What Women Want

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Even though Gibson is a good sport in his role, What Women Want is a rather conventional, fluffy comedy-romance that doesn't make good use of its premise.



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After an accident, a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.


Helen Hunt
as Darcy McGuire
Mel Gibson
as Nick Marshall
Alan Alda
as Dan Wanamaker
Ashley Johnson
as Alexandra Marshall
Ana Gasteyer
as Sue Cranston
Andrea E. Taylor
as Inner Voice Actress/Office Intern
Bette Midler
as Dr. J.M. Perkins
Andrea Taylor
as Inner Voice Actress/Office Intern
Eric Balfour
as Cameron
John Frazier
as Truck Driver
Joe Petcka
as Man on Street
Brian Callaway
as Man on Street
Coby Goss
as Man on Street
Christian Michel
as Man on Street
Perry Cavitt
as Ogling Man
Crystal McKinney
as Unimpressed Woman
Jeanine Renick
as Unimpressed Woman
Kathrin Lautner
as Gigi's Friend
Logan Lerman
as Little Nick
Kelly Cooper
as Showgirl
Palmer Davis
as Showgirl
Katie Miller
as Showgirl
Dana Waters
as Nick's Mom
Gregory Cupoli
as Male Role Model
Aviva Gale
as Counter Girl
Shirley Prestia
as Coffee Shop Customer
T.J. Thyne
as Coffee Shop Customer
Audrey Wasilewski
as Secretary with Danish
Angela Oh
as Dan's Secretary
Chris Rolfes
as Woman in Park
Katie Kneeland
as Woman in Park
Jeanine O'Connell
as Woman in Park
Kelley Hazen
as Woman in Park
Brooke Elliott
as Woman in Park
Kristina Martin
as Woman in Park
Harmony Rousseau
as Sloane/Curtis Receptionist
Lisa Long
as Sloane/Curtis Executive
Heidi Helmer
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Marla Martensen
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Sally Meyers-Kovler
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Ashley Quirico
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Regan Rohde
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Liz Tannenbaum
as Marshall Field's Shopper
LeShay Tomlinson
as Marshall Field's Shopper
Cristine Rose
as Sloane/Curtis Attorney
Arden Myrin
as Darcy's Assistant
Rachel Duncan
as Alex's Friend
Alex McKenna
as Alex's Friend
Regiane Gorksi
as Yoga Instructor
Juliandra Gillen
as Woman in Library
Lisa Anne Hillman
as Woman in Library
Tracy Pacheco
as Woman in Library
Ashlee Turner
as Woman in Library
Jamie Gutterman
as Jogger by Lake
Maggie Egan
as Kitchen Secretary
Juanita Jennings
as Kitchen Secretary
Robin Pearson Rose
as Kitchen Secretary
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
as Girl at Lunch Counter
Laura Quicksilver
as Girl at Lunch Counter
Kate Asner
as Woman at Lunch Counter
Caryn Greenhunt
as Woman at Lunch Counter
Jennifer Greenhut
as Woman at Lunch Counter
Marnie Mosiman
as Woman at Lunch Counter
Sierra Pecheur
as Woman at Lunch Counter
Nnenna Freelon
as Nightclub Singer
Nancy Monsarat
as Nike Executive
Jacqueline Thomas
as Nike Executive
Rory Rubin
as Nike Executive
Chris Emerson
as Mail Room Kid
Gertrude Wong
as Woman in Chinatown
Andi Eystad
as Girl at Prom
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  • Feb 21, 2015
    It's not easy to like Mel Gibson. How is it possible he was once the sexiest man alive? In this we get to see him wear pantyhose and red nail polish and electrocute himself a few times. It's worth watching for the gorgeous set designs.
    Juli R Super Reviewer
  • Mar 16, 2012
    An ingenious premise wasted on fluffy, inconsequential fare, "What Women Want" had the potential to be so much more. The film follows Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson), a chauvinist ad exec who accidentally gains the ability to hear women's thoughts after being passed over for a work promotion in favour of newly-hired Darcy (Helen Hunt). At first, Nick uses his new-found power for personal gain, both personally and professionally, as he steals ideas from Darcy and passes them off as his own. I won't give away the ending (unsatisfying as it is), but suffice it say that it wraps things up in conventional rom-com style. One positive about this movie is Gibson's performance, who embodies the "man's man" charmer persona and carries this film for long stretches. Hunt as Darcy is underwhelming, and there's also a host of uninteresting supporting characters that don't give Gibson a whole lot of help. However, the script is the biggest problem here. Such a storyline could have been the springboard for a great satire with meaningful things to say about the battle of sexes, but "Women" is content to take the easy road and, in process, disappoint a lot of moviegoers. Whether or not it gets a lot of such information "right", the point is that "What Women Want" is frustratingly conventional. Skip it.
    Matt F Super Reviewer
  • Dec 23, 2011
    More comic than romantic, Mel Gibson's feminine performance is a seller!! I like humiliation comedies that are well acted and plotted, although conventional, still worth watching!!
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Oct 09, 2011
    thought this was pretty funny, very creative and original storyline too
    Paul A Super Reviewer

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