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Diane English's hit sitcom about the brassy star reporter for a TV newsmagazine and her coworkers. Based in Washington, D.C., Murphy is mouthy, driven, assured and frequently politically incorrect. She also has a real problem holding on to secretaries (going through 93 of them during the Emmy-winning show's 10-season run). In 1992, Murph ran into criticism from Dan Quayle (and scored loads of free publicity) when the vice president slammed the working single mom's `alternative lifestyle.'

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Critics Consensus: This just in: while the nostalgia and wit are welcome, Murphy Brown's dated messaging tactics feel heavy-handed and smug, leaving this formerly formidably timely series feeling like a reboot reaching for the headlines.

2018, CBS, 13 episodes

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1997, CBS, 23 episodes

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1996, CBS, 24 episodes

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1995, CBS, 24 episodes

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1994, CBS, 26 episodes

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1993, CBS, 25 episodes

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1992, CBS, 25 episodes

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1991, CBS, 26 episodes

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1990, CBS, 26 episodes

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1989, CBS, 27 episodes

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1988, CBS, 22 episodes


Candice Bergen
as Murphy Brown
Joe Regalbuto
as Frank Fontana
Faith Ford
as Corky Sherwood
Grant Shaud
as Miles Silverberg
Robert Pastorelli
as Eldin Bernecky
Ritch Brinkley
as Carl Wishnitski
Alan Oppenheimer
as Eugene Kinsella
Scott Bryce
as Will Forrest
Janet Carroll
as Doris Dial
Jay Thomas
as Jerry Gold
Jane Leeves
as Audrey Cohen
Robin Thomas
as Jake Lowenstein
Scott Bakula
as Peter Hunt
Garry Marshall
as Stan Lansing
Christopher Rich
as Miller Redfield
Paul Reubens
as Andrew J. Lansing III
Paula Cale
as McGovern
Pat Finn
as Phil Jr.
Lily Tomlin
as Kay Carter-Shepley
Joan Lunden
as Herself
Charley Lang
as Robert, Secretary #2
Steven Culp
as Brad Stockton
Elmarie Wendel
as Mrs. Beale
William Sadler
as Col. Fitzpatrick
Amzie Strickland
as Myrna Bickner
Terri Treas
as Meg Reynolds
Michael Chiklis
as Tony Rocket
Beau Gravitte
as Tom Del Rubio
Judyann Elder
as Dr. Barton
Lesley Stahl
as Herself
Susan Wheeler Duff
as Karen Brown
Jenifer Lewis
as Saleswoman No. 2
Ian Gomez
as Secretary No. 77
David Paymer
as Dr. Bishop
Alice Hirson
as Bootsie Sherwood
Cleto Augusto
as Stage Manager
Pat Crawford Brown
as Sister Mary Margaret O'Brien
Chuck Sloan
as Man in School
Nancy Fish
as Gayle Beck
Dan Ziskie
as Minister
Mariko Tse
as Dr. Sakura
Laura Waterbury
as Secretary No. 38
Jessie Jones
as Mrs. Hooley
Richard Fancy
as Sen. Thatcher
Jerry Hardin
as Col. Sherwood
