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Rating Title/Year Author
Ad Astra (2019) Germain Lussier It tells a seemingly simple story set in a realistic future with twists and turns that feel completely fresh, while never losing sight of its lead character or lofty themes. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
Freaky Friday (2018) Charles Pulliam-Moore While Freaky Friday's core idea about how young kids and adults could stand to better appreciate the respective difficulties they're faced with on a day to day basis is solid, the way that the most recent film handles its leads just feels boring. EDIT
Posted Sep 18, 2019
Descendants (2015) Katharine Trendacosta Here's the thing: message wise, it's actually not that bad. It's basically, "You can be who want to be, despite your parents. Even if your mother is a literal dragon who tries to kill you and your friends." EDIT
Posted Sep 9, 2019
Joker (2019) Germain Lussier Joker is a solid, well-made film that, ultimately, has a bit of an identity crisis. EDIT
Posted Aug 31, 2019
Steven Universe: The Movie (2019) Charles Pulliam-Moore You can see by the movie's end that the Crewniverse could very well have more than a few more ideas about what the future holds for the Crystal Gems. EDIT
Posted Aug 23, 2019
Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus (2019) Charles Pulliam-Moore What Enter the Florpus does better than anything else is convey how much more potential there still is in the Invader Zim franchise. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2019
Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (2018) Charles Pulliam-Moore As the special kicks into gear with a story about Rocko clinging to the past because he feels out of place in the modern world, Static Cling reveals itself to be something a bit more thoughtful. EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2019
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Cheryl Eddy If you don't spend too much time dwelling on the patchwork feel of the script, there is much to enjoy elsewhere, especially when it comes to the creature design. EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Germain Lussier Without its own identity, without an interesting hook or resonant emotional through-line, most of the movie feels rather shallow-like it's trying to impress us instead of engage us. EDIT
Posted Jul 31, 2019
Midsommar (2019) Cheryl Eddy Midsommar is very much its own beast, a folk-horror film in the tradition of The Wicker Man that also mines existential dread from the raw anguish felt by its main character. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Charles Pulliam-Moore What's most satisfying about Far From Home, though, is that by the end, you have a very solid sense of where things are going for Peter and the gang, and it all feels very right. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2019
End of Evangelion (1997) Rob Bricken My problem with the original 1997 End of Evangelion movie is that it seems to come from a place of anger... Almost like punishment for daring to care about the characters. EDIT
Posted Jun 19, 2019
Toy Story 4 (2019) Germain Lussier It's an exciting, surprising, incredibly funny film that's just as poignant and heartfelt as you'd expect from this franchise. EDIT
Posted Jun 18, 2019
Yesterday (2019) Germain Lussier Both Patel and James are excellent in the film-human, relatable, and obviously invested in the story they're telling. EDIT
Posted Jun 13, 2019
Men in Black: International (2019) Beth Elderkin A campy, cool sci-fi spy thriller-one that coasts on the natural charisma of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, who may be one of this generation's best comedic duos. EDIT
Posted Jun 12, 2019
The Dead Don't Die (2019) Germain Lussier The Dead Don't Die is a muddled film filled with half-formed ideas, sporadic humor, and a fairly derivative take on the zombie genre. To an extent, it gets by on the charm and talent of its actors, but overall, the good doesn't outweigh the bad. EDIT
Posted Jun 6, 2019
Dark Phoenix (2019) Charles Pulliam-Moore A by-the-numbers, mildly interesting attempt at telling a classic story that, unfortunately, it just doesn't have the time, space, or range to do. EDIT
Posted Jun 4, 2019
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) James Whitbrook If you're fine with some incredibly stupid people playing second fiddle to glorious kaiju moments, King of the Monsters will provide one of the best popcorn blockbusters of the summer. EDIT
Posted May 28, 2019
3.5/5 John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) Valerie Complex Reeves is committed to this role. He excels in this genre because of his willingness to push his body to the limit in the name of authenticity. EDIT
Posted May 24, 2019
Brightburn (2019) Germain Lussier Brightburn is a competent movie crafted out of incredible ideas. It's gross, interesting, scary, and has fascinating mythology, all of which would be so much better if nearly all of it wasn't delivered in such an obtuse way. EDIT
Posted May 22, 2019
Aladdin (2019) Germain Lussier While it'll never replace the near perfection of the original film, Aladdin has the kind of grand spectacle a younger generation expects from a trip to the movies and simultaneously takes their parents on a magic carpet ride back to their youths. EDIT
Posted May 22, 2019
Tolkien (2019) Germain Lussier Tolkien isn't necessarily a bad movie, it's just a messy one. Parts of it feel relevant and emotional, while others feel distant and disjointed. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2019
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) James Whitbrook Detective Pikachu gets away with a lot thanks to the cute critters that populate its world-which, in many ways, is a lot like Pokémon as a franchise at large. EDIT
