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Rating Title/Year Author
Last Christmas (2019) Karen Han It's hard to resist, even for people who know better. EDIT
Posted Nov 11, 2019
Let It Snow (2019) Karen Han While the film isn't groundbreaking, it's an easygoing, unchallenging experience that's suitable for the season. EDIT
Posted Nov 11, 2019
() Petrana Radulovic Expect wonderful, gooey, marshmallow-y fluff, perfect as an accompaniment to a mug of hot cocoa. EDIT
Posted Nov 8, 2019
Doctor Sleep (2019) Charles Bramesco Flanagan chose to make Doctor Sleep utterly banal. Through means straightforward and blunt, he's turned a surreal simulation of succumbing to insanity into a plainly stated reminder to always be true to yourself. EDIT
Posted Nov 8, 2019
The Elephant Queen (2019) Petrana Radulovic The best moments of The Elephant Queen come from when the elephants' actions on their own stir the heartstrings, complex emotions beaming off screen without anyone uttering a single word. EDIT
Posted Nov 1, 2019
Rattlesnake (2019) Karen Han While the exact events of Rattlesnake might have made for a good short story or hour-long episode of TV, they wear thin when stretched out to feature length - even when said feature runs just under an hour and a half. EDIT
Posted Oct 28, 2019
Dolemite Is My Name (2019) Karen Han Dolemite Is My Name is ultimately a little flimsy - perhaps as is appropriate given the nature of Dolemite itself - but it's a star turn for Murphy. EDIT
Posted Oct 28, 2019
One Piece: Stampede (2019) Just Lunning While it's a respite from the entire series thus far, it's also a promise that, after 20 years on air, the anime isn't slowing down. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2019
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Karen Han The fun parts of Terminator: Dark Fate can't mask the fact that the episodic script drags. EDIT
Posted Oct 22, 2019
The Laundromat (2019) Karen Han Streep as Ellen is also wonderful, and only gets more fun to watch the closer her unassuming, middle-aged character gets to unraveling the machinations of the unfathomably rich. EDIT
Posted Oct 21, 2019
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Karen Han The movie, zippy as it is, houses the kind of misogyny that went out of style around the time the first movie came out... Those dynamics feel rotten given how entertaining the rest of the film can be. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2019
Harpoon (2019) Jenna Stoeber The greatest strength of the script is how the emotional torture and, well, torture torture motivate each other, so each moment of escalation is backed by a new revelation or secret. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Karen Han The film is still, however, leaps and bounds more imaginative than most other recent live-action Disney fare. EDIT
Posted Oct 15, 2019
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) Karen Han El Camino almost feels like an Easter egg, something you'd find in the Breaking Bad special features to reward intrepid fans. EDIT
Posted Oct 11, 2019
In the Tall Grass (2019) Monica Castillo While it's not the sharpest of King's stories, Natali's cast redeems the film's shortcomings. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) Susana Polo Bloodlines manages the balancing act of TV animation action with a surprisingly moving heart; a story about demanding mothers and their estranged daughters, and how deep the pain cuts when you feel that who you are is not enough for your loved ones. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Dilili à Paris (2018) Matt Patches Exemplifies [Michel] Ocelot's lifetime contributions to a medium that, more and more, settles for fluff. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
Joker (2019) Karen Han Phillips' flashes of style are all in service of a grimdark image rather than a message about the haves and have-nots, or the treatment of mental illness, or any of the other, real issues so easily within reach. It's all show, and no substance. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
Gemini Man (2019) Matt Patches In the era of the on-demand Netflix churn and "cinematic universe" tentpole, Gemini Man is a true event film. EDIT
Posted Oct 2, 2019
Stairway to Heaven (1946) Sabina Stent Apart from being technically brilliant, Peter and June's story, and the exploration of fate and mortality within, continues to endure. EDIT
Posted Oct 1, 2019
Downton Abbey (2019) Siddhant Adlakha A hilarious, decadent fantasy that views the grotesqueness of the past through rose-tinted glasses. EDIT
Posted Sep 29, 2019
The Irishman (2019) Karen Han The Irishman feels more like being caught in a dream or reminiscence, with all the tenderness we're willing to afford in those in-between hours. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2019
First Love (2019) Karen Han First Love is a reminder that Miike hasn't had to choose between quality or quantity. EDIT
Posted Sep 26, 2019
Ad Astra (2019) Matt Patches Ad Astra heeds the call of the stars, taking us to the edge of the heliosphere to understand what Earth already has to offer us. EDIT
Posted Sep 20, 2019
Monos (2019) Andy Crump A ferocious action drama. EDIT
Posted Sep 13, 2019
