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David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's story, re-teams the director with Brad Pitt, who takes on the title role. What makes Button such a curious case is that when he is born in New Orleans just after World War I, he is already in his eighties, and proceeds to live his life aging in reverse. This sweeping film follows the character's unusual life into the 21st century as he experiences joy and sadness, loves lost and found, and the meaning of timelessness. Cate Blanchett co-stars along with Tilda Swinton, Elias Koteas, and Julia Ormond. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi


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  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an anodyne Hollywood film that offers a safe and sanitised view of life and death. It's Forrest Gump goes backwards.

    Feb 12, 2009 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • Remove "curious" from the title and replace it with "twee and pointless", and you're close to it. What a incredible shaggy-puppy of a movie, a cobweb-construction patched together with CGI, prosthetics, gibberish and warm tears.

    Feb 6, 2009 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button shows that whether we live life forwards or backwards, the outside is just a shell and it's what we choose to do with life that sifts out the best parts from the worst.

    Feb 6, 2009 | Rating: 4/5
  • An epic, melancholic romance that employs a multi-generational cast and groundbreaking visual effects. It's a testament to Fincher's skill as a storyteller that the film actually works, albeit sporadically.

    Feb 5, 2009 | Rating: 4/6 | Full Review…
  • It is a tedious marathon of smoke and mirrors. In terms of the basic requirements of three-reel drama the film lacks substance, credibility, a decent script and characters you might actually care for.

    Feb 5, 2009 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • An intended tour de force, it is strangely unable to engage the emotions. In the end it amounts to an overweight movie that delivers less than its clever director, David Fincher, seems to think.

    Feb 5, 2009 | Rating: 2/5

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  • Dec 30, 2014
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a sentimental reflection on the ephemeral nature of love and of life.
    Eddie C Super Reviewer
  • Nov 01, 2014
    a good story, an extra half a star 'cause thought it wouldn't work but it did. different to Finchers usual stuff!
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer
  • Dec 09, 2013
    David Fincher delivers his most sincere venture yet, with the almost three hour epic drama "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". Centered on an infant born with the qualities of an old man, complete with cataracts and arthritis, abandoned by his father, and taken in by a black woman named Queenie (Taraji P. Henson), the story of the film follows as the boy ages backwards, becoming physically younger every day, but inhabiting the mind of the age to which a normal human would. Brad Pitt plays Benjamin Button for a better part of the film, mostly through CGI, yet still commands this role with a sincerity and integrity that is admirable. Cate Blanchett plays the love interest, Daisy, to whom Benjamin falls in love with at a very young age, as the narrative follows the two of them through their entire lives, eventually meeting at the middle of their lives when they look about the same age. The story is told through flashbacks as Daisy lays in a hospital bed, very aged and on her last legs of life, as her daughter reads to her from Benjamin's journal. This device is used more like chapter markers than anything as we venture through this sordid tale and adds very little besides a few telegraphed twists not are not delved into. The CGI is done as well as possible but still comes off less than authentic, showing the signs of the computer generated that should be more than covered up with how far technology has come. With some unnecessary jaunts in the story like being involved in the Pearl Harbor bombing aftermath and most of the fishermen story, this film could have been slightly shorter, but in having covered a characters entire life, that long run-time can slightly be forgiven. At no point does the film feel like a David Fincher film, remaining too upbeat and emotional than any of his previous work, creating this grand tale that truly brings to life the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    Christopher H Super Reviewer
  • Sep 21, 2013
    A great piece of story telling. Very compelling acting along with breathtaking cinematography. It is one of those movies you just have to see.
    Jarrin R Super Reviewer

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