The Terror: Infamy (2019)


The Terror

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Real-world and supernatural horrors collide in Infamy, an exceptionally well-crafted ghost story that creeps under the skin and stays there.



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User Ratings: 164
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Air date: Aug 12, 2019
Air date: Aug 19, 2019
Air date: Aug 26, 2019
Air date: Sep 2, 2019
Air date: Sep 9, 2019
Air date: Sep 16, 2019
Air date: Sep 23, 2019
Air date: Sep 30, 2019
Air date: Oct 7, 2019
Air date: Oct 14, 2019

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Set during World War II, the haunting and suspenseful second season of the horror-infused anthology The Terror: Infamy centers on a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese American community, and a young man's journey to understand and combat the malevolent entity responsible. The season chronicles Chester Nakayama and his friends and family from Terminal Island, California, as they face persecution from the American government and battle the evil spirit that threatens their future. The Terror: Infamy tells the often overlooked story of Japanese American internment and asks what it truly means to be an American. From 1942 to 1945, more than 145,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians were forced from their homes and into internment camps by their respective governments, simply because of where they or their ancestors were born. Their story is one of perseverance in the face of injustice.


George Takei
as Yamato-san
Derek Mio
as Chester Nakayama
Shingo Usami
as Henry Nakayama
Naoko Mori
as Asako Nakayama
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Critic Reviews for The Terror Infamy

All Critics (37) | Top Critics (15)

As a historical drama, The Terror: Infamy got a lot right, and as a Japanese American, I was gratified to see this painful era captured in a production anchored by Asian Americans.

Oct 16, 2019 | Full Review…

Infamy also features a wonderfully varied range of responses from the Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans in the camps.

Aug 13, 2019 | Full Review…
Top Critic

"Infamy" is thematically rich beyond that, especially in how it navigates the old ways, the new, and the messy realities in which they collide.

Aug 13, 2019 | Full Review…

"The Terror" remains a thoughtful story of human nature, more haunting in its honesty than its ghosts.

Aug 12, 2019 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…
Top Critic

Fine second season with solid horror elements, and a particularly engaging - and relevant - message.

Aug 12, 2019 | Rating: 4/4 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Infamy's dual sources of terror don't quite cohere into a single story. Part of the problem may lie in the writing and plotting. But the show also seems to offer different things to different viewers.

Sep 3, 2019 | Full Review…

The Terror: Infamy will thrive if it leans on the fear of the families while they're in the camps, because of how real and relevant it feels to viewers.

Aug 13, 2019 | Full Review…

Excellent and deeply moving.

Aug 23, 2019 | Full Review…

The blend of J-horror tropes with history and family drama makes The Terror: Infamy a worthy addition to this growing anthology and makes it very difficult for AMC to find a story that will be good enough for a third chapter.

Aug 19, 2019 | Rating: 9/10 | Full Review…

"The Terror: Infamy" makes you uncomfortable, using your anticipation of historical events to cast dread over each action and ultimately utilizes knowledge of the established horror visuals to keep you uneasy.

Aug 15, 2019 | Full Review…

The well-balanced mix of family melodrama, ghost story, and politically astute historical commentary makes for captivating viewing, as does the high production quality and great character work

Aug 11, 2019 | Full Review…

Ultimately, we're just waiting to get to the end now so we can be done with it - and that's disappointing for a show that was so strong in its season.

Aug 14, 2019 | Rating: 2.2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Terror: Infamy

  • Nov 08, 2019
    Found it to be even better than season 1
  • Nov 03, 2019
    the significance of this series and what it means to asian representation in media is enough of a reason to watch it.
  • Nov 02, 2019
    I haven't been able to get into this season. It's pretty repetitive and really slow, without the sense of dread that made the first season so compelling.
  • Oct 24, 2019
    I thought this was pretty good although some of the episodes where a little slow.
  • Oct 23, 2019
    I don't know which was worse, the Terror Season 2 or True Detective Season 3. Both series had the strongest opening seasons in memory and were sunk into the muck by heavy handed virtue signalling and being spun into sanctimonious sermons on race. A real bummer. This is not what people want to watch. We've seen this a million times already yet Hollywood cannot resist the temptation to, what exactly, ruin a good thing because they dislike Trump? Very sad. The Terror was great. Now it is unwatchable.
  • Oct 22, 2019
    It is not a masterpiece like the first season, and it is hard to get a win against one of the best (Terror one) cinematography ever made but, Infamy is a good piece of art. Acting is good, horror is softer than the first season, it is not TERROR! but it gives u big creeps. The best thing that I can say about this season is the political story of Japanese people in the USA at that time, and showing that Japanese camps in that condition are a fascist movement of government and propaganda at that time. For me personally, this and better story of horror will be better that they make Samurai a story of that old-time of japan. I gave 4 stars because I truly want this beautiful piece of television to continue.
  • Oct 19, 2019
    first season was great!! not.
  • Oct 18, 2019
    One day I hope we're old and boring enough to watch this pos show
  • Oct 17, 2019
    The second season of The Terror was a great character builder and the history/story told has become a piece of art to me through the labors of the filmmakers and cast involved. I actually cared about the love story that was told and felt for the Nakayama family. I credit the acting in large part for the emotional connection this season brought me as a viewer but also the story and how it unfolded was magnificently done. The way they handled the spiritual and mystical aspects of the show were inventive and the editing deserves high praise. Let me also say that this show has reshaped how I view the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks and now see the cruelty and desolation that I once blindly accepted as justified to end the war, was in fact nothing more than our country seeking vengeance and cheap shots.
  • Oct 16, 2019
    I DID finish the series. So it's not.... bad. But if I had to tell you what the main story arc was I couldn't tell you. It felt that the writing didn't know themselves and just figured the main story would magical come to the fore through the magic of movie making. There was just enough decent acting to make up for some of the over acting or just zero spectrum characters. The father had one emotion the entire time of just being not-happy. The concentration camp (not 'internment camp' according to Mr Takei) was a terrible over actor and broke my suspension of disbelief every time he opened his mouth that that horrible accent and over acting. Anyways, I'm being hard on it. But it suffers from what most all TV suffers from now; A 10+ episode season filled with filler to maximize profit and thus a so thoroughly diluted main story line that it loses it's redeeming quality.

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