Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969 - 1976)

Marcus Welby, M.D.

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Popular Emmy-winning drama about a sage general practitioner and his headstrong younger partner. In the 1970-71 season, this became the first ABC show to finish first in the Nielsen ratings. Welby was a compassionate traditionalist, and his colleague, Steven Kiley, a more progressive type who seemed to be cynical but really wasn't. Which is probably why the two got along so well, and seldom encountered an ailment they couldn't successfully treat.

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1975, ABC, 24 episodes

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1974, ABC, 24 episodes

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1973, ABC, 25 episodes

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1972, ABC, 24 episodes

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1971, ABC, 25 episodes

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1970, ABC, 24 episodes

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1969, ABC, 26 episodes


Robert Young
as Dr. Marcus Welby
James Brolin
as Dr. Steven Kiley
Elena Verdugo
as Consuelo Lopez
Anne Baxter
as Myra Sherwood
Sharon Gless
as Kathleen Faverty
Anne Schedeen
as Sandy Porter
Gavin Brendan
as Phil Porter
Pamela Hensley
as Janet Blake
Lindsay Wagner
as Emily Metaxas
Arthur Hill
as Owen Marshall
Jessica Walter
as Esther Alquist
Murray Matheson
as Dr. Stoddard
Carmen Zapata
as Mrs. Delgado
Norman Stuart
as Dr. Kingman
Dawn Lyn
as Andrea
Don Galloway
as Bill Hull
Diane Baker
as Ann Brecht
Anthony Eisley
as John Borden
Diana Hyland
as Janet Trent
Radames Pera
as Terence
Marlyn Mason
as Marian Lauder
Ruth McDevitt
as Mrs. Pryor
Dana Elcar
as Dr. McCready
John Roper
as Ricardo
Tiger Williams
as Brian Webster
Patric Knowles
as Otis Carstairs
Scott Newman
as Harry Palmer
Leigh Christian
as Sandra Hovis
Howard Duff
as Charles Prescott
Bob Guillaume
as Carothers
Christina Crawford
as Sister Mary Eileen
Dorothy Green
as Charlotte
Jason Evers
as Dick Shearer
Tom Drake
as Chatfield
Judy McConnell
as Lee Simmons
Dran Hamilton
as First Nurse
Sherry Bain
as Evy Weckner
John Lupton
as V.M. Dunn
Keye Luke
as Dr. Braley
Richard Basehart
as Kirkcastle
Michael Blodgett
as Vince Kolski
Agnes Moorehead
as Mrs. Ramsey
Joel Fabiani
as Dr. Willis
Rosemary DeCamp
as Mrs. Kelly
Jane Actman
as Ellen Welton
Joan Hotchkis
as Muriel Bosley
Steve Ihnat
as Bob Stewart
Ramon Bieri
as Paul Barrett
Chill Wills
as Sam Hill
Pat Harrington Jr.
as Chris Rossi
Beth Brickell
as Jeanne Corday
Don Keefer
as Dr. Hendrix
Jim Hutton
as George
Joe Kapp
as Frank Gonzales
Paul Lambert
as Dr. Jenner
Julie Rogers
as Amy Hammond
Aldo Ray
as Joe Gavanelli
Butch Patrick
as Sailor Ballinger
Marsha Hunt
as Mrs. Bellows
Charles See
as Grandfather Webster
Joan Crosby
as Mrs. Johnson
Strother Martin
as Terry Riggs
Jeanette Nolan
as Mrs. Tibbett
Ruth Hussey
as Laura Benson
Anne Seymour
as Mrs. Lorimer
Simon Oakland
as Harry Burke
Patrick Tovatt
as Father Morley
Harry Townes
as Cavanaugh
Peter Duel
as Roger Natsili
Judy Blair
as Winona
Jan Shepard
as Anita Rivera
Nancy DeCarl
as Lauren Blair
Greg Mullavey
as Father Kling
Rick Ely
as Terry Kalscheur
True Boardman Sr.
as Prof. Lorimer
Ed Flanders
as Magruder
S. John Launer
as Dr. Bronson
Dimitra Arliss
as Margot Porter
Ben Cooper
as Larry Adams
Grace Nakaidinae
as Winona's Mother
June Dayton
as Mrs. Lynch
Julian Burton
as Dr. Halstead
Jeane Byron
as Lecturer
Myra Fahey
as Grace Ashley
Peter Brandon
as Dr. Driskill
Wallace Rooney
as Charlie Sanders
Ty Henderson
as Roy Stokes
Don Chastain
as Doug Preston
Rhoda Williams
as Miss Simpson
Linda Meiklejohn
as Rita Tobin
Juanita Moore
as Mrs. Hughes
Jack De Mave
as Bennett
Don DeFore
as Fletcher
Jean Allison
as Mrs. Maynor
Richard Derr
as Winston Ackroyd
Beverly Kushida
as Allergist
Ruta Lee
as Shirlee Ballinger
Elizabeth Hubbard
as Dr. Gardner
Steve Franken
as Dr. Weitzman
Russ McCubbin
as Ed Jamison
Jerry Gogel
as Jack Kramer
Berkeley Harris
as Glen Weckner
Martha Scott
as Mrs. Loring Sr.
Tom Troupe
as Dr. Jones
Ben Murphy
as Alan Peterson
Ketty Lester
as Thelma Walters
Lew Brown
as Dr. Resnick
Jodean Lawrence
as Rose Gavanelli
Peggy Cowles
as Madeline
Virginia Grey
as Mrs. Cavanaugh
Nora Marlowe
as Mrs. Newton
Monica Lewis
as Monica McKay
Lee Bergere
as Conforti
Bob Hastings
as Dr. Pardan
Anna Navarro
as Evalina Gonzales
Udana Power
as Cathy Trent
Curt Lowens
as Dr. Spandau
Michael Strong
as Lee Zimmer
Conrad Parham
as Larry Garcia
Lynne Marta
as Patricia
Matilda Calnan
as Mrs. Booker
Kristin Larkin
as Sister Maureen
Jason Bernard
as Dr. Mendoza
Peter Hooten
as Robert Ross
Inez Pedroza
as Margarita
Marcia Ralston
as Nurse Donnelly
Jack Kelly
as Ned Lockett
Kasey Rogers
as Sue Parker
Marie Windsor
as Amanda Degan
Anthony Geary
as John Gavanelli
Geraldine Brooks
as Elaine Rossi
Sara Seegar
as Mrs. Milligan
Allison McKay
as Miss Willow
Jed Allan
as Chris
Mel Stewart
as Chet Wiggins
Charles Seel
as Doremus
Lonny Chapman
as Joe Perino
Leslie Parrish
as Elaine Perino
Jacques Aubuchon
as Dr. Crayler
Hugh Beaumont
as Jim Wagner
Whit Bissell
as Winnick
Steven Hall
as Michael
Dan Tobin
as Dr. Jessup
Stewart Moss
as Dr. Davis
Jason Wingreen
as Marty Ross
Jeanne Bates
as Mrs. Collins
Darlene Duralia
as Receptionist
Lynn Carlin
as Helen Stewart
Lou Frizzell
as Alfred Gage
Sumi Haru
as Patient
Michael Warren
as Jason Greer
Dick Gautier
as Vince Dager
William Wellman Jr.
as Dr. Tom Mills
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 23, 1969
Genre: Drama
Executive Producer: David Victor
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