as Film School Student
John Harrington Bland
as Fan at Convention
Shulan Tuan
as Samnang's Mother
Nicholas Downs
as Bob in '70s Sex-Ed Film
Danny Seckel
as Bob's Friend in '70s Sex-Ed Film
Reda Beebe
as Cocktail Waitress
Rudy Mettia
as Limo Driver
Chris Verdiglione
as Responsible Media Minion
Martin Pierron
as Media Minion
Freddy Smith
as Media Minion
Ray Mond
as Media Minion
Ricardo Amaya
as Media Minion
Hector Garcia
as Media Minion
Beth Buck
as Attractive Woman at Scholarship Banquet
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Critic Reviews for The Girl Next Door

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  • This is not entirely your average greasy teen movie, and frequently manages to be quite funny, and ambivalent, about vicious competitiveness at US high schools and sickly, sex-saturated modern life.

    Dec 18, 2017 | Full Review…
  • The Girl Next Door might have been another slice of American Pie if it wasn't quite so unsavoury.

    Apr 20, 2004 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

    Jamie Russell
    Top Critic
  • The American male hypocrisy toward sexually active women in general -- and porn in particular -- is at the center of the new comedy The Girl Next Door. Unfortunately, instead of being the movie's target, it's the subtext.

    Apr 17, 2004 | Full Review…
  • Risky Business, while cynical and salacious, also had style, charm and heart. The Girl Next Door is just nasty, loud and empty.

    Apr 12, 2004
  • Nothing in this film makes any sense, and Stuart Blumberg, David T. Wagner and Brent Goldberg's script merely gets more preposterous as it elaborates on its implausible premise.

    Apr 9, 2004
  • The picture feels fresh and audacious thanks to its smart script and sassy cast.

    Apr 9, 2004

Audience Reviews for The Girl Next Door

  • Sep 09, 2012
    An underrated and wildly entertaining teen flick. I can understand why an adult wouldn't like it, but it is the definitive movie for male teens. Emile Hirsch plays a high school senior who gets a new 19-year-old neighbor, an extremely charming and magnetic blond played by Elisha Cuthbert. The things they do together is undoubtedly every guys fantasy and it comes to life smoothly on-screen. Timothy Olyphant plays an ex "co-worker" of Cuthberts, and his performance is very likeable. The film, like the guys in the movie, is dirty, yet leaves you satisfied. I can imagine this being extremely re-watchable, echoing the same trait as Superbad. The Girl Next Door is consistently fun, charming, and hilarious, and the fact that it gets more down-and-dirty than any other teen comedy is what makes it unique.
    Kevin M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 14, 2011
    you have to love the girl next door. I'm talking about the girl mainly but this film was quite fun if not a copy of risky business
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Dec 11, 2011
    The Girl Next Door I thought a mediocre comedy with few decent laughs. However this is one film I just didn't enjoy. First off, I really don't like Elisha Cuthbert, though she's really attractive, she definitely can't act, and she's annoying. The film I thought was poorly plotted, with bad acting; directing and I felt that the actors chosen to play the parts didn't really fit. This film might have succeeded if it had a better cast and script, but it didn't, at least not for me. I laughed only a few times, and once the credits rolled, I thought that the film wasn't anything great. Basically this film takes ideas from the classic Risky Business film, and throws it around, and tries to create something new. But the fact is, is that this film doesn't do anything new. The film is poorly done, uses old ideas, and basically makes it more crude, and vulgar to try to appeal to viewers loving this type of comedy. I thought it was a mediocre comedy, with nothing new or interesting about it. Laughed a few times, and quite frankly is one of those films you only need to watch once. This film doesn't do anything to thrill you, and make you laugh with original ideas. The film uses recycled ideas, and adds those elements into a mediocre script. The ends result is a film that doesn't work, and is plagued with mostly unfunny gags that we've seen so many times before.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2011
    It's been a ridiculously long time since I've seen "The Girl Next Door" but I remember a few things: A) I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the movie was B) I got surprised by many plot points in the movie
    Albert K Super Reviewer

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