David Youse
as Excited Husband
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Secretary #10
Loretta Devine
as Nurse Hawking
Deborah Taylor
as Secretary No. 49
Connie Sawyer
as Woman on Elevator
Melissa Chan
as Susie Ahn
Keith Amos
as Secretary No. 23
Phil LaMarr
as Ben Lawson
Kevin Conroy
as Roger Harris
Carol Mansell
as Nanny No. 5
Ivan Allen
as Reporter
George Wyner
as Dr. Angler
Alan Rosenberg
as Max Llewelyn
Vernee Watson-Johnson
as Secretary No. 17
Wayne Tippet
as John Q. Bryant
David Brisbin
as Gunzenhauser
Jane A. Johnston
as Saleswoman No. 1
Mindy Suzanne Bell
as Secretary #52
Gloria Cromwell
as Nanny No. 1
Marta Kristen
as Inge's Mom
Cleo King
as Technologist
Wallace Shawn
as Stuart Best
Tony Papenfuss
as Secretary No. 48
Frances Bergen
as Claire Forrest
Michael Krawic
as Stage Manager
Jeanette Miller
as Elderly Person
Claudette Sutherland
as Woman in Gallery
Jim Jansen
as Pritchard
Jeffrey Thiel
as Secretary No. 64b
Myra Turley
as Secretary #7
Phil Leeds
as Old Man
Tim Haldeman
as Smoking Man
Byron Mann
as Quan Chang
Robyn Bliley
as Videotaping Secretary
Eric Christmas
as Bob Bickner
Graham Jarvis
as Newton Green
Jessica James
as Millicent
Lisa Raggio
as Secretary No. 51
Linda Kerns
as Nanny No. 2
Dick Martinsen
as Inge's Dad
Don R. McManus
as Rudy Grasso
John Mansfield
as Handsome Man
Robert Harper
as Henry Tucker
Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Secretary No. 32
William Boyett
as Sen. Dennehy
William Mesnick
as Secretary #68
Keone Young
as Master Hahn
Marie Denn
as Mrs. Cowan
George Coe
as Theodore Wilkes
Elmaire Wendel
as Mrs. Beale
Meghann Haldeman
as Little Murphy
Jonathan Prince
as John J. Edwards
Bruce Gray
as Sen. Hyden
Ed Alonzon
as Secretary #56
Gene Weygandt
as Diner #2
John Sanderford
as Dr. Keller
Ivan G'Vera
as Russian
Fran Ryan
as The Asp
Mike Hagerty
as Howard Sutthoff
James Karen
as Arvin Johns
Duane Smith
as Secretary #34
Jeanette Schwaba
as Secretary No. 28
David Selburg
as Dr. Ricks
Denise Dennison
as Newswriter
Diana Castle
as Mother #1
James Kiriyama Lem
as Next Waver No. 1
James Thiel
as Secretary No. 64a
Tom McCleister
as Stagehand
David Ursin
as Secret Service Man No. 2
Lauren Leah Mitchell
as Secretary No. 45
Mark D. Hutter
as Psychiatrist 1
Debra Mooney
as Lee Larkin
Mary Kathleen Gordon
as Secretary #75
James Keane
as Bunny Man
Mike Wallace
as Himself
Kerrie Clark
as Stripper #3
Steve Eastin
as Buchanan Rep.
James Hong
as Supervisor Monk
Mikael Salazar
as Handler #1
E.J. Gage
as Deliveryman
Lou Wills
as Murray
Rachael Hartley
as Young Murphy
Amber Strickland
as Myrna Bickner
Deborah May
as Secretary No. 13
Jodi Knotts
as Ellen Brown
Jay Fenichel
as Secretary No. 26
Teddy J. Davis
as Woman in Phil's
Angela Paton
as Nurse No. 1
Julie Hayden
as Caroline
Maura Soden
as Reporter #1
Anjul Nigam
as Sanjay Khandwhalla
Judith-Marie Bergan
as Bonnie Fielder
Sarah Taylor
as Next Wave PA
Michael Rothhaar
as Congressman #1
Michael Laskin
as Lawyer #2
Penny Santon
as Grandma Louisa
Josh Pais
as Secretary No. 18
