The Parkers (1999 - 2004)

The Parkers

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A spunky spin-off from 'Moesha,' in which Kim Parker and her flamboyant mother (and best friend) Nikki attend the same college, where mom pursues her dream of getting a diploma.

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2003, UPN, 21 episodes

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2002, UPN, 25 episodes

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2001, UPN, 22 episodes

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2000, UPN, 22 episodes

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1999, UPN, 22 episodes


Countess Vaughn James
as Kim Parker
as Nikki Parker
Dorien Wilson
as Prof. Stanley Oglevee
Jenna von Oÿ
as Stevie Van Lowe
Ken Lawson
as Thaddeus Tyrell `T' Radcliffe
Yvette Wilson
as Andell Wilkerson
Kara Brock
as Regina
Angelle Brooks
as Toni Ross
Adam Lazarre-White
as Kenny Davis
Fred Dalton Thomas
as Duane Orange
Rodger Lodge
as Rodger Lodge
Lil' Kim
as Herself
Lil' Zane
as Himself
Jim Meskimen
as Dean Whitter
Bee-Be Smith
as Destiny
Steven Imes Jr.
as Prof. Imes
Clifton Powell
as Kristopher Alexander
Joseph C. Phillips
as Reverend Wright
Patrick Kerr
as Merrill Brooks
John Henton
as Bentley
as Himself
Sonnie Elahna
as Representative
Nancy Wilson
as Aunt Rita
Lee Weaver
as Tebo the Clown
Yolanda Adams
as Karla Sampson
Reginald VelJohnson
as Sterling Oglevee
Gary Coleman
as Himself
as Herself
D.L. Hughley
as Darryl Hughley
Kim Coles
as Florence Anderson
Steve Harvey
as Mr. Barnes
Eric Davis
as Himself
Mark Chaet
as Dean Valentine
Virginia Watson
as Prof. Bradshaw
Mark Povinelli
as Frankie Osgood
Warren G.
as Himself
Bahni Turpin
as Madame Patrice
Marc Segal
as Mensa Host
as Cory
Rick Fitts
as Mr. Dare
Aloma White
as Shirley
Tracy Vilar
as Paullina
Summer Martin
as Young Nikki
as Himself
Matt Price
as Adam Myers
Jo Marie Payton
as Ms. Campbell
Steffani Brass
as Girl No. 1
Sheila Scott-Wilkinson
as Professor Peabody
Ian Ogilvy
as Seymour
Laura Hayes
as Carment Wilkerson
Mirron Willis
as Mr. Dudley
Ambrosia Kelley
as Young Andell
Susan Dalian
as Jennifer Alkins
Frank D'Amico
as Big Kitty
Rod Tate
as Bodyguard
as Pa-Tel
Glenda Redfield
as Charlotte
Carol Krnic
as Housekeeper
Thom Scott
as General Manager
Heywood Nelson
as Heywood Nelson
Terence Mathews
as Bartender
Kenya Williams
as Shay Shay
Zilah Mendoza
as Connie Perez
Ellis Williams
as Deacon Jones
Fred Hammond
as Himself
Trent Trail
as Cute Guy
Doug Cox
as Mason Perry
Rosalind Chao
as Prof. Thornhill
Victoria Hoffman
as Representative
Charles Chun
as Judge Lee
Ken Tipton
as Lt. Higgins
Eve Kagan
as Groupie
Holly Towne
as Kathy Sullivan
David DeLeon
as Raymond
Bianca Imes
as Girl No. 4
Ned Vaughn
as Thornton
as Herself
Donn Swaby
as Charlie
Michelle Buffone
as Big Sisters Rep
Liz Lapira
as Shaquan
B. Jonsie
as Mrs. Morrow
Denise Shaw Smith
as Juror No. 1
Gil Deeble
as Minister
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TV Network: UPN
Premiere Date: Aug 30, 1999
Genre: Comedy
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