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Air date: Aug 13, 2019
Air date: Aug 20, 2019
Air date: Sep 10, 2019
Air date: Sep 17, 2019
Air date: Sep 24, 2019
Air date: Sep 29, 2019

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Sensational unsolved mystery show includes the paranormal.

Aug 28, 2019 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Mysteries Decoded: Season 1

  • Sep 19, 2019
    Awful. I was expecting it to be more real, but it is clearly staged and fake. Very disappointed.
  • Sep 18, 2019
    If I see one more conspiracy theory show like this I'll puke. If the producers of this show think they can get by going over the same crap that's been rehashed a thousand times already, they are mistaken. While the production value is good the content is stale and overworked. Isn't there anything new or different to present than the usual Roswell / Bermuda Triangle / Area 51 crap that's been done a million times already. Tonight they rehashed the Bermuda Triangle. Holy crap, this has been proven over and over to be a dead mystery. There are thousands of ships and planes that go through that area in a month. The number of them that dissappear in this area is not unusual at all. Yeah, there have been big ships in the past that have vanished without a trace there. Guess what? Massive ships have also been lost in the freakin' Great Lakes too. Large bodies of water are very difficult and expensive to scan for wreckage, especially in the 1920's. Anyway, this is old stuff that has become so boring that it defies description. If the producers want to pull ahead of all the other mystery shows, they should find some new stories and ideas to talk about. How about the Purple Spheres of Arizona? The encounter at Alagash Waterway would make an interesting story. The Incident at Dyatlov Pass in Russia would make a creepy mysterty to uncover. The Big Grey Man of Scottland would also make an new and interesting mystery to explore. But please, producers of Mysteries Decoded, try to stay away from Big Foot, Area 51 and who shot Kennedy. It's been done already, trust me.
  • Sep 11, 2019
    So bad, it reminds me of Ghost Adventures, a wannabe Ghost Hunters type show. I love the paranormal and supernatural, but this show is laughable.

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