Growing Pains (1985 - 1992)

Growing Pains

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Easy-to-take sitcom about a mild-mannered psychiatrist keeping an eye on his precocious kids from his home office while his wife is off at work as a reporter. Belying its innocent appearance, `Pains' did occasionally address teen social issues, but mostly it stuck to the Seaver kids' growing pains (and the youngest, Chrissy, literally shot up: growing from toddler to 6-year-old in two seasons). Leonardo DiCaprio (then 16) joined the cast in the final season as a homeless teenager.

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1991, ABC, 24 episodes

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1990, ABC, 24 episodes

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1989, ABC, 26 episodes

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1988, ABC, 22 episodes

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1987, ABC, 26 episodes

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1986, ABC, 22 episodes

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1985, ABC, 22 episodes


Alan Thicke
as Dr. Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns
as Maggie Seaver
Kirk Cameron
as Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold
as Carol Seaver
Jeremy Miller
as Ben Seaver
Kristen Dohring
as Chrissy Seaver
Ashley Johnson
as Chrissy Seaver
Josh Andrew Koenig
as Richard `Boner' Stabone
Julie McCullough
as Julie Costello
Chelsea Noble
as Kate McDonell
Jamie Abbott
as Louis Vasco
Kenneth Tigar
as Sid Sidlevich
Jamie Luner
as Sheena Berkowitz
Lisa Capps
as Debbie
Bill Kirchenbauer
as Coach Lubbock
Jerry Vale
as Himself
Marte Boyle Slout
as Charity Lady
Julie Cobb
as Gracie Thornton
Neil Elliott
as Maurice
Tom O'Rourke
as Fred Mathis
Dick Van Patten
as Nick Simpson
James J. Sloyan
as Max Drummond
Dennis Haysbert
as Police Officer
Brian Peck
as Deliveryman
Justin Williams
as Roland Taylor
Beans Morocco
as Dave Sacks
Janet Clark
as Old Lady in Theater
Dan Barrows
as Dave Sacks
Steeve Arlen
as Peeter Thorn
Steeve Arlen
as Prof. Thorne
Matt Landers
as Off. Krupke
Deborah White
as Susan Rush
Richard Marion
as Mr. Stabone
Cristine Rose
as Mrs. Flagg
Mickey Morton
as Maitre D'
Biff McGuire
as Simmons
Ken Tigar
as Sidlevich
Susan Griffiths
as Marilyn Monroe
Raoul Rizik
as Hotel Clerk
Ty Miller
as Hadley Barnes
Carla Tamburrelli
as Jodi Creedmore
Leslie Morris
as Babe Ruth
Rod McCrary
as Mr. Jefferson
Susan Diol
as Miss Sanders
Peter Hansen
as Littlefield
William Denis
as Director
Erwin Fuller
as Cavanaugh
Mary Betten
as Teacher
Richard McKenzie
as Dr. McCloskey
as Cabbie
Jan Rabson
as Rod Serling
Kevin Brophy
as Anchorman
Bruce Baum
as Frightened Passenger
Stuart Nisbet
as George Washington
Lou Richards
as Braxton Hicks
Ben Frank
as Captain
Van Epperson
as Truman Capote
Susan Barnes
as Dr. Miller
Joann Willette
as Connie Lubbock
Ruth Silveira
as Mrs. Stabone
Wilson Raiser
as Big Guy George
Richard Roat
as Dr. Reinhart
William Bogert
as Mr. Merkin
Jack Dodson
as Judge Herman
Gregory Sierra
as Dr. Paul Ramirez
Tuc Watkins