Ron Marasco
as Secretary #14
Lela Ivey
as Secretary No. 33
John Getz
as Bob Wilkes
Laurel Cronin
as Sister Cecile
Tony Jay
as Dr. Benoit
Bill Saluga
as Charlie
Jack Shearer
as Charlie
Jill C. Klein
as Secretary #55
Bob Newhart
as Dr. Bob Hartley
Ric Coy
as Stagehand
Edith Fields
as Lillian Brow
Doug Dale
as Waiter
Mark Lonow
as Jerry Weiss
Nicholas Hormann
as Roger Moreland
Kevin Sifuentes
as Delivery Boy
Andrea Stein
as Secretary No. 25
Paddi Edwards
as Secretary No. 24
Jayne Modean
as Woman in Bar
Callan White
as Mourner
Joe Nipote
as Secretary No. 46
Doris Hess
as Nanny No. 3
Sarah Taylor
as Next Wave PA
Del Zamora
as Delivery Man
Mark Ankeny
as Security Guard #1
Brian Blondell
as Secretary #80
Nikki Tyler
as Zoo Lady
Lily Mariye
as Secretary #6
Larry Block
as Al Henderson
Nick Ullett
as Secretary No. 42
Sean Baca
as Little Frank
Claire Malis Callaway
as Mrs. Abernathy
Sheila Shaw
as Secretary #10
Kerry Stein
as Nerdy Man
Army Archerd
as Himself
Jennifer Rhodes
as Mrs. Crawford
David Dunard
as `FYI' Security Guard
Dinah Lenney
as Megan Reynolds
Julie Payne
as Phyllis
Lisa Cloud
as Mother
Jeff Mooring
as Stage Manager
Milt Tarver
as Drunk Man
Zaid Farid
as Security Guard #2
Roy Fegan
as Security Guard
Mongo Brownlee
as Security Guard
Adam West
as Himself
Ron Perkins
as Man in Crowd
John Achorn
as Stage Manager
Pete Willcox
as Secretary #20
Alex Rocco
as Al Floss
Bill McIntyre
as Steve Raines
Tina Johnson
as Coat Check Woman
Paul Collins
as James Chandler
Matt McKenzie
as Secret Service Agent
Ann Talman
as Elizabeth
David Cromwell
as Dr. Chapin
Charles McDaniel
as Sen. Laughlin
Fielding West
as Magician
Vera Lockwood
as Mrs. Marino
Gerry McIntyre
as ABC Producer
James Distefano
as Cousin Jerry
Bart McCarthy
as Pirate Secretary
Robert Costanzo
as Dry Cleaner
Ron Orbach
as Photographer #1
Don Lake
as Stage Manager
Jason Marsden
as Young Miles
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Motorcycle Man
Ray Serra
as Super
Elsa Raven
as Mrs. Kobolakis
Trip Hamiton
as Agent #2
Susan Diol
as Michelle
John Hammil
as Congressman #2
Michelle Boudreau
as Gorgeous Girl
Jan Hoag
as Assistant
Harris Yulin
as The Jackal
Sue Moore
as Sandra
Tony Goldwyn
as Bobby Powell
John Towey
as Dr. Edward Stoddard
Hal Landon Jr.
as Sen. McWilliams
Tim Hutchinson
as Reporter #2
Tom Poston
as Old Man Swenson
Carol Ann Susi
as Secretary #37
William Mesnik
as Secretary
Richard Penn
as Mr. Crawford
Ray Chang
as Delivery Man
Ramey Ellis
as Bobby Owens
Nancy Ellen Cassaro
as Mohawk Secretary
Todd Waring
as George King
Randy Oglesby
as Dr. Gaddis
Sonya Eddy
as Secretary 87
Roger Keller
as Rev. Forke
Laura Kightlinger
as Secretary 89
John Fleck
as Man in Park
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Caldwell
Judy Kain
as Mrs. Silverberg
Wayne Tippit
as Mr. Bryant
David Carlile
as Bartender
Kristen Lowman
as Secretary #35
Zach Phifer
as Orderly #1
F.J. O'Neil
as Sen. Sampson
Eve Brenner
as Norwegian Woman
Susan Kellerman
as Mrs. Wallace
Terry Rhoads
as Alexander Rep.
