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Two brothers-one a delinquent, the other a perfectionist-are pitted against each other as track stars from rival high schools.


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  • Jul 02, 2010
    this movies is great for all the runners and it's a great portray of great actors before they made it big and very real!! This movie is more inspiring than Chariots of Fire, PRE, and Without Limits combined. The snappiest thing about this film is the title. Two American teenage brothers, one a swat and a goody two shoes on the athletic track, and the other a rebellious delinquent (born on the wrong side of the tracks, get it?), end up at the same school after bad boy Billy (Rick Schroder) gets a second chance after a spell at a Borstal. Members of Billy's delinquent melee try to reclaim him for the bad side, but we all know that is not going to happen. Joe, the elder brother (Brad Pitt), is trying for a scholarship to a prestigious university by running a faster race than anyone else. This is where the story falls apart. Brad Pitt has by far the more convincing physique. Rick Schroder is good looking enough, provided he stops slicking his blond locks back with a cartload of grease, but he is no athlete. The clever cinematic device of dressing him in black shorts and shirt for the running sequences cannot hide the flab. The slow motion sections (a la Chariots of Fire) only accentuate this. Watch this if you want to see obviously twenty-something year olds trying to be school kids; if you enjoy folk belting round the running track; if you want to remind yourself of what Brad Pitt looked liked before he became a real actor. Two redeeming quotations from the film are "The only thing personal is the size of your d**k" and "I thought you were as straight as a virgin's d**k". Memorable because, as I remember, at the age the characters are supposed to be, these comments pepper every day conversation. That there are only two during the 1 hour 40 minutes is an indictment of authenticity. Even-tempered Joe (Brad Pitt) dreams of obtaining a track scholarship. His brother, Billy (Rick Schroder), is a teenage rebel with a fiery temper who's recently been paroled from reform school. When J... read more oe talks Billy into joining a rival school's track team, he unexpectedly finds himself racing against his brother with the scholarship hanging in the balance. An interesting early role for Pitt (shortly before he became a sex symbol and megastar). When Billy returns from reform school he has to attend a different high school at the other side of town. He tries to start with a clean slate but his old rival doesn't make it easy on him and his buddy Louie tries to make him go astray again. His brother Joe, quite the opposite of Billy, is a good runner and determined to win a track scholarship. He suggests Billy to join his school's track team, which pits the two brothers against each other...
    Sergio E Super Reviewer
  • Apr 15, 2010
    Terribly directed and acted family conflict drama that would be rightly and completely forgotten if it did not contain Brad Pitt in the cast. He is extremely callow and still has a lot to learn here but at least his bland performance can be put down to the fact that he was still a beginner. Rick Schroder on the other hand is too old to be believable as a high school student and is awful and overwrought. Carrie Snodgrass is okay as the mom, unlike the rest of the dreadful supporting cast, but the script really doesn't give her much too work with. Speaking of the script it is full of huge holes of plausibility and lacks any kind of common sense. To top it all off the score is full of horrid ersatz hard rock. Don't bother.
    jay n Super Reviewer
  • Sep 07, 2007
    A film I surprisingly enjoyed, possibly because of my liking of the sport, but had a pretty good storyline too between the brothers. I'd expected this to be a 'look what Brad Pitt did before he was really famous type film.
    Lady D Super Reviewer

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