Big Mouth: Season 2 (2018)


Season 2
Big Mouth

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Poignantly repulsive, Big Mouth continues to confront the awkwardness of adolescence with foul-mouthed glee and an added layer of maturity.



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User Ratings: 922
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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018
Air date: Oct 5, 2018

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Tv Season Info

Growth spurts, or the lack of it, add to the usual tensions faced daily by the middle schoolers of "Big Mouth." Andrew (John Mulaney) struggles to fit in, while Nick (Nick Kroll) struggles to contain his raging hormones. Jessi (Jessi Klein) and Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) enter a rebellious phase. A classmate's blossoming figure sends the boys in their school a-stir and the girls into fits of insecurity. The Shame Wizard (David Thewlis), the sworn enemy of the Hormone Monsters Rich and Maurice (Nick Kroll) and the Hormone Monstress (Maya Rudolph), comes to town and piles on the torment the teenagers are already facing.

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Critic Reviews for Big Mouth Season 2

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Alongside its laugh-out-loud vulgarity, what makes Big Mouth's take on the physical and emotional crucible of puberty unique is its clever use of personification.

Dec 27, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

In all its hormone-driven glory, Big Mouth is a refreshing addition to the TV landscape partly because it makes serious points without ever taking itself too seriously.

Oct 10, 2018 | Full Review…

By normalizing experiences many kids feel embarrassed about, the series is actively advocating for their emotional well-being.

Oct 8, 2018 | Rating: A- | Full Review…
Top Critic

That's Big Mouth's singular power. It hasn't forgotten the abject hell of adolescence - and it's not about to let you forget it, either.

Oct 5, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

The voice cast is incredibly strong, but your enjoyment of "Big Mouth" really comes down to your tolerance for jokes about bodily fluids and horny teenagers. Personally, I think it's hysterical.

Oct 4, 2018 | Full Review…

In its second season, Big Mouth, unlike junior high, has only gotten better.

Oct 15, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

More thoughtful, inclusive, and clever, the series will be particularly resonant for kids going through puberty, but now with a newfound universality.

Dec 13, 2018 | Rating: 9/10 | Full Review…

Its ability to teach uncomfortable lessons about sex in a wildly entertaining way is impressive.

Oct 9, 2019 | Full Review…

If you're worried that Big Mouth season 2 wouldn't live up to season 1's brilliance, you can rest easy. The second installment of the show is bigger, better, and bolder than anything that has come before it.

Feb 28, 2019 | Full Review…

One of the most even-handed portraits of adolescent puberty.

Feb 5, 2019 | Full Review…

Big Mouth finds moments to be brutally honest and occasionally poignant. Don't watch this with your kids. Or your parents.

Dec 13, 2018 | Full Review…

Puberty is hell, and it sucks for everyone. The least thing we can do to soften the ugliness is add a little humor to make it a little more bearable.

Oct 30, 2019 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Big Mouth: Season 2

  • Nov 11, 2019
    These characters are horny and repulsive and so likable. Seriously, I love this show so much.
  • Nov 05, 2019
    This show builds on the first and at times is weaker, but will new characters and situations for the characters, the shows is stronger at times than its first
  • Oct 07, 2019
    There is an animated scene of nude prepubescent children. Need I say more.
  • Sep 24, 2019
    Disgusting feminist trash
  • Aug 27, 2019
    A little better but over all it's not that great.
  • Aug 20, 2019
    Although it lacks the punch of originality that season one of Big Mouth had, its latest addition might even make you laugh more.
  • Jul 19, 2019
    This show was pretty damn funny in the first season, and it was aspiring to be one of the funniest shows that I've ever seen. But everything spiraled out of control when the second season was released. Expectations were very very high, and I among with millions of others were beyond excited to see what the big mouth team had in store. It turns out, that what they had in store was a large pile of dogshit. This was garbage. So bad. The attempt to be cool and edgy and show more penises and vaginas was a flop. The forced liberal bullshit was the most that I've ever seen out of any show, which is REALLY saying something in todays modern society. All the crap about how every man is an evil womanizer, and that women don't need men, bullshit about the wage gap, and a whole bunch of other feminist liberal bullshit made this season suck ass. Lets not forget the many many many forced relationships of gays and talk of people coming out and gay sex in this season. I don't care if you make a show with many gay characters. Fine by me! What I don't like is the painfully obvious force of trying to be, "woke" in today's society. I mean seriously 99% of your viewers can't even relate a little bit to all of the gay scenes and characters! Why bother! You only hurt your viewership! At least 40% of characters in this season showed some signs of being gay, and every episode had loads of gayness and feminist bullshit in it. I don't want to watch this shit. It's nit fucking funny. I thought this was a comedy, not a horrible attempt at being "woke" in todays society and shoving your bullshit liberal agenda down the throats of young teens. In The first season, I probably laughed 100 times my first time watching it. The second season, I don't think I laughed one time! Not once! How could a show so funny get so terrible?! I'll tell you how, liberal hollywood. This season was ass!
  • Apr 03, 2019
    This is my best friend and I's favorite show. We've seen it like 60 times already
  • Mar 28, 2019
    Season two was another hit. It kept its same pace, kept moving along the same way, but threw in curve balls that kept me wanting more. The jokes in the show are no different than when I was a teen making up stuff to friends or trying to be cool for having sex first. It is a great show that can relate to current day stuff
  • Mar 18, 2019
    Still one of the most fun animated shows since the family guy's this and the new paradise PD are my top faves

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