How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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The rare trilogy capper that really works, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World brings its saga to a visually dazzling and emotionally affecting conclusion.



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Now chief and ruler of Berk alongside Astrid, Hiccup has created a gloriously chaotic dragon utopia. When the sudden appearance of female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they've known and journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. As their true destines are revealed, dragon and rider will fight together-to the very ends of the Earth-to protect everything they've grown to treasure.


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  • Sep 16, 2019
    It's a long-overdue finale that, even though doesn't quite fly to heights the previous installments have, still possess a compelling tale and emotional conclusion to a near-decade-worth of dragon-storytelling. The Hidden World is a beautiful send-off of the "How to Train Your Dragon" trilogy; an underrated franchise that can easily compete against its other DreamWorks-animated-projects despite its minimal notoriety. 4.3/5
    Eugene B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2019
    I feel veeeeery much that we've done this dance before now. I definitely didn't hate The Hidden World, the animation's pretty speccy, Toothless is eternally adorable, some of the creature design is pretty cool (especially the new bad guy's beasties) and I appreciate ending a franchise on your own terms. But to me, this is still definitely the low point of the trilogy. Not crap, for sure, but hit on a lot of things I genuinely don't care for.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • May 24, 2019
    I'll be honest, I haven't seen this movie. I just wanted to check that, since the site seems to have a more updated look, if I was able to post the long reviews that I typically do, which I haven't been able to for three months now. I reviewed a film that isn't available on here and posted it here. So it turns out I can. But what I CAN'T do is clear the score from this movie. Hence, until the moment that I DO see it or I find a way to clear this score (which I did easily before), the score is gonna stay up. Disregard the score, because I have NOT SEEN THE MOVIE. This was just a test gone horribly wrong. Plus, I fully expect this to be a fucking great movie, since the first two didn't disappoint.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • May 07, 2019
    The third installment of the dragon riders series is another step forward in animation, creating amazing images, especially of landscapes and flocks of flying creatures. As for the story, it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel. The first two films felt fresher, more surprising. It's still nice to revisit these characters and follow them around a little more. The super sweet ending is probably the strongest part of the film.
    Jens S Super Reviewer

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