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Nicholas Hytner (The Crucible) directed this Wendy Wasserstein screenplay, adapted from Stephen McCauley's novel, about the romantic mismatch of a gay man and a young pregnant woman. When literary agent Sidney Miller (Alan Alda) and his wife Constance (Allison Janney) have a dinner party, Constance's social-worker stepsister Nina Borowski (Jennifer Aniston) attends without her lawyer boyfriend Vince McBride (John Pankow). Also present are gay schoolteacher George Hanson (Paul Rudd) and his lover, Dr. Robert Joley (Tim Daly). George learns from Nina that he's being dumped by Robert, a scene ensues, and Nina then invites George to stay in the spare room of her Brooklyn apartment. Nina still has sex with boyfriend Vince, but during late-night talks, she begins to bond with her gay roommate. Nina and George take dance lessons at the local senior citizen's community center, and Gershwin's "You Were Meant for Me" sets the tone for romance as the two become soul mates. Unfortunately, shortly after their love blooms, Nina learns she's pregnant by Vince, who is no longer the object of her affections. Instead of telling the unwanted Vince right away, Nina asks George to join her in raising the child. George stays on, but in the months that follow, he also begins to see men again. Robert takes him along to a Connecticut conference where drama critic Rodney Fraser (Nigel Hawthorne) has Paul James (Amo Gulinello) in tow. George and Paul have an instant attraction, and this prompts everyone involved to reassess their emotional commitments. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi


Jennifer Aniston
as Nina Borowski
Paul Rudd
as George Hanson
Alan Alda
as Sid Miller
Nigel Hawthorne
as Rodney Fraser
John Pankow
as Vince McBride
Tim Daly
as Dr. Robert Joley
Allison Janney
as Constance Miller
Steve Zahn
as Frank Hanson
Amo Gulinello
as Paul James
Bruce Altman
as Dr. Goldstein
Kevin Carroll
as Louis Crowley
Lauren Varija Pratt
as Sally Miller
Kali Rocha
as Melissa Marx
Lena Cardwell
as Girl at Community Center
Natalie B. Kikkenborg
as Girl at Community Center
Lauren Chen
as Violin Player
Liam Aiken
as Nathan
Janet Zarish
as Dinner Guest
Ellen Tobie
as Dinner Guest
Virl Andrick
as Dinner Guest
Robert C. Lee
as Dinner Guest
Bradley White
as Stephen Saint
Marilyn Dobrin
as Mrs. Sarni
Midori Nakamura
as Nina's Colleague
Joan Copeland
as Madame Reynolds
Salem Ludwig
as Mr. Shapiro
Antonia Rey
as Mrs. Ochoa
Danny Darrow
as Nina's Dance Partner
Sean Rademaker
as School Child
Heather Thompson
as School Child
Gabriel Macht
as Steve Casillo
John Roland
as TV Anchor
Rosanna Scotto
as TV Anchor
Miguel Maldonado
as Colin Powell
Peter Maloney
as Desk Clerk
Bette Henritze
as Mrs. Skinner
Iraida Polanco
as Carmelita
Sarah Knowlton
as Caroline Colucci
Daniel Cosgrove
as Trotter Bull
Damian Young
as Romeo & Juliet Director
Rebecca Eichenberger
as Wedding Guest
Jane Bodle
as Wedding Guest
Audra McDonald
as Wedding Singer
Paz de la Huerta
as 13-Year-Old Sally
Sylvia Ader
as Ballroom Dancer
Howard Atlee
as Ballroom Dancer
Jerome Bynder
as Ballroom Dancer
Liz Chrystea
as Ballroom Dancer
Howard Cutler
as Ballroom Dancer
Virginia Emerson
as Ballroom Dancer
Edward Furs
as Ballroom Dancer
Vernon Gray
as Ballroom Dancer
Arthur W. Guenther
as Ballroom Dancer
Miriam Hamilton
as Ballroom Dancer
Betty Hudson
as Ballroom Dancer
June Kawai
as Ballroom Dancer
Dana Lorge
as Ballroom Dancer
T. Scott Nonnon
as Ballroom Dancer
Sally Parrish
as Ballroom Dancer
Larney Rutledge
as Ballroom Dancer
Catherine Saliba
as Ballroom Dancer
Matthew Savage Aibel
as Brooklyn School Singer
Carmen Andino
as Brooklyn School Singer
Vera Butcher
as Brooklyn School Singer
Bienka Jean-Charles
as Brooklyn School Singer
Joseph M. Christensen
as Brooklyn School Singer
Alfredo Cosme
as Brooklyn School Singer
Namibia Donadio
as Brooklyn School Singer
Tyler Flagg
as Brooklyn School Singer
Gilda Flores
as Brooklyn School Singer
Sofia Flores
as Brooklyn School Singer
Brighid Gannon
as Brooklyn School Singer
Kevin "Spider" Gannon
as Brooklyn School Singer
Kyla Garcia
as Brooklyn School Singer
Olivia Harrington
as Brooklyn School Singer
Ashli Haynes
as Brooklyn School Singer
Gabriel Hernández
as Brooklyn School Singer
Heather Ichihashi
as Brooklyn School Singer
Max Kelly
as Brooklyn School Singer
Francis Kenny
as Brooklyn School Singer
Lily Norton
as Brooklyn School Singer
Jatze-Rae Ramos
as Brooklyn School Singer
David Sánchez
as Brooklyn School Singer
Skye Lilly Torres
as Brooklyn School Singer
Emily Turonis
as Brooklyn School Singer
Jackie Ventre
as Brooklyn School Singer
Zom Westhof
as Brooklyn School Singer
Kadie Winckelmann
as Brooklyn School Singer
Natasha Edwards
as Community Center Girl
Fani Lopez
as Community Center Girl
Roxie Maizler
as Community Center Girl
Sanjae Manbauman
as Community Center Girl
Victoria Marie Thomas
as Community Center Girl
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Critic Reviews for The Object of My Affection