Pamela Kosh
as Mrs. Stokes
Bob Clendenin
as Security Guy
Beverly Dixon
as Francine O'Donnell
Ebbe Roe Smith
as Man at Table
LaVerne Anderson
as Teenage Girl
Cynthia Graham
as Campaign Worker
Dayton Callie
as Security Guard
Vicki Lewis
as Secretary No. 59
Kenneth Schmidt
as Avery at 5
Jan Cobler
as Reporter #3
Anita Finlay
as Woman #1
Erika Schickel
as Next Wave Producer
David Q. Combs
as Congressman #3
Alfred Dennis
as Mr. Schwartz
Beau Billingslea
as Agent Scanlon
Ross Lacy
as Concertgoer
Jon Menick
as Mr. Dunne
Brad Garrett
as Swat Team Captain
Barbara Perry
as Secretary No. 39
Jana Arnold
as Nurse No. 2
Rick Cicetti
as Protocol Officer
Ken Thorley
as Mr. Colarusso
Alix Elias
as Secretary No. 58
Richard Schiff
as Mel Woodworthy
Liz Smith
as Herself
Clive Revill
as Hendricks
Diedrich Bader
as Acolyte Monk #1
Patrick Mickler
as Hekawi Tool Guy
Steve Franken
as College Roommate
Harry Groener
as Concertmaster
Ray Porter
as Young Man
Steve Shaffer
as Bartender
Robina Suwol
as Woman Student
Nikki Cox
as Pretty Girl
Peter Slutsker
as Secretary No. 37
Fred Applegate
as Stuart Allen
David Garrison
as Dr. Wyler
Susan Kellermann
as Mrs. Wallace
Eric Saiet
as "FYI" PA
Carlos La Camara
as Hotel Clerk
Larry Cedar
as Partygoer #1
Beth Hall
as Pregnant Lady
Bonnie Hellman
as Coat-Check Gal
Walter Addison
as Wade Olsen
Basil Langton
as Nathan David Weiss
Warren Munson
as Mr. Arnold
Michael Pniewski
as Security Guard
George Furth
as Buzz Ramsey
Stephen Root
as John Brophy
Barbara Billingsley
as Mrs. Stritch
Wesley Mann
as Secretary
Charlotte Booker
as Secretary No. 73
Dorothy Patterson
as Mrs. Jensen
Alyson Reed
as Waitress
Heather Ehlers
as Professor
Carolyn Mignini
as Normal Looking Secretary
John Salvo
as Convict
Kathryn Joosten
as Secretary No. 83
Tom Virtue
as Nurse Bruce
Jackie Kashian
as Airport Security Guard
Cecily Adams
as Secretary 87
Blake Clark
as Secret Service Agent
Robert Munns
as Older Man
Tyne Daly
as Phyllis
Steven Anderson
as The Director
Charles Champion
as Orderly #2
Roger Guenveur Smith
as Man in Gallery
Dana Craig
as Security Guard
Richard Hoyt-Miller
as Secret Service Man No. 1
Brad Blaisdell
as Band Leader
Tom Gallop
as John Rennie
Nicholas Shaffer
as Male Questioner
Sean Masterson
as Reporter #4
J. David Krassner
as Patron No. 3
Judith Cohen
as Secretary #65
Edward Conery
as Roger Kentilworth
Marcus Smythe
as Jeff Binney
George Roth
as Development Exec
Elizabeth Anne Smith
as Secretary No. 82
Paul Parducci
as Repo Man
Edye Byrde
as Elderly Woman
Romy Rosemont
as Nurse Healy
Brittany Murphy
as Frank's Sister
Channing Chase
as Housewife
Martha Gehman
as Secretary No. 47
Maggie Baird
as Woman #2
Kelly Andrus
as Stripper #1
Billye Ree Wallace
as Mrs. Saunders
Eliza Coyle
as Secretary No. 72
Anna Berger
as Secretary
Kevin Lowe
as Reporter
Ryan Stiles
as Acolyte Monk #2
Leslie Upson
as Museum Goer #1
Marcus Aurelius
as Swat Team Member
Aaron Seville
as Messenger
Bee-Be Smith
as Nurse No. 3
Bruce Grey
as Jim Clone
Robin Krieger
as Woman #3
