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A quirky, charming dramedy about idealistic lawyer Ed Stevens, who seeks a simpler life in his home town of Stuckeyville, Ohio, where the bowling alley that he bought also doubles as his law office. When Ed's not dispensing free legal advice to some oddball clients, his time is spent trying to make a play for high-school crush Carol Vessey, whom he married at the end of the fourth season.

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2003, NBC, 17 episodes

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2002, NBC, 22 episodes

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2001, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Tom Cavanagh's Ed is ready to try a little tenderness in this sweet-natured romantic comedy that will leave most viewers with a giddy sugar high.

2000, NBC, 22 episodes


Tom Cavanagh
as Ed Stevens
Julie Bowen
as Carol Vessey
Josh Randall
as Dr. Mike Burton
Jana Marie Hupp
as Nancy Burton
Lesley Boone
as Molly Hudson
Rachel Cronin
as Shirley Pifgo
Mike Starr
as Kenny Sandusky
Justin Long
as Warren Cheswick
John Slattery
as Principal Dennis Martino
Marvin Chatinover
as Dr. Walter R. Jerome
Gregory Harrison
as Nick Stanton
Michael R. Genadry
as Mark Vanacore
Ginnifer Goodwin
as Diane Snyder
Sabrina Lloyd
as Frankie Hector
Kelly Ripa
as Jennifer
Michael Genadry
as Mark Vanacore
Marcy Harriel
as Jennifer Young
Robin Paul
as Jessica Martell
Pat Finn
as Jim Frost
Julia Murney
as Amanda Williams
Max Rosmarin
as Gavin Shrader
Rena Sofer
as Bonnie Hane
David Eigenberg
as Jeff Alexander
Burt Reynolds
as Russ Burton
Dan Lauria
as Richard Vessey
Blair Brown
as Doris Burton
Marcy Harriell
as Jennifer Young
Amy Sedaris
as Kate McCormick
Mädchen Amick
as Cece Royce
Mark Margolis
as Mr. Mazula
Ron McLarty
as Ray Dobbs
Mike Doyle
as Joel McHale
Noah Fleiss
as Joe Risby
Nell Cross
as Doreen
Jack Willis
as Donald Mchale
Noah Bean
as Tim Cooper
Carolee Carmello
as Edie Hedges
William Hill
as Repairman
Jonathan Togo
as Keith Kessler
Guy Boyd
as Mr. Haggedorn
Iván Martín
as Ivan Fonseca
Len Cariou
as Arthur Stuckey
March Harriel
as Jennifer Young
Alyssa May Gold
as Girl No. 1
Anne Meara
as Barbara Gennacarro
Wallace Little
as Jimmy Ressler
Taylor Patterson
as Girl No. 2
Robert Hogan
as Ralph Newell
Jack Gilpin
as Mr. Herzog
William Raymond
as Mayor Kendricks
Bruce Altman
as Dr. Soper
Joanna Going
as Sela Mackenzie
Evan Handler
as Doctor Crazy
John Curless
as Alan Sutherland
Eddie Bracken
as Stuckeyville Stan
Del Pentecost
as Jamie Masterson
Ray Aranha
as Harry Lockmather
Sally Wheeler
as Danielle
Tim Matheson
as Peter Evashavik
Melissa Miller
as Kate Jerome
Philip Bosco
as Alan Stevens
Jay Thomas
as Gary Sirngo
Josh Duhamel
as Rich Reed
Charles Borland
as Rich Keenan
Ken Sheehan
as Kenny Sheehan
Mo Rocca
as Gideon
Richard Poe
as Dalton Locke
Max Rosmairn
as Gavin Shrader
Grant Show
as Troy Macallum
Kevin Pollak
as Willie Johnson
Sarah Clarke
as Kara Barrows
Reiko Aylesworth
as Kate Harrison
Danny DeVito
as Dr. Jack Carmichael
Joel Higgins
as Gus Tavel
David Lenthall
as Joe Vanacore
Ned Eisenberg
as Jordy Willis
Todd Weeks
as Skluff
Jamie Goodwin
as Dr. Charles Kendell
Chris Elliott
as Bellafiore
Marceline Hugot
as Mrs. Vanacore
Joel Johnstone
as Larry Parker
Richard Easton
as Judge Donnelly
Shaun Powell
as Steve Masterson
Carl Palmer
as Douglas
Jane Summerhays
as Natalie Stevens
Al Tarantal
as Albert Einstein
Stephen Lang
as Jack Foster
Paul Shaffer
as Irv Nadler
Jack Davidson
as Verdareese
Lisa Ling
as Dr. Judith Kim
Terry Layman
as Mr. Jesperson
Curtis Armstrong
as Mr. Cheswick
Kevin Chamberlin
as Bronkowski
James Ransone
as Gary Morton
Teresa Yenque
as Carmella
Brian Geraghty
as Ari Gaines
Amy Wilson
as Heather
Christopher Sieber
as Bob Crickmore
Bob Odenkirk
as Rev. Porter
Mark Gordon
as Hank Rodulescu
Amy Spanger
as Barbara Collins
Tanner Rich
as Teen Ed
Richard Thomsen
as William Fish
Tom Bloom
as Jerry Foley
Kieran Campion
as John Halper
Dawn Didawick
as Mrs. Jesperson
Kelly Deadmon
as Hilary Sanders
Lee Bryant
as Margaret
Alan Kalter
as Principal Gable
Ben Shenkman
as Frank Carr
Robert Ari
as Salesman
Craig Woe
as Priest
Robert Scott Daye
as Vincent Demar
J.R. Horne
as Ethan Brownlee
Adam Sietz
as Tim Vecchio
Robert Zanfini
as Kenny Rogers
Jack Poggi
as Pete Miller
Nick Cubbler
as Teen Mike
Sally Kemp
as Ms. Migalski
Tom Riis Farrell
as George Barrows
Charlotte Colavin
as Mrs. Snyder
Michael Quinlan
as Marty Stemm
Micki Grant
as Mrs. Reilly
Uzi Parnes
as Customer
Will Lyman
as Gus McGraw
Mario Cantone
as Scott Gary
Deborah Cresswell
as Martha Pulido
Bill Scheft
as Jack Baker
Guy Whitlock
as Leon Spinks
David Wohl
as Escort Guy
Larry Paulsen
as Tuxedo Guy
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Oct 8, 2000
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: David Letterman, Rob Burnett
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