The Saint (1962 - 1969)

The Saint

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A pre-James Bond Roger Moore plays the urbane, Robin Hood-like Simon Templar, who may skirt the law, but always for a noble cause. Moore's tongue-in-cheek portrayal is perhaps the most familiar depiction of the popular character created by novelist Leslie Charteris. Others cast in the role include Vincent Price (on radio) and George Sanders (in movies). Television revivals of `The Saint' include CBS's `Return of the Saint,' with Ian Ogilvy; and six telefilms starring Simon Dutton.

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1968, ITV, 20 episodes

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1966, ITV, 27 episodes

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1965, ITV, 9 episodes

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1964, ITV, 23 episodes

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1963, ITV, 27 episodes

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1962, ITV, 12 episodes


Roger Moore
as Simon Templar
Ivor Dean
as Insp. Claude Teal
Erica Rogers
as Belinda
Joyce Blair
as Goldilocks
Sylvia Syms
as Lady Yearley
Ann Bell
as Marjorie
Patricia Donahue
as Countess Rovagna
Yolande Turner
as Juliette Grillot
Ann Gillis
as Beryl Carrington
Derek Farr
as John Clarron
Dick Haymes
as Dunstan
Cec Linder
as Oddington
Brian Worth
as Peter Corrio
Grégoire Aslan
as Patroclos
John Boxer
as Mulliner
Douglas Wilmer
as Alan Uttershaw
Leslie Sands
as Purdell
Jacqui Chan
as Mme. Chen
Nanette Newman
as Geraldine
Cecil Parker
as Gillingham
Dina Paisner
as Consuelo
David Hedison
as Bill Harvey
Sue Lloyd
as Marla
Barry Morse
as Lawrence
Anthony Quayle
as Lord Yearley
Bill Nagy
as Sholto
Reg Lye
as Kinsall
John McLaren
as Dr. Northwade
Guy Rolfe
as Bradley
John Hollis
as Tordoff
Anthony Newlands
as Father Bellini
Gary Hope
as Aboukir
Yootha Joyce
as Milanov
Glyn Owen
as Kinglake
Michael Gwynn
as Jeffroll
John Turner
as Thrandel
Anne De Vigier
as Josephine
John Ronane
as Pritchard
Edward Evans
as Ravenna
Peter Copley
as Morland
Jean St. Clair
as Mme. Calliope
Tristram Jellinek
as Thorpe-Jones
Avice Landon
as Florence
Tommy Duggan
as Stavros
John Robinson
as Fairweather
Pamela Conway
as Catherine
Mike Pratt
as Peterson
John Paul
as Hammel
John Stone
as Orping
Nosher Powell
as Masked Angel
Ann Lawson
as Janice
Nancy Nevinson
as Donna Luisa
David Cargill
as Margolis
David Lawton
as Policeman
Ric Young
as Lo Yung
Tim Barrett
as Leonard
David Kelsey
as Chapman
Neil McCallum
as Vashetti
Ray Marlowe
as Munster
Fabia Drake
as Prudence
Joseph Cuby
as Alfredo Ravenna
Ronald Ibbs
as Sanders
Margaretta Scott
as Lady Sangore
Shay Gorman
as Mullins
John Baskcomb
as Lewis Enstone
James Kerry
as Hapgood
Geoffrey Denton
as Sir Robert
Vicky Graham
as Valerie
Jemma Hyde
as Barbara
Mark Eden
as Tamblin
Guy Deghy
as Kleinhaus
John Bluthal
as Ziggy Zaglan
Edward de Souza
as Ellington
Sonia Fox
as Nadine
John Barrie
as Kroleich
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Genre: Action & Adventure
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