Michelle St. John
as Volunteer #1
Keith Langsdale
as Secretary No. 81
Daniel R. Escobar
as Stage Manager
Ben Stein
as Williams
Jeff Corey
as Elderly Man
Shanelle Workman
as Frank's Sister
Jordan Lund
as Construction Man
Karen Ludwig
as Psychiatrist 2
Kathleen Doyle
as Ms. Fryman
Teri Garr
as Herself
Gregg Almquist
as Mr. Milliken
Michael Heintzman
as Secretary No. 61
Lou Felder
as Anchor
Dan Hildebrand
as BBC Cameraman
Ross Gottstein
as Secretary No. 71
David Arnott
as Secretary
Ken Jenkins
as Sen. Cookson
Molly McClure
as Volunteer #1
Ed Alonzo
as Secretary No. 56
William Windom
as Ross Bowen
Timothy McNeil
as Maintenance Man
Kim Dawson
as Stripper #2
Meagen Fay
as Scarlet
Connie Ray
as Ms. Howard
P.B. Hutton
as Museum Goer #2
Nellie Sciutto
as Attractive Woman #1
Joe Sabatino
as Desk Sergeant
Patti Yasutake
as Secretary No. 41
Brian Markinson
as Mr. Praskin
Warren Frost
as Dave Darrickson
Liz Torres
as Nanny No. 6
Giorgio Kokosin
as Avery at 19
Louis Turenne
as Allen Brookins
Frank Kopyc
as Patron No. 4
Douglas Roberts
as Ted Pierce
Peggy Maley
as Woman #2
Karen Maruyama
as Wardrobe Woman
Rosanna Iversen
as Actress #2
Bob Bouchard
as Little Phil
Evan Gore
as Reporter
Ann Walker
as Woman in Hospital
Cal Gibson
as Scotty
Paul Carr
as Alan Marshall
Steven Gilborn
as Dr. Armstrong
Erica Yohn
as Woman Ticket Agent
Rowanne Brewer
as Nefertiti
Wayne Thomas Yorke
as Photographer
Jerry Sroka
as Attorney
Annie Grindlay
as Congresswoman
Gibby Brand
as Mr. Schulimson
Liz Vassey
as Amy Marshinsky
Loren Freeman
as Secretary No. 54
Brett Stimely
as Avery at 35
Gene Scherer
as Russian Man
Steve Fitchpatrick
as Secretary No. 62
John Gegenhuber
as Sean Van Ohlen
Nathan LeGrand
as Frank Clone
Marla Frees
as Woman in Bar
Diana Bellamy
as Mrs. Delman
Pat Rick
as President
David Eric
as Spokane Affiliate
Wylie Small
as Victoria Scott
Eric Beer
as Hippie
Tony Colitti
as Bartender
Francis Ruivivar
as Tiny Bubbles
James Henriksen
as Secret Service Guy
Julie Brown
as Secretary No. 88
Annie LaRussa
as Young Woman
Fred Sanders
as Mr. Cooper
Shelley Robertson
as Next Waver No. 2
Lisa Stahl
as Raquel
Tom Snyder
as Himself
Chris Parnell
as Handler #2
Peggy Mannix
as Woman in Loud Outfit
Jack Kenny
as Jonathan
Michael Milhoan
as Paying Customer
Andrea Walters
as Secretary No. 57
Philippe Bergeron
as French Reporter
Richard Roat
as Father Keily
Emilio Borelli
as Seedy Man
Patrick Thomas
as Volunteer #2
Tera Hendrickson
as Attractive Woman #2
Mike Grief
as Repo Man
Peter Dennis
as Psychiatrist 3
Jack Ritschel
as Volunteer #2
Tim Russ
as Agent No. 1
Michael Potter
as Detective
Eliott Goretsky
as Theater Patron
Cliff Medaugh
as Older Man
Trip Hamilton
as Agent No. 2
David Bickford
as Patron No. 1
Sarah Zinsser
as Makeup Lady
Jack McGee
as Male Clerk
Richard Voigts
as Presenter
Lisa Sturz
as Murphy Brown Bear
Alan Palo
as Man #4
Peter Vogt
as Mr. Knox
Rick Zieff
as Sweaty Man
Tijani Abba
as African Diplomat #2
Amanda Carlin
as Mrs. Cooper
Al Septien
as Spanish Reporter
Heidi Anderson
as Corky Clone