Fathers' Day


Fathers' Day

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A maudlin misfire, Father's Day manages the difficult task of making Billy Crystal and Robin Williams woefully unfunny.



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The stage is set for comedy when two middle-aged men (Billy Crystal and Robin Williams) struggle to overcome their considerable differences to find the runaway son of the ex-lover who has just informed them that one of them is the boy's father.


Robin Williams
as Dale Putley
Billy Crystal
as Jack Lawrence
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Carrie Lawrence
Nastassja Kinski
as Collette Andrews
Charlie Hofheimer
as Scott Andrews
Bruce Greenwood
as Bob Andrews
Patti D'Arbanville
as Shirley Trainor
Charles Rocket
as Russ Trainor
Mark McGrath
as Sugar Ray Band Member
Craig "DJ Homicide" Bullock
as Sugar Ray Band Member
Charles "Stan" Frazier
as Sugar Ray Band Member
Matthew Murphy Karges
as Sugar Ray Band Member
Rodney Sheppard
as Sugar Ray Band Member
David Ripley
as Roadie No. 1
Jason Reitman
as Wrong Kid in Alley
William Hall
as Hotel Clerk
Ricky Harris
as Bellhop
Paul Herman
as Mr. Barmore
Christopher Jaymes
as Gas Station Guy
Claudette Wells
as Mr. Tweesbury
Susan Traylor
as Flight Attendant
Dana Gould
as Room Service Waiter
Mary Gillis
as Slot Machine Lady
Jennifer Echols
as Ball Park Vendor
Harry E. Northup
as Cop, Reno Jail
Tamara Zook
as Waitress/Francene
Frank Medrano
as Mechanic
Elston Ridgle
as Security Guard
Kim Shattuck
as The Muffs Band Member
Ronnie Barnett
as The Muffs Band Member
Roy McDonald
as The Muffs Band Member
Lee Weaver
as Airline Passenger
Jose 'Esau' Pena
as Boat Painter
Andre Zotoff
as Doorman
Kay Ford
as Woman in Lobby
Jasmine Rose
as Nosering Girl
Mel Gibson
as Tattooed Man (uncredited)
Mary McCormack
as Lady with Broken Car (uncredited)
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Audience Reviews for Fathers' Day

  • Nov 18, 2013
    Dear Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, and Ivan Reitman: WTF!!!!! Seriously! How could you mess this up so friggin badly!? SIncerely, Disappointed and Angry BAsed on a French product that I have no doubt is far better, this is the story of two men who, 17 years earlier, slept with the same woman. After all these years, her teenage son has gone missing, and she enlists the two men to help get him back. Why them? Well, one of them might be the father. She's not sure. The guy who has been the kid's father all these years may also be the father, but no one knows for sure. So what we have here is what should be a madcap comedic romp as these men try to hunt for this kid who might be their illegitimate progeny. What this actually is is a painfully unfunny, annoying, tedious, and awful f*cking mess. I think I may have legitimately been amused no more than like 3 times maximum, if that. I don't understand it either. You'd think that Williams and Crystal would be a comedy dream team, but both men just deliver their typical respective shticks, offering nothing new, or, more importantly, funny. This drags on and on with predictability out the wazoo, and I was happy when it finally ended. It's not charming, it's not interesting, and the only things keeping me from giving it a worse grade are the inclusion of Sugar Ray and a way too brief but amusing uncredited cameo from Mel Gibson. And maybe Williams's intro scene when he's on the phone. That's it. The rest of this just flat out sucks. The whole set up could be neat, but comes off as pointless and contrived. The subplot with Greenwood is pointless and rather needlessly cruel for his character and, though she's pretty, Nastassja KInski is terrible here. I'm ashamed for her, and that's not something that happens to often for me, so yeah, that says something. Bottom line: this is a pure waste of time, talent, money, and God knows what else. Not even out of curiousity do I think you should give this a look.
    Chris W Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2011
    Not Robin Williams at his finest, although it was funny in some scenes. Not that well plotted out either.
    Bethany M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 28, 2009
    Two of the screen's most popular comic actors meet in this movie about two men brought together by unexpected circumstances. On the surface, Jack Lawrence (Billy Crystal) and Dale Putley (Robin Williams) wouldn't appear to have much in common. Jack is an efficient, serious-minded lawyer with a successful practice and a beautiful wife, Carrie (Julia-Louis Dreyfus). Dale is a very single performance artist given to dramatic mood swings and extreme overreaction to the sad state of his career. However, 17 years ago both men were involved with the same woman, Collette Andrews (Nastassja Kinski); she later had a son, Scott (Charlie Hofheimer), without being sure if Jack or Dale was actually the father. Collette chose to raise the boy on her own, but when Scott runs away from home and she can't track him down, she calls both Jack and Dale looking for help. It doesn't take long for the two men to discover that they're both looking for the same boy in the same places, and they decide to join forces, though their personalities don't get much more compatible the longer they hunt for Scott. Keep an eye peeled for a brief cameo by Mel Gibson and an appearance by the rock band Sugar Ray, shortly before their commercial breakthrough.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Apr 25, 2008
    One of those silly outrageous movies that is just funny so we don't care.
    Sunil J Super Reviewer

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