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Bad Company

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Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins fail to generate the sparks necessary to save the movie from a generic and utterly predictable script.



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Gaylord Oakes, a veteran CIA agent must transform sarcastic, street-wise punk Jake Hayes into a sophisticated and savvy spy to replace his murdered identical twin brother. He only has nine days to accomplish this "mission improbable" before having to negotiate a sensitive nuclear weapons deal.


Anthony Hopkins
as Gaylord Oaks
Chris Rock
as Jake Hayes/Kevin Pope
Matthew Marsh
as Dragan Adjanic
Peter Stormare
as Adrik Vas
Brooke Smith
as Swanson
John Slattery
as Roland Yates
Wills Robbins
as Officer McCain
Dragan Micanovic
as Michelle `The Hammer' Petrov
Adoni Maropis
as Jarma, Dragan's Henchman No.1
Majed Ibrahim
as Dragan's Henchman No.2
Peter Macdissi
as Dragan's Henchman No.3
Fuman Dar
as Dragan's Henchman No.4
Irma P. Hall
as Mrs. Banks
Petr Jakl
as Darius
Dan Ziske
as Officer Dempsey
John Aylward
as Officer Ferren
John Fink
as Officer Fink
Joseph Edward
as Club Owner
Deborah Rush
as Mr. Patterson
David Fisher
as Young Valet
Jan Nemejovský
as Hotel Manager
Winter B. Uhlarik
as Hotel Manicurist No.1
Elin Spidlova
as Hotel Manicurist No.2
Magdalena Souskova
as Manicurist No.3
Peter Davies
as Doorman Tim
Mikulas Kren
as Hotel Clerk
Eddie Yansick
as Bad Eddie
Philip Buch
as Businessman
Steven Fisher
as CIA Officer
Milos Kulhavy
as Intruder No.1
Petr Vlasak
as Thug No.1
Viktor Cervenka
as Thug No.2
Dusan Hyska
as Thug No.3
P.I. Noccio
as Military Interpreter
Minna Pyyhkala
as Concierge
Kurt Bryant
as Hotel Intruder No.1
Pavel Kratky
as Hotel Intruder No.3
Frantisek Deak
as Hotel Intruder No.4
Muslim Tagirov
as Hotel Intruder No.5
Brad Harper
as NYTA Officer
Jeff Mantel
as General
Bill Massof
as SWAT Team Leader
Christopher Best
as Henchman No.1
Matthew Zolan
as Henchman No.2
Dale Wyatt
as Tourist No.1
Claire Britton
as Tourist No.2
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Audience Reviews for Bad Company

  • Jul 15, 2017
    A full on Hollywood production that's nigh seamless in execution but with one flaw, and its how its central draw, Chris Rock, is handled. Playing Rock as a clown full time sinks the feature, very nearly an update of the old Bob Hope ("My Favorite Brunette") comedies though times have changed and Rock is not Hope. Anthony Hopkins does well playing more of an everyday working man, holding up his end of the equation with aplomb. Rock, though, deserves another chance to headline.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 21, 2013
    I know I have seen this movie a number of times just can't believe I haven't reviewed it. This is a enjoyable action movie with of course the great comedy in it. Hopkins and Chris Rock were excellent together. Without a doubt a sequel or two could have been made. Great chase scenes. Why did they ever stop making movies like this. Chris Rock and the Effie Murphy crime comedies were over the top and they just disappeared. This one is worth 4 stars on the first day of Spring 3-20-13
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Aug 05, 2010
    I've seen worse movies (IE: The-Fucking-International) but this movie is still no good. It's pretty average for the most part until the HORRID last act of the film, that falls into every action movie trap ever. But hey, at least the main character is given a reason to do what he's doing much unlike The International (what a terrible movie). With that said, I think Chris Rock is a pretty funny guy when he's doing stand-up. But when you take him out of that element and into movies, he's just downright AWFUL. Every live action film he's ever starred in have all been pretty critically panned (Good Hair doesn't count as that is a documentary), with the exception of Nurse Betty in which he was really a supporting character and came out TEN YEARS AGO!!! This guy has probably one of the worst track records among film stars, ever. It doesn't help that his voice is so annoying and whenever he screams, in this movie, all you want to do is punch him in the goddamn mouth so he'd shut the fuck up. Plus, he's just not good at 'drama', which he has to do, little amounts of it, but he has to do it nonetheless and he's also no good at that either. This movie should have definitely been worse than it actually was due to Chris Rock's annoyance level, but it isn't. I guess Anthony Hopkins sort of picks up the slack for him and that's why it's not as bad, but it's not like Anthony puts on a one-man show performance cause this film is still pretty bad, the plot is lame, the action scenes are pretty crappy but I was bored and I had nothing to do so I watched this movie, I didn't hate it at all, but in a week I will completely forget this movie and I'm completely fine with that. It's still better than The International though, so this movie accomplished something.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Apr 10, 2010
    Comical for all the wrong reasons, over the top and stupid form the very first frame, I laughed and laughed at the terrible cliches -before moping that I wasted four minutes of my life on this turkey, which is how long it took to positively establish itself as unrealistic, absurd and over-acted. Sir Hopkins, <I><WHAT HAPPENED</I>. Are cocaine and teenage girls <I>really</I> that expensive?????
    Pamela D Super Reviewer

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