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Daniel Day-Lewis characteristically delivers in this witty, dignified portrait that immerses the audience in its world and entertains even as it informs.



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Steven Spielberg directs Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President's tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come. -- (C) Walt Disney


Daniel Day-Lewis
as Abraham Lincoln
Sally Field
as Mary Todd Lincoln
David Strathairn
as William Seward
Tommy Lee Jones
as Thaddeus Stevens
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
as Robert Lincoln
James Spader
as W.N. Bilbo
Hal Holbrook
as Preston Blair
John Hawkes
as Robert Latham
Jackie Earle Haley
as Alexander Stephens
Bruce McGill
as Edwin Stanton
Tim Blake Nelson
as Richard Schell
Joseph Cross
as John Hay
Jared Harris
as Ulysses S. Grant
Lee Pace
as Fernando Wood
Peter McRobbie
as George Pendleton
Gulliver McGrath
as Tad Lincoln
Gloria Reuben
as Elizabeth Keckley
Jeremy Strong
as John Nicolay
Michael Stuhlbarg
as George Yeaman
Boris McGiver
as Alexander Coffroth
David Costabile
as James Ashley
Stephen Spinella
as Asa Vintner Litton
Walton Goggins
as Clay Hawkins
David Warshofsky
as William Hutton
Colman Domingo
as Private Harold Green
David Oyelowo
as Corporal Ira Clark
Lukas Haas
as First White Soldier
Dane DeHaan
as Second White Soldier
Carlos Thompson
as Navy Yard - Shouting Soldier
Bill Camp
as Mr. Jolly
Elizabeth Marvel
as Mrs. Jolly
Byron Jennings
as Montgomery Blair
Julie White
as Elizabeth Blair Lee
Charmaine Crowell-White
as Minerva--Blair's Servant
Charmaine Crowell
as White-Minerva--Blair's Servant
Ralph D. Edlow
as Leo - Blair's Servant
Grainger Hines
as Gideon Welles
Richard Topol
as James Speed
Walt Smith
as William Fessenden
Dakin Matthews
as John Usher
James "Ike" Eichling
as William Dennison
Wayne Duvall
as Senator Bluff Wade
William Raymond
as Schuyler Colfax
Michael Kennedy
as Hiram Price
Ford Flannagan
as White House Doorkeeper - Tom Pendel
Bob Ayers
as White House Petitioner
Robert Peters
as Jacob Graylor
John Moon Martin
as Edwin LeClerk
Kevin O'Donnell
as Charles Hanson
Jamie Horton
as Giles Stuart
Joseph Dellinger
as Nelson Merrick
Rick Warner
as Homer Benson
Elijah Chester
as Union Army Officer
Dave Hager
as Captain Nathan Saunders - River Queen
Sean Haggerty
as Officer in Peace Commissioners Exchange
Michael Shiflett
as Senator R.M.T. Hunter
Gregory Itzin
as Judge John A. Campbell
Stephen Dunn
as Petersburg Siege Lines - Confederate Officer
Stephen Henderson
as William Slade
Chase Edmunds
as Willie Lincoln
John Hutton
as Senator Charles Sumner
Robert Ruffin
as Major Thompson Eckert
John Lescault
as Gustavus Fox
Scott Wichmann
as Charles Benjamin
Adam Driver
as Samuel Beckwith
Jean Kennedy Smith
as Woman Shouter
Shirley Augustine
as Woman Shouter
Sarah Wylie
as Woman Shouter
Margaret Ann McGowan
as Woman Shouter
Hilary Montgomery
as Woman Shouter
Asa-Luke Twocrow
as Ely Parker
Lancer Shull
as Union Soldier - Bodyguard
George Turman
as Military Hospital Doctor
Robert Wilharm
as Wounded Soldier
Kevin Kline
as Wounded Soldier
John Jones
as Wounded Soldier
Paul Gowans
as Wounded Soldier
Joseph Miller
as Wounded Soldier
Mary Dunleavy
as Marguerite
Christopher Evan Welch
as Clerk - Edward McPherson
Alan Sader
as Sergeant at Arms
Gannon McHale
as Aaron Haddam
Ken Lambert
as Augustus Benjamin
Tom Belgrey
as Arthur Bentleigh
Ted Johnson
as John Ellis
Don Henderson Baker
as Walter Appleton
Raynor Scheine
as Josiah S. "Beanpole" Burton
Michael Ruff
as Harold Hollister
Rich Wills
as House of Representatives - Soldier One
Stephen Bozzo
as House of Representatives - Soldier Two
Christopher Alan Stewart
as Sergeant-Grant's HQ
Teddy Eck
as Corporal-Grant's HQ
Todd Fletcher
as Walter H. Washburn
Charles Kinney
as Myer Strauss
Joseph Carlson
as Joseph Marstern
Michael Goodwin
as Chilton A. Elliot
Christopher Boyer
as General Robert E. Lee
Joe Inscoe
as House of Representatives Member
Edward McDonald
as Daniel G. Stuart
Robert Shepherd
as Dr. Joseph K. Barnes
Todd Hunter
as House of Representatives Member
Martin D. Dew
as House of Representatives Member
James Batchelder
as Howard Guillefoyle
Gregory Hosaflook
as John F. McKenzie
Joe Kerkes
as Andrew E. Finck
William Kaffenberger
as John A. Casson
Larry Van Hoose
as Avon Hanready
C. Brandon Marshall
as Rufus Warren
David Graham
as House of Representatives-Rebel Shouter
Benjamin Shirley
as House of Representatives - Rebel Shouter
Henry Kidd
as House of Representatives - Rebel Shouter
Joseph Frances Filipowski
as House of Representatives - Rebel Shouter
Thomas Aldridge
as House of Representatives Member
Sidney Blackmer, Jr.
as House of Representatives Member
Billy Caldwell
as House of Representatives Member
Glenn Crone
as House of Representatives Member
Theodore Ewald
as House of Representatives
Raymond Johnson
as House of Representatives Member
Gary Keener
as House of Representatives Member
Stephen Dunford
as Actor Swordsman
David Doersch
as Actor Demon Afrit
Christopher Cartmill
as Leonard Grover
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Audience Reviews for Lincoln