as Trainer
Jack Stauffer
as Swapping Passenger
Danielle Harris
as Susie Maxwell
James Lew
as Movie Villain #2
K.C. Winkler
as Man in Devil Costume
Darren Powell
as Ken Singleton
Jack Carter
as Voice of Announcer
Carl Steven
as Vinnie Babotz
Franklyn Seales
as Dr. Marquez
Peggy Doyle
as Big Al's Mom
Larry Marks
as Young Ed
Nicholas Pryor
as Dr. Frankovich
Karen Hensel
as Dr. Goodner
Beth Toussaint
as Morgan Chase
Joseph Reale
as Mr. Lepepke
Joe Banks
as Frank
Charles L. Brame
as Abraham Lincoln
David Gail
as Norman
Steve Marshall
as Luau Maitre D'
Roger Nolan
as Mr. Bombosi
Hoyt Axton
as Claver Jackson
Earl Boen
as Dr. Marlens
Helen Hooper
as Party Guest #2
J. Gordon Noice
as Older Hood
Kelly Jean Peters
as Mrs. Koosman
Arthur Cybulski
as Fabrizzio
Michael McManus
as Bud Koosman
Tamara Glynn
as Susan Fryman
Jane Kean
as Cleaning Lady
Mark Voland
as Burley Swede
Annette Funicello
as Mrs. Hinckley
Bill Stevenson
as Boom Boom
Joseph Lennon McCord
as French Cab Driver
Jerry Colker
as Movie Villain Leader
Robert Firth
as Man in Bar
Kit McDonough
as Mrs. Scoffengerio
Greg Heimer
as Policeman
Thomas O'Rourke
as Fred Mathis
Lawrence McNeal III
as Stage Manager
Jonna Lee
as Becky
Barry Hickey
as Jon Donson
Victor DiMattia
as Young Mike
Jo De Winter
as Mrs. Salinger
Diane Delano
as Sonya Olsen
Scott Fults
as Limetongue
Artur Cybulski
as Fabrizzio
Hart Sprager
as Lipstone
Eric Gordon
as Sport Hinckley
Kari Lizer
as Stewardess
Gilles Savard
as Waiter #1
Cheryl Kalil
as Maureen
Archie Lang
as Minister
Jeremy Lawrence
as Dr. Kramer
Eileen Conn
as Receptionist
Judith Barsi
as Little Carol
Tim Topper
as Matthew
Kathy Wagner
as Girl in Classroom
Christian Hoff
as Student #1
Michael Goldfinger
as Deliveryman
Roger Til
as Waiter #2
Todd Starks
as Fake Jason
Alan Haufrect
as Dr. Solakian
Cherie Franklin
as Mrs. Krupmeyer
Warren Munson
as Dr. Erhardt
Jonathan Baker
as Businessman
Leanna Creel
as Schwartz Twin
William Blair
as Seedy Guy
Juney Smith
as Off. Anderson
Nick DeMauro
as Mariachi
Asher Metchik
as Max Creedmore
Viola Kates Stimpson
as Prudish Woman
Ted Hayden
as Dr. Klaus
Al Checco
as Senator
Ted Pitsis
as Father
Perla Walter
as Mrs. Sierra
Steven M. Porter
as Theater Manager
Mark Eliot
as Dr. Braddock
J.W. Fails
as Student #3
Larry Coven
as Lecherous Man
Mary Nancy Burnett
as Mrs. Cutter
Nealla Gordon
as Waitress
Kedric Wolfe
as Mariachi
Monica Creel
as Schwartz Twin
Kate Randolph Burns
as Token Vendor
Simon Rhee
as Master Sim
Abraham Benrubi
as Really Big Kid
Hunter Cope
as Baby Mike
Eve Smith
as Woman at Party
Susan Krebs
as Giselle
Cynthia Mann
as Jennifer
Jason Naylor
as Freshman #1
Ellen Crawford
as Dr. Whiteside
Paul Collins
as Mr. Kimball
Carol Henry
as Receptionist
Dana Craig
as Bus Driver
Anita Edwards
as French Speaker
Lynn Milgrim
as Mrs. Kimball
Leon Fan
as Freshman #2
Tracy Nicole Chapman
as Elaine's Friend
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 24, 1985
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Mike Sullivan, Dan Guntzelman, Dan Wilcox, Steve Marshall, Neal Marlens
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