The Monkees (1966 - 1968)

The Monkees

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Hey, hey, they're the Prefab Four, a rock band trying to make it big. People say they monkey around, but that was the point in this surreal, slapstick and altogether silly sitcom, which also had plenty of pop tunes. Several numbers became chart-toppers thanks to crack songwriters and studio musicians, though the cast would later record successfully as a self-contained combo. Both the group and the show were enormously popular, and some of the members continue to tour to this day as the Monkees.

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1967, NBC, 26 episodes

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1966, NBC, 32 episodes


Davy Jones
as Davy
Mike Nesmith
as Mike
Peter Tork
as Peter
Vincent Beck
as Sigmund
Arlene Martel
as Mme. Olinsky
James Frawley
as Rudi Bayshore
Joey Forman
as Captain Crocodile
Burt Mustin
as Melvin's Butler
Joey Baio
as Junior
Norbert Schiller
as Professor Schnitzler
Lea Marmer
as Mme. Roselle
Jeanne Sorel
as Mrs. Vandersnoot
Arnold Moss
as Prime Minister Vidaru
Cynthia Hull
as Angelita
Hal March
as Renaldo
Patrice Wymore
as Mme. Quagmeyer
Bob Sherman
as Frankie Catalina
Stubby Kaye
as Wolfgang
Bobo Lewis
as Miss Chomsky
Philip Ober
as Mr. Weatherwax
Ray Ballard
as Messenger
Phil Leeds
as Bernie
Claire Kelly
as Dr. Sisters
Helen Winston
as Mrs. Drehdal
Robyn Millan
as Vanessa
Mike Farrell
as Agent Modell
Lou Antonio
as Judd Weskitt
Merri Ashley
as Daughter
Karen James
as Buntwell
Pat Paulsen
as Secretary
Peter Canon
as Billy the Kid
Eldon Quick
as Rob Roy
Arch Johnson
as General Vandenberg
Dub Taylor
as Pa Chubber
Ron Masak
as Dracula
Digby Wolfe
as the Man with the Paper
Booth Colman
as The Chief
Nita Talbot
as Assistant
David Pearl
as Wolfman
Lee Kolima
as Attila the Hun
Jim Boles
as Fisher
Mark Harris
as Kingsley
Burgess Meredith
as The Penguin
Severn Darden
as L.B. Guggins, Jr.
Jack Good
as Lance
Milton Parsons
as Ralph the Butler
Frank Zappa
as Mike Nesmith
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 12, 1966
Genre: Comedy
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