  • May 07, 2016
    "Lincoln" is a very well shot drama film of 2012. The plot to "Lincoln" is during 19th century the presents there is the war, racism and "Abraham Lincoln's" final months in politics. "Lincoln" portrayed by "Daniel Day-Lewis" has planned a way to end the war once and for all and to terminate the disgusting act which is slavery. The movie starts off with a war-taking place, which is very thrilling and entertaining to watch. Most of the movie shows "Lincoln" trying to have his plan/ "The Thirteenth Amendment" put into action. These scenes are very dramatic but sometimes can be found boring to the audience. The film's climax was very interesting and entertaining to watch, the scene captures the entire thrill that the movie was leading up to and didn't disappoint. Unlike some of "Steven Spielberg's" recent films "Lincoln" delivers a more dramatic plot which is due to the amazing dialogue spoken, the dialogue is very sophisticated its not a poppycock verbal fight at all. "Daniel Day-Lewis" gives "Abraham Lincoln" his calm manner from history. "Tommy Lee Jones" gives a thrilling and terrific performance as "Thaddeus Stevens". "John Williams" has once again composed an excised soundtrack and has created another perfect soundtrack for "Steven Spielberg's" movies and he composed music that captures the emotion for every scene. As stated before "Lincoln" was filmed exceptionally, "Steven Spielberg" will always film his movies to capture everything in a scene and "Lincoln" is no exception. If you are a person who enjoys some of "Steven Spielberg" recent movies then I highly recommend you watch "Lincoln" as it has superb acting from "Daniel Day-Lewis" and "Tommy Lee Jones", stunning camera shots and a great script. Although the movie has some issues these a few boring scenes throughout the movie. I give 2012's "Lincoln" a 9/10.
    Steve G Super Reviewer
  • Oct 03, 2015
    Lincoln is best viewed with modest expectations. The performance of Daniel Day Lewis lives up to the hype. It is a great performance in a great career. Unfortunately, the other elements of the film do not rise to that standard and it shows. I'd compare Lincoln to Raging Bull. In that film we have also have a great performance by the lead but also great supporting cast, script, directing and it makes for great film. If DDL had those elements around him I could see a classic film being made, but instead it is a good movie, a high three.
    Robert B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 15, 2015
    Well done. Better than usual for historical pieces, so on the upper range of the 4 rating -- 4-4.5.
    Kyle M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 14, 2013
    I first heard of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln it seemed like Oscar Bait and I thought it might have even had a chance to be a flop, like J. Edgar. it became one of the most successful films of the year, after watching it I agree that it's a stellar film. I'm particularly pleased that President Lincoln was not put on a pedestal, he was called out for instituting martial law and for black troops getting less pay. I believe these are two moments that are overlooked in this film. For a biopic the camera is not focused that much on Lincoln, but instead on the Congressional hearing in the questions of the 13th ammendment, abolishing slavery. This is treated politically with no sentimental BS getting in the way. The cast of Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, and Sally Fields brought their historical figures to life. The scene of voting on the ammendment was one of the most cinematic of the whole year. A well worthy 150 minute experience, with top notch accuracy, and minimal Hollywood glorification. 3.5 stars
    Daniel D Super Reviewer

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