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Not for the faint of heart, Kick-Ass takes the comic adaptation genre to new levels of visual style, bloody violence, and gleeful profanity.



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Adapted from Mark Millar's hyper-violent comic book of the same name, director Matthew Vaughn's (Layer Cake) vigilante superhero film tells the tale of an average New York teenager who decides to don a costume and fight crime. Comic book geek Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) may not have good coordination or special powers, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fully capable crime fighter. After purchasing a flashy wet suit on the Internet, Dave starts busting up baddies with nothing but brute force. He calls himself Kick-Ass, and he can take a beating as good as he can dish one out. Before long, Kick-Ass has become a local sensation, and others are following his lead. Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) are a father-daughter crime-fighting duo who have set their sights on local mob heavy Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong). They're doing a decent job of dismantling Frank's sizable underworld empire when Kick-Ass gets drawn into the fray. But Frank's men play rough, and his son, Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), is about to become Kick-Ass' very first arch nemesis. When Chris assumes the persona of Red Mist, the stage is set for a superhero showdown that could spell the end of Kick-Ass once and for all. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Aaron Taylor-Johnson
as Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass
Nicolas Cage
as Damon Macready/Big Daddy
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
as Chris D'Amico/Red Mist
Mark Strong (II)
as Frank D'Amico
Chloë Grace Moretz
as Mindy Macready/Hit Girl
Omari Hardwick
as Sergeant Marcus Williams
Xander Berkeley
as Detective Gigante
Lyndsy Fonseca
as Katie Deauxma
Corey Johnson
as Sporty Goon
Jason Flemyng
as Lobby Goon
Kenneth Simmons
as Scary Goon
Randall Batinkoff
as Tre Fernandez
Garrett M. Brown
as Mr. Lizewski
Elizabeth McGovern
as Mrs. Lizewski
Deborah Twiss
as Mrs. Zane
Sophie Wu
as Erika Cho
Anthony Desio
as Baby Goon
Adrian Martinez
as Ginger Goon
Joe Bacino
as Posh Goon
Walle Jobara
as Nervous Goon
Tamer Hassan
as Matthew
Yancy Butler
as Angie D'Amico
Hubert Boorder
as Oscar Juarez
Johnny Hopkins
as 1st Gang Kid
Ohene Cornelius
as 2nd Gang Kid
Chris T.J. McGuire
as Diner Fight Guy1
Max White
as Diner Fight Guy 2
Dean Copkov
as Diner Fight Guy 3
Jacob Cartwright
as Running Teenager
Maurice DuBois
as News Anchor
Dana Tyler
as News Anchor
Dan Duran
as Reporter
Louis Young
as Breaking News Reporter
Katrena Rochell
as Female Junkie
Harley Quinn Smith
as Big Mean Boy
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  • Sep 09, 2016
    A great adaptation of the source material makes for a very entertaining and violent ride. Begs the question, what would a superhero be like in real life? If you dig violent action and can handle a lot of profanity, this movie could be for you. Chloe Grace Moretz without question steals the show in this one.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 06, 2016
    The name of the movie tells you my opinion of the film! Loaded with a lot of humor, style and surprisingly good performances Kick-Ass is totally worth your time to watch and has a lot of replay value! Check it out!
    Mr N Super Reviewer
  • Jun 27, 2015
    If you aren't too put off by heaps of violence, this is a fun action flick.
    Juli R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 20, 2013
    It made me depressed, the characters are all retarded and flimsy. I like the concept, but the characters are horrible and acting were so bad, I really didn't like any of the actors. The profanity was totally distasteful, I don't even understand why it was used, it just made the film stupid. However, the redeeming quality was the editing and cinematography. If you are not a fan of genre defying, hyper action films then this is really not your cup of tea. Cliche, cliches everywhere. The jokes were lame, I really just doesn't like it, the film is too unrealistic and preposterous. I appreciate what the film is about but I didn't like the ensemble.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer

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