Hustlers (2019) Karen Han It's a full-fledged epic, made by and about women, and proof positive that female-centered films can flourish without being based on a pre-existing male-based IP. EDIT
Posted Sep 12, 2019
Steven Universe: The Movie (2019) Palmer Haasch While this isn't the last we'll see of the Crystal Gems, it's hard to imagine any better closure. EDIT
Posted Sep 3, 2019
Angel Has Fallen (2019) Jordan Hoffman Angel Has Fallen isn't high art, but it's a crowdpleaser. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2019
Ready or Not (2019) Joelle Monique I left the theater cheering, "Eat the rich." If you don't fall into that category, it's a total romp. EDIT
Posted Aug 20, 2019
Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas (2018) Karen Han There's something admirable about a film so confidently made to fit into a niche. EDIT
Posted Aug 19, 2019
Cold Case Hammarskjöld (2019) Matt Patches For fans of the genre, the drip-drip-drip of the investigation, along with the droll, almost comedic presentation, makes Cold Case Hammarskjöld essential. EDIT
Posted Aug 19, 2019
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Karen Han The movie tries to do too much, ultimately failing to do any of it well. If you'll excuse the pun, it just can't seem to find a happy medium. EDIT
Posted Aug 12, 2019
The Kitchen (2019) Karen Han The brand of feminism that The Kitchen is working with is unfortunately shallow, positing trauma as necessary for growth and equating strength with being able to commit murder and not shying away from blood. EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
Burn the Stage: The Movie (2018) Siddhant Adlakha Burn the Stage is poetic, intimate and often hilarious. EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
The Red Sea Diving Resort (2018) Karen Han The focus turns the film into a quintessential white savior movie, making every person of color a prop to be saved rather than a developed character. EDIT
Posted Aug 1, 2019
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Russ Frushtick Hobbs & Shaw leverages the charisma of its stars magnificently. EDIT
Posted Aug 1, 2019
The Mountain (2018) Karen Han Goldblum's star persona keeps The Mountain mesmerizing. EDIT
Posted Jul 29, 2019
Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) Karen Han The parts of the movie that are the most striking are those in which the writer-director forgoes telling us how much he loves film and simply lets us feel it. EDIT
Posted Jul 26, 2019
Secret Obsession (2019) Karen Han Secret Obsession does pretty much exactly what you expect it to, and presumably what you want it to, if you watched the brief preview clip while browsing Netflix and then decided that, yes, you would like to hit play. EDIT
Posted Jul 19, 2019
Sadako (2019) Joelle Monique Inspired by supernatural thrillers of the '80s, Sadako's trail of amazing ideas never amounts to an enjoyable viewing experience. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2019
Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein (2019) Karen Han For better or worse, the special unquestionably belongs to Harbour. That center flourishes when he's left to his own devices. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2019
Stuber (2019) Karen Han While it might be easy to give a five-star rating to an innocuous car ride, the same can't be said of movies, especially not movies that essentially function as glorified ads for a corporate brand. EDIT
Posted Jul 15, 2019
Crawl (2019) Petrana Radulovic The movie's intro slogs along to establish the relationship, but thankfully once Haley descends into the crawl space, it's all gator action, all the time. EDIT
Posted Jul 12, 2019
The Lion King (2019) Matt Patches There are glimmers of beauty and awe in the new Lion King... They're all moments first storyboarded in the early '90s, when a team of artists was asked to bring an original, animated work of art to life. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2019
Anima (2019) Karen Han For Netflix, the short film feels like something markedly fresh. On the heels of projects that would seem [to] indicate that the company is looking to branch into something new, this stunning music video/short film is certainly a new frontier. EDIT
Posted Jul 8, 2019
Midsommar (2019) Jenna Stoeber The saving grace of Midsommar is a spectacular visual design. EDIT
Posted Jul 3, 2019
The Plagiarists (2019) Karen Han The deeper one delves into The Plagiarists, the more rewarding the film becomes. EDIT
Posted Jul 1, 2019
Yesterday (2019) Karen Han Yesterday is proof positive that you actually do need a little more than good songs (which are, in this case, unfortunately dully shot) to make a movie watchable. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Matt Patches There's plenty to spoil in Far From Home, but I'll say this: Devotees of the MCU will have plenty to huff as Watts finds clever, deep cut ways to tie Peter's adventure into established mythology. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2019
Child's Play (2019) Karen Han The new Child's Play isn't completely irredeemable, but it's a shell that ultimately doesn't have that much personality, whether it's that of a serial killer or a baby robot. EDIT
Posted Jun 21, 2019