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Fueled by Quentin Tarantino's savvy screenplay and a gallery of oddball performances, Tony Scott's True Romance is a funny and violent action jaunt in the best sense.



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Quentin Tarantino scripted this wild and wooly blend of action and dark comedy, which reached theaters a year before his breakthrough hit Pulp Fiction. Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) is a well-meaning but socially unskilled comic-shop clerk whose idea of a big night out is catching a Sonny Chiba triple-feature at a downtown grindhouse. Clarence is celebrating his birthday in just such a manner when he meets a beautiful girl named Alabama (Patricia Arquette), and it's love at first sight for both of them. Clarence's enthusiasm isn't dampened much when he discovers Alabama is actually a prostitute who was paid by his boss to bump into him; she's only been in the business for a few days, and is more than eager to give up streetwalking to be with Clarence. However, Alabama is certain her pimp, Drexl (Gary Oldman), will not be happy; he's an ill-mannered sort with mob connections and a fondness for violence. Chivalrous Clarence offers to break the news to Drexl and collect her belongings, but he doesn't tell her he also plans to kill Drexl while he's there; a melee breaks out that leaves Drexl and his henchmen dead. Clarence grabs a suitcase that he thinks contains Alabama's clothes, but he discovers it instead holds five million dollars' worth of cocaine. The couple hits the road for California, planning to sell the dope and enjoy the good life in South America with the proceeds, but soon a group of very unhappy underworld characters are after them, as well as the police. True Romance also stars Dennis Hopper as Clarence's father, Christopher Walken as a mob boss who wants his cocaine back, Brad Pitt as a cheerful stoner, and Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis Presley. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Christian Slater
as Clarence Worley
Patricia Arquette
as Alabama Whitman
Dennis Hopper
as Clifford Worley
Val Kilmer
as Mentor
Gary Oldman
as Drexl Spivey
Brad Pitt
as Floyd - Dick's Roommate
Christopher Walken
as Vincenzo Coccotti
Saul Rubinek
as Lee Donowitz
Bronson Pinchot
as Elliot Blitzer
Chris Penn
as Nick Dimes
Michael Rapaport
as Dick Ritchie
Conchata Ferrell
as Mary Louise Ravencroft
Lawrence Mason
as Floyd "D"
Christopher Penn
as Nicky Dimes
Tom Sizemore
as Cody Nicholson
Said Faraj
as Burger Man
Gregory Sporleder
as Burger Stand Customer
Frank Adonis
as Frankie
Michael Beach
as Wurlitzer
Joe D'Angerio
as Police Radio Operator
John Bower
as Detective
John Cenatiempo
as 1st Squad Cop
Dennis Garber
as 1st Lobby Cop
Scott Evers
as 2nd Lobby Cop
Hilary Klym
as Running Cop
Steve Gonzales
as Internal Affairs Officer
Laurence Mason
as Floyd `D'
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  • Jun 22, 2013
    interesting to see Tony Scott directing a Tarantino script and it's great to see him develop it with such care. The violence is typically in your face and full on but the characters and cast thrive. The Walken and Hopper scene has tension to burn. Classic film and a Tarantino film never the less. it's a shame Natural Born Killers wasn't torn apart by Stone. The original script had more in common with Pulp Fiction regarding the non linear narrative.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Mar 12, 2013
    True Romance is a stellar romantic crime film that is brilliantly directed by Tony Scott with a well written script by Quentin Tarantino. With a great cast of terrific actors, True Romance is a must see crime picture that is sure to delight movie buffs. This is an exhilarating and highly entertaining film from start to finish that illustrates the brilliant direction of Tony Scott and original writing style that has Quentin Tarantino famous. This is one of the best crime films that I have seen, and the cast itself is one that is sure to delight filmgoers everywhere. Every actor here gives something to the film to make it that much better, and the two leads were great as well. There are some darkly humorous parts here and there to compliment the serious tone of the film, and everything works well enough to keep you engaged from start to finish. Over the course of his career Tony Scott has made some great films. Forget Top Gun as being his best, it isn't. This is his strongest effort. I feel that he really became a confident director with this movie, and he felt even more comfortable behind his camera. Top Gun was a decent affair, but quite overrated. But True Romance is his masterwork. This is simply put an effectively well directed picture that has a truly unique, crazy plot with a memorable cast of talented actors. Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino have created something great here, and it delivers a truly awesome film going experience that you soon won't forget. If you come across True Romance, definitely give it a view, you won't be disappointed. Tony Scott would direct much more exhilarating films in terms of pulse pounding action, but they would also be fairly hit and miss. But with True Romance, he uses the basics of a simple plot, and it makes for a much more convincing and enjoyable movie.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Dec 14, 2012
    "True Romance" is one of the most underrated movies of all time, by far. This was the first movie written by Quentin Tarantino(Tony Scott directs), and it ranks right up there with his best(well except "Pulp Fiction", but that's on a whole different level). I love this movie. It's still fresh, original, and exciting after almost 20 years. It's the story of Clarence(Christian Slater) and his roller coaster relationship with Alabama(Patricia Arquette) a call girl. When Clarence kills her pimp(Gary Oldman) he accidentally steals a suitcase full of cocaine. From there he and Alabama head to L.A. while the mafia is after them. This has one of the craziest casts ever. Christopher Walken, Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper, James Gandolfini, and Brad Pitt, among many others fill out the terrific roster of A level talent. This movie will make you laugh, cringe at the violence, and probably bring you close to tears towards the end. It's a true experience of a movie that resonates and stays with you. I popped this in the other night at around 11 p.m., and didn't intend to finish it, but couldn't stop watching. It's just riveting, and a movie that makes you glued to the screen. If you have never seen this, you are missing out, and NEED to go get a copy. This is an absolute must watch.
    Everett J Super Reviewer
  • Dec 05, 2012
    A Tarantino script leads to an off-the-wall crazy story that has all sorts of unexpected bits, gunplay and Christopher Walken. What else could you possibly want?
    John B Super Reviewer

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