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January 27, 2018
There's so much to like about Wes Anderson's work, and it's hard not to warm to a guy who makes a comedy about damaged young has-beens. But he misfires badly in some crucial respects.
October 1, 2014
These characters are written with the broad strokes of caricature, yet they are neither funny nor, in the end, sympathetic.
October 1, 2014
Anderson may yet be the heir to the screwball-comedy throne, but his creative blood needs a fresh infusion.
March 4, 2014
What the film really seems to be is an invitation to thoughtlessness, a cultivation of the irrationally wilful.
March 4, 2014
The Royal Tenenbaums tries to be many things, but isn't any one thing forcefully enough to carry much weight or significance.
August 27, 2009
Despite countless unique and amazing moments, the movie doesn't quite come together--which may not, in fact, go against the director's master plan.
October 13, 2007
To call it merely peculiar is a gross understatement.
January 9, 2005
Indulges in a set-up that bleeds far into the film. Scattered, the production lacks build. Hopes that oddity will be enough to entertain and sometimes it does.
January 7, 2004
As great as [Hackman] is, he can't save the film single-handedly.
January 1, 2004
This is a movie that is so embarrassing that it deserves to be consigned to the cutout bins at the video stores as quickly as possible.
August 29, 2002
'Isn't this just SO precious?'
August 20, 2002
Unfortunately, having created this original and interestingly stylised universe, Anderson frustratingly fails to put it to any better use than to tell his story in the safest, most obviously calculating manner possible.
July 6, 2002
A ROYAL pain. It made me squirm instead of laugh.
May 17, 2002
' the lives of the geniuses it centres on, The Royal Tenenbaums is a good looking, angst ridden example of squandered potential.'
March 29, 2002
Una cinta bastante regular y que en su pretensión aspira a ser más de lo que es, sin lograrlo del todo.
March 22, 2002
Apart from Hackman, the actors look more trapped by Anderson's rigid framing, color scheme, and enforced deadpan.
February 7, 2002
The Royal Tenenbaums is pathetically lazy filmmaking disguised as hip and clever, a boring and indifferent comedy that tries to pull the suddenly popular scam of trying to be emotional in its emotionlessness.
January 22, 2002
Anderson is something of a prodigy himself, and he's riddled with talent, but he hasn't figured out how to be askew and heartfelt at the same time.
January 21, 2002
... somehow can't get its feet on the ground to tell its story without hitting you over the head with its adolescent charm.
January 15, 2002
The intricacy and precision of the educational process in The Royal Tenenbaums (for characters and viewers) are surely admirable, but they leave little room for surprises or upsets.
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