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Last Action Hero has most of the right ingredients for a big-budget action spoof, but its scattershot tone and uneven structure only add up to a confused, chaotic mess.



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Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as a pumped-up Shakespearian hero while an announcer bellows, "Something is rotten in Denmark -- and Hamlet is taking out the trash!" This gag sets the stage for the post-modernist action epic The Last Action Hero. The film concerns Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien), a lonely eleven-year-old boy who escapes from his bleak New York City reality by glorying in the action adventure movies of his favorite film character, Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Danny's friend is an elderly movie projectionist, Nick (Robert Prosky), who lets Danny into the shabby Times Square movie theater where he works so Danny can see Slater's new movie. He hands Danny a magic ticket given to him years ago by Houdini, and when Nick rips the ticket and gives Danny the stub, Danny finds himself catapulted from the theater into the back seat of Slater's speeding sports car in "Jack Slater IV." Danny becomes Slater's helper as Jack battles a trio of nefarious bad guys --Benedict (Charles Dance), Vivaldi (Anthony Quinn) and The Ripper (Tom Noonan). But things get out of hand when Benedict steals Danny's magic ticket stub and transports himself into Danny's reality. Benedict and The Ripper proceed to wreak havoc along Broadway, forcing Slater to cross into reality to get the villains and, in the process, learn about blood and pain.


Austin O'Brien
as Danny Madigan
F. Murray Abraham
as John Practice
Charles Dance
as Benedict
Tom Noonan
as Ripper
Frank McRae
as Lieutenant Dekker
Anthony Quinn
as Tony Vivaldi
Mercedes Ruehl
as Irene Madigan
Jason Kelly
as Lieutenant Governor
Tina Turner
as The Mayor
Ryan Todd
as Andrew Slater
Prof. Toru Tanaka
as Tough Asian Man
Keith Barish
as Himself
Jim Belushi
as Himself
Colleen Camp
as Ratcliff
Chevy Chase
as Himself
Karen Duffy
as Herself
Mike Muscat
as Cop in L.A. Station
John Finnegan
as Watch Commander
M.C. Hammer
as Himself
Angie Everhart
as Video Babe #1
Sharon Stone
as Catherine Tramell
Anthony Peck
as Cop at Ex-Wife's House
Paul Gonzales
as Cop #2 in L.A. Station
Anna Navarro
as Cop in Station
Damon Wayans
as Himself
Dex Sanders
as Mitchell
Billy Lucas
as SWAT Cop
Nick Dimitri
as Funeral Doctor
Rick Ducommun
as Ripper's Agent
Wendle Josepher
as Candy Girl
John McTiernan Sr.
as Cigar Stand Man
Tiffany Puhy
as Autograph Seeker
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  • Mar 18, 2018
    Having just watched this for the first time in 2018, I wonder if Arnold Schwarzenegger had intended for this to be a sort of retirement movie. It very much has that vibe, and would have worked spectacularly to that end in a fun, meta, kind of way. But for better (Maggie) or worse (Terminator 3) Arnie just keeps on sluggin' and that's the world we live in. So instead of that, I guess Last Action Hero is really just a deconstruction of the over the top action movies the 80s and early 90s did with such aplomb. Is it a scathing criticism of them, or a love letter to them? I don't know, but Last Action Hero works for me, and that's all I'm taking away from it.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 23, 2015
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: A man of many talents. He's been named as Mr. Universe, the Governor of the State of California, but above all, a movie star. The Last Action hero is a celebration of not only movies, but of Arnold and his symbol as an action star. A young kid named Danny is given a magic movie ticket by a hermit movie theater projectionist. Danny adores the action movies he watches and is engrossed in them. The ticket, however, quite literally engrosses him inside the world of the action movie. While he's in the world of the narrative, he meets Jack Slater (played by Arnold). Danny confuses Jack by calling him Arnold Schwarzenegger, and from there on, the movie's writing is surprsingly thoughtful. Charles Dance is the villain in the world of the narrative, and he's his usual badass self. Between Arnold's signature one-liners and a cool concept, the movie is precisely that: cool, like the rest of Arnold's flicks.
    Kevin M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2013
    Its not really a satire, nor is it a homage . . . Basically "Last Action Hero" is some kind of undefinable mash up of genres and gags that's a lot better than all of the oddly negative reviews say that it is. I can't think of many other movies that hilariously mock action genre tropes while successfully pulling them off at the same time.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 29, 2012
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Last Action Hero. John McTiernan directs this action movie satire in which a kid is magically transported into the newest Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. A lot of the satire works as it points out the ridiculousness of movie logic; where things explode with one gunshot and good guys never get seriously injured. Unfortunately, most of the acting is subpar and isn't able to pull off the satirical tone of the film. And, the film tries to work in a lesson about living in the real world that comes off as awkward and out of place. Last Action Hero is an interesting film that has a lot of fun moments, but ultimately it neither delivers a good action film nor a good satire.
    Dann M Super Reviewer

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