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A teenage zero becomes a high school hero after secretly becoming the school mascot at the behest of his best friend. Unable to carry on the family tradition of being the Hondo High School mascot due to the fact that he's allergic to the costume, teenager Cleatus Poole (Mitchel Musso) quietly recruits his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley) for the job. Reluctantly agreeing with the strict understanding that their pact will remain a secret, Pete dons the Chicken costume and goes to work. At first, painfully shy Pete isn't sure he's up to the task, but before long he's got the whole school cheering. The anonymity of the Chicken suit allows Pete to let go of his insecurities and embrace a newfound freedom, and as a result, a whole new personality begins to emerge. Trouble is, back in the classroom no one even knows his name. Now, as the students rally around Cleatus under the assumption that he is the Chicken, Pete must decide whether it's finally time to reveal the truth, or keep his beak closed and maintain the elaborate ruse.


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  • This movie's premise could easily be cheesy enough to put parents off, but the talented young cast makes the story surprisingly enjoyable for a range of age groups.

    Sep 17, 2019 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Hatching Pete

  • Nov 05, 2009
    It really is a shame that Disney refuses to release films that are a little edgier for young adults, because sometimes, they really do come up with a good story. The problem is that by the time they are done dumbing it down and disnifying it, the once promising story becomes a joke. that only 10 year olds seem to get. Hatching Pete is one of these film that have a really terrific storyline. With a little more realism and a little less Disney, it would have been a really spectacular film. Hatching Pete features two best friends, Cleatus (Mitchel Musso) and Pete (Jason Dolley) who are complete opposites. Cleatus is so outgoing that he is actually his local High School's mascot, while Pete is a loner, scared of his own shadow. One day Cleatus is injured and Pete sees that as an opportunity to get close to the girl he is afraid to talk to, so he takes his place as the mascot. When one is infatuated with a girl, it will drive them to do anything, and Pete puts on a hilarious show, that even inspires his team, the worst basketball team in the state. Cleatus quickly becomes a school celebrity and a target of bullies, but once it's discovered he's not the one inside the costume, the question becomes who is the mascot? The story was a really good mix of comedy, coming-of-age drama, and athletic competition. At it's core, I really did enjoy this film, but ultimately all the Disney crap manages to diminish it's quality. As for the cast, it's you're usual Disney cast, filled with a lot of beautiful people, only a couple of whom can actually act, and the star of this film is Jason Dolley. I always wondered why Disney keeps putting this kid on show after show, but now I know, he actually has some talent. He was charismatic and showed terrific range going from one personality to another in a relatively short time. While Dolley was fun to watch and even gave me a few laughs, the rest of the cast wasn't much to right home about. Hatching Pete is a terrific film for kids and some young adults, and while it has a story that adults would like, the Disney factor makes it somewhat unlikely that most will.
    Todd S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 07, 2009
    Don't ask me why but this is the second movie I've reviewed starring Jason Dolley which is getting a good review. The first being <U>Minutemen</U>. Either the boy has a good agent, or is getting luck of the draw. Yeah it is a typical Disney TV movie, but it certainly is one of the better ones recently. There is no real antagonist in the film as it focuses on the theme of man versus himself. The title character Pete (Jason Dolley) never gets noticed -- even his teachers think he's a stranger to school -- but when his best friend Cleatus (Mitchell Musso) cannot perform his duties as school mascot (due to an allergic reactions from the suit) he takes his place. The result finds Pete as "The Chicken" becoming an overnight sensation with Cleatus getting all the credit. Inevitably through happinstance everyone learns that Cleatus is not the man under the feathers, but the same question is on everyone's lips who is The Chicken? Yes the movie does involve the usual attempt to get the girl, and an obstacle does present itself that the heroes have to overcome, but it is done in a fun and original way. If there is a main theme here it is most definetly friendship. This is a movie the whole family can enjoy. Frankly when children grow into their tweens, this film is a good introduction to the more age appropriate themes.
    Jason F Super Reviewer

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