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September 22, 2019
This energetic and emotional portrait of footballer Adam Goodes is an essential snapshot of the road to reconciliation.
September 21, 2019
An essential film on race and sports, and of the emotional and professional cost of a person of color speaking up and taking a stand.
September 17, 2019
This documentary is fascinating, harrowing and candid, allowing - for better or worse - Goodes to have the final word on his ending.
September 15, 2019
What makes Goodes such an inspirational hero is the fact that he never matches hate for hate. He's teaching tolerance.
September 10, 2019
My wish is that every Australian see this film.
September 9, 2019
A thoughtful, layered companion piece to The Final Quarter.
September 9, 2019
Nevertheless, it's hard not to be moved by The Australian Dream, though it's plainly obvious this is less a major feat of documentary filmmaking than a tremendous story passionately and empathetically told.
September 8, 2019
It can be exhausting when your very identity is politicized. The film feels exhausting at times too, but in a way that's to its credit - both Goodes and the doc are unrelenting, and they refuse to let fans or viewers off the hook.
August 30, 2019
A sobering but emotional reminder of unresolved history.
August 29, 2019
It's a small victory, in the scheme of things, but one which would move the dial in a country where the very name of Australia is an act of dispossession, a branding over the many nations that were here before - that are still here.
August 22, 2019
So much more than just a documentary outlining an incident of abuse, The Australian Dream places a mirror against Australia's own history of burning racism and forces us to address it in a manner that can't easily be avoided
August 20, 2019
It's an unashamedly polemical film. Grant himself is a pervasive presence on screen, eloquently summarising the state of the nation's moral health and backing up Goodes with the worst of his own experiences as a young Indigenous man.
August 19, 2019
The Australian Dream is brutal, affecting, and insightful. Rather than recalling one terrible event, the trauma is expanded into an intense personal journey that confronts challenges of the past and present.
August 18, 2019
This detailed package of the media and public reaction to the actions and utterances of Adam Goodes is framed by his backstory and subsequent behaviour, yet there is enough fairly presented information in it for people to form an independent assessment.
August 16, 2019
The loudest voices are just loud. And this is the surprising and welcome thing about The Australian Dream. In the end, it is a story of optimism and hope.
August 5, 2019
Unlike the recent TV doco The Final Quarter, Goodes himself is an active presence in The Australian Dream, giving a clear, strident and soulful voice to what he and others have gone through as indigenous Australians.
August 5, 2019
The Australian Dream is shattering. And now, the illusion of our country can't be unshattered.
August 2, 2019
Emotive, inspiring and argumentative, driven by a clear desire for justice and equality.
August 2, 2019
This is not a pleasant film to watch by any stretch, but it's certainly an impactful one.
August 1, 2019
Anger and injustice rightfully, palpably seethe from The Australian Dream, but the documentary is most effective in putting its call for reconciliation into practice.
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