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Although it features an inexplicably committed performance from Al Pacino, Jack and Jill is impossible to recommend on any level whatsoever.



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Jack and Jill is a comedy focusing on Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and kids, who dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit of his twin sister, Jill (also Adam Sandler). Jill's neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down. Katie Holmes plays Erin, Jack's wife. -- (C) Sony Pictures


Adam Sandler
as Jack Sadelstein/Jill Sadelstein
Al Pacino
as Himself
Eugenio Derbez
as Felipe and Felipe's Grandma
Norm Macdonald
as Funbucket
Geoffrey Pierson
as Carter Simmons
Valerie Mahaffey
as Bitsy Simmons
Dana Carvey
as Scraggly Puppeteer
Dan Patrick
as Himself
Drew Carey
as Himself
John McEnroe
as Himself
Jared Fogle
as Himself
Billy Blanks
as Himself
Vince Offer
as Sham-Wow Guy
Sadie Sandler
as Little Girl on Ship
Sunny Sandler
as Little Girl on Ship
Jonathan Loughran
as Monica's Boyfriend
Peter Dante
as Carol's Boyfriend
J.D. Donaruma
as Tracy's Boyfriend
Tyler Spindel
as Coco's Waiter
Owen Benjamin
as Angry Moviegoer #1
Chris Titone
as Angry Moviegoer #2
John Farley
as Mort the Hot Dog Vender
Dennis Dugan
as Al Pacino's Standby
Gerardo Beltran
as Felipe's Brother
Kadyr Gutierrez
as Soccer Player #1
Virginia Louise Smith
as Actress/Queen Elizabeth
Richard Kline
as Theatergoer #1
Donald Agnelli
as Theatergoer #2
Daniel Silverberg
as Stage Manager
Pepe Balderrama
as Spanish Valet
Luis Fernández
as Gil-Italian Ship Cruise Director
Ruben Rabasa
as Bathroom Attendant
Nick Gillie
as Dunkin' Donuts Customer
Luis Fernandez-Gil
as Italian Ship Cruise Director
Andy Goldenberg
as Dunkin' Donuts Employee #1
Marisa Field
as Dunkin' Donuts Employee #2
George Gray
as The Price Is Right Announcer
Manuela Arbelaez
as The Price Is Right Showcase Girl
Gwendolyn Osborne
as The Price Is Right Showcase Girl
Rachel Reynolds
as The Price Is Right Showcase Girl
Anna Mathias
as The Price Is Right Contestant
Tanter Lawrence
as Lakers PA Announcer
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Audience Reviews for Jack and Jill

  • Dec 23, 2015
    I don't want to know how badly disappointing this film is and Al Pacino is in it? What a surprise.
    EpicLadySponge t Super Reviewer
  • Mar 23, 2013
    "Jack and Jill" pummels us with its insulting stupidity and leaves us in a vegetative state.
    Eddie C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 15, 2012
    I'll admit there are few funny moments and Al Pacino does give laughs, but lets face it, you have the director of Grown Up's and he made a tiresome script in here, it was annoying to have Adam Sandler with a twin sister and the laughs just seem really forced. Jack and Jill is the worst Adam Sandler movie and he should find another director to work with him cause the director isn't going anywhere with these movies, and I still can't believe he is making Grown Up's 2, god....
    Angel G Super Reviewer
  • Jun 26, 2012
    I was anticipating bad, I was anticipating outlandishly bad, but nothing can prepare you for how stunning and jaw-droppingly awful Adam Sandler's reported comedy Jack and Jill truly is. The movie swept the Razzie Awards in all categories this year, a historic feat. Sandler plays a rich ad exec and his braying, boorish twin sister, who Al Pacino, in a strangely committed performance as himself, falls in love with for no discernable reason. I've seen my fair share of craptacular cinema, and yet this movie is bad on a rarely seen level of human tragedy; it feels like the movie came from a different dimension, where they had no concepts of human relations, reactions, expectations, or senses of humor. It feels like you're watching a cultural artifact of a civilization in decline. I haven't been a fan of Sandler's brand of naughty-yet-safe humor for a while, but this movie is weirdly cruel to all sorts of people, like Mexicans, atheists, adopted kids, Jews, and human beings with working senses of humor. The quality of comedy includes gems like, "Play twister with your sister," and, "These chimichangas are making a run for the border." The rampant and nakedly transparent product placement for Carnival Cruise and Dunkin' Donuts is obscene. This is a charmless, witless film, and when it tries to wring actual emotion out of its daft scenario, the whole enterprise just implodes. Jack and Jill is so odious, torturous, reprehensibly bad that it feels like one of the joke movies that Sandler made in 2009's Funny People. You feel like the entire movie is one long joke put on by a contemptuous Sandler. I think my good pal Eric Muller had it right; we're on the tail end of Sandler's deal with the devil. Jack and Jill is why the terrorists hate us. Nate's Grade: F
    Nate Z Super Reviewer

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