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Gritty and visually striking, Watchmen is a faithful adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel, but its complex narrative structure may make it difficult for it to appeal to viewers not already familiar with the source material.



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300's Zack Snyder brings Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' critically acclaimed comic book Watchmen to the big screen, courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures. Set in an alternate universe circa 1985, the film's world is a highly unstable one where a nuclear war is imminent between America and Russia. Superheroes have long been made to hang up their tights thanks to the government-sponsored Keene Act, but that all changes with the death of The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a robust ex-hero commando whose mysterious free fall out a window perks the interest of one of the country's last remaining vigilantes, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). His investigation leads him to caution many of his other former costumed colleagues, including Dr. Manhattan, Night Owl (Patrick Wilson), Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), Sally Jupiter (Carla Gugino), and her daughter, The Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman). Heralded for bringing the world of superheroes into the literary world, Watchmen gave the super-powered mythos a real-life grounding that had been missing in mainstream comics to that point. The film adaptation had languished in one form of development hell or another for years after the book's release, with various directors on and off the project, including Terry Gilliam, David Hayter, and Darren Aronofsky, as well as Paul Greengrass, whose eventual dismissal stemmed from budget conflicts with the studio. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi


Billy Crudup
as Dr. Manhattan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as The Comedian
Malin Akerman
as Silk Spectre
Matthew Goode
as Ozymandias
Carla Gugino
as Sally Jupiter
Stephen McHattie
as Hollis Mason/Nite Owl
Rob LaBelle
as Wally Weaver
Laura Mennell
as Janey Slater
Matt Frewer
as Edgar Jacobi/Moloch the Mystic
Robert Wisden
as Richard Nixon
Gary Houston
as John McLaughlin
Brett Stimely
as John F. Kennedy
Mary Ann Burger
as Eleanor Clift
Jerry Wasserman
as Detective Fine
Don Thompson
as Detective Gallagher
Frank Novak
as Henry Kissinger
Sean Allan
as NORAD General
Ron Fassler
as Ted Koppel
Stephanie Belding
as Janet Black
Michael Kopsa
as Paul Klein
William Taylor
as Prison Psychiatrist
Chris Burns
as Dumb Thug
Malcom Scott
as Fat Thug
Nhi Do
as Vietnamese Girl
Walter Addison
as Lee Iacocca
David Mackay
as Child Murderer
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  • Aug 08, 2017
    A movie that is absolutely singular in its dreary vision of the inner lives of superheroes. Watchmen is intriguing in how character based it is. It rarely devolves into full on action film like many of its Marvel rivals. This means Watchmen is thoroughly atmospheric and grim, but never really exciting. It's highly stylized and undeniably interesting, but it is polarizing in its detached storytelling. By all means worth a watch, but hard to embrace. Rating: 63
    Bradley J Super Reviewer
  • Feb 21, 2017
    Watchmen proves that Zack Snyder's gory and dark vision is continued on this film . The tone is quite advanced and complex to benefit the film but the somewhat confusing story gets in the way of the movie being a staple. Though this film is definitely a classic comic book movie that every comic book reader should watch.
    Tyler H Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2016
    Dark and violent, Watchmen is a neo-noir science fiction superhero film that might satisfy the fans but the ridiculous theme and complex narrative made the film almost unbearable.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Apr 29, 2016
    Big fan of slow-mo? Well this (and just about every other Zack Snyder film) will float your boat. There are some great scenes in this film; pity that Zack has almost no justifiable claim over any of them. But he sure does make them pictures look pretty. Hardly a reimagining, and least of all an inspired adaptation of Alan Moores classic story, but still probably his best work to date. And sadly, that isn't saying much.
    Super Reviewer

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