Posted May 2, 2019
Avengers: Endgame (2019) Germain Lussier Avengers: Endgame is everything you've ever dreamed a Marvel movie could be. It's a three-hour adrenaline shot to the heart featuring mysteries solved, consequences suffered, shock, awe, and delight EDIT
Posted Apr 23, 2019
Race to World First (2013) Germain Lussier Warcraft has some good moments but mostly it's a huge disappointment. EDIT
Posted Apr 19, 2019
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) Meredith Woerner It's so bad, it's almost good. But only almost. EDIT
Posted Apr 16, 2019
Hellboy (2019) Charles Pulliam-Moore Like two great tastes that somehow don't go well together, Hellboy's greatest sin is that it makes you long for the film that it might have been because there's so much about the movie that works in a vacuum. EDIT
Posted Apr 10, 2019
Dumbo (2019) Germain Lussier That's the story of Dumbo. Unmotivated actions coupled with a razor-thin veil of emotion, coupled with a decent CG spectacle into a film that never truly takes flight. EDIT
Posted Mar 26, 2019
Shazam! (2019) Germain Lussier While the superhero action and comedy may be Shazam's big selling points, what makes it truly great is the touching story of a foster family weaved around everything else. EDIT
Posted Mar 23, 2019
Captive State (2019) Germain Lussier The film has a lot to say, but it's rarely more than we see on the news every night. Luckily, there are enough cool and weird sci-fi elements sprinkled on top of that that give Captive State plenty of intrigue and entertainment to go with the allegory. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2019
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013) Rob Bricken Even if you enjoy this bizarre deconstruction of one of the world's most popular anime, you still have to sit through a great deal of nonsense to get there. EDIT
Posted Mar 7, 2019
Captain Marvel (2019) Yolanda Machado Though it still falls into the usual origin story problems, Brie Larson elevates this 90s buddy film as an entertaining and enlightening addition to the MCU. EDIT
Posted Mar 5, 2019
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) Germain Lussier Parts work, parts don't, and ultimately it's just an OK chapter in a great overall saga. EDIT
Posted Feb 25, 2019
Don't Let Go (2019) Germain Lussier Relive is a watchable, engaging movie that sets up such a curious, cool story, there's really no wholly satisfying way for it to pay off EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Beth Elderkin Salazar's Alita is the best thing here, and it's too bad this movie didn't do her justice. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) Germain Lussier The Lego Movie 2 is a hilarious, clever, emotional sequel-though it takes a little bit to get there. EDIT
Posted Jan 26, 2019
The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) Germain Lussier If I were 10 years old, The Kid Who Would Be King would be my favorite movie. EDIT
Posted Jan 15, 2019
Glass (2019) Germain Lussier It feels like a movie from a filmmaker who has some amazing puzzle pieces-and yet, even after almost 20 years, no clear vision of how to put them together EDIT
Posted Jan 9, 2019
Volcano (1997) Louis Peitzman There's a glorious faux-plausibility to the proceedings that makes movies like Volcano all the more entertaining. EDIT
Posted Jan 7, 2019
Bird Box (2018) Germain Lussier Every frame of Bird Box has a unique foreboding terror about it. It's not scary per se, but it's grueling in the best possible way. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2018
Maleficent (2014) Charlie Jane Anders I will forgive a movie almost anything if it has a solid grasp of story, and Maleficent does. EDIT
Posted Dec 13, 2018
Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Germain Lussier Mary Poppins Returns is a film brimming with joy, color, and passion, which, somehow, still feels like it forgot a little something along the way. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2018
Once Upon a Deadpool (2018) Germain Lussier If you are OK paying the price of a movie ticket to see an inferior version of a movie you've already seen, with about 15 minutes of really great new stuff, go see Once Upon a Deadpool. EDIT
Posted Dec 11, 2018
Aquaman (2018) Germain Lussier This is grandiose, big-budget entertainment at its most self-aware, and even when it swings and misses, it's still a sight to behold. EDIT
Posted Dec 11, 2018
Bumblebee (2018) Germain Lussier If you like Eighties movies, coming of age stories, or giant robots fighting, Bumblebee is for you. EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2018
Cam (2018) Germain Lussier It's a unique, tense, surprising, genre-blender that doesn't quite stick the landing but makes the trip worth it nonetheless. EDIT
Posted Dec 6, 2018
Mortal Engines (2018) Beth Elderkin The film might have some impressive visual effects, but the movie belongs in a museum. EDIT
Posted Dec 5, 2018
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Charles Pulliam-Moore The studio's created something truly amazing: an origin movie that breaks the mold by leading with the idea that both you and Miles Morales are the heroes. EDIT
Posted Nov 28, 2018
Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Germain Lussier While those weak connections definitely hold the film back a little, the good stuff is so good, it's hard to feel too disappointed. EDIT
Posted Nov 14, 2018
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) Germain Lussier It's even less concerned with telling a concise, satisfying story than its predecessor. What's worse is at almost every turn, it weaves in broad strokes created only to set up the next movie. EDIT
Posted Nov 8, 2018