All Critics (56) | Top Critics (18) | Fresh (30) | Rotten (26)

  • Rudd and Aniston are sad and believable as star-crossed lovers who know they can never be together for reasons beyond their control.

    Dec 28, 2018 | Full Review…

    Joshua Klein

    AV Club
    Top Critic
  • Aniston, a friend in need of a solid movie script... finally gets one courtesy of Tony-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein.

    Dec 28, 2018 | Full Review…
  • The viewpoint may not be exactly fresh, but [screenwriter Wendy] Wasserstein... delivers the heartfelt message that, male or female, gay or straight, black or white, old or young, the important thing is to pick some one person and make it work.

    Dec 28, 2018 | Full Review…
  • It is the sort of story best left to the French, who take great delight in such trifles.

    Dec 28, 2018 | Full Review…
  • The mixture of sincerity and sitcom phoniness is bewildering at times, but on some level, I guess, the film works.

    Dec 28, 2018 | Full Review…
  • The plot's hokey contrivances and the theatrical shtick tend to prevail over the sporadic moments of insight and emotional truth.

    Mar 26, 2009

    Todd McCarthy

    Top Critic

Audience Reviews for The Object of My Affection

  • Jul 11, 2014
    I'm sure that Anniston and Rudd agreed never to speak of this again.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 11, 2014
    I love both of them, but I didn't care much for this movie. I thought it was slow-moving, boring, and a little corny.
    Erin C Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2014
    Jennifer Aniston made some interesting choices in taking movie roles in the nineties, before she became queen of the agitating awful rom-coms. This indie comedy, about a social worker and her gay roommate, shows them having a strained relationship while also dealing with their own love lives. I'm torn on whether or not I genuinely like this film, because the characters are enjoyable to watch, and the way they maneuver between the blurred lines of sexuality is interesting, but the way sexual orientation is depicted leaves me cold. So many films have tried to characterize sexuality as a spectrum that involves men who are gay experimenting with women to a point of domesticity. This was done successfully on "Will and Grace" and the same concept was exploited in "Gigli" but to an outside observer it rarely makes sense. Here, at least, it's clearly defined that George has no interest in a sexual relationship with Nina, and just wants to help her raise her child, but Nina is unaware, which tilts perspective. This film handles its characters' motivations rather well and shows the dysfunction in their relationship with aplomb, but it would be great for once to see a gay man and straight woman be friends without the added drama of sexual tension. Otherwise it's a sweet little film that explores modern day relationships and their many layers.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 09, 2012
    Interesting topic, kinda a love it or hate it film. It's really cute and Aniston's performance was great. It's just a cute little film to watch. The reference to singing in the rain blew me away!!!!! I love it
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer

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