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Although this action-romance suffers from weak writing and one too many explosions, the chemistry generated by onscreen couple Pitt and Jolie is palpable enough to make this a thoroughly enjoyable summer action flick.



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John and Jane Smith are an ordinary suburban couple with an ordinary, lifeless suburban marriage. But each of them has a secret: They are legendary assassins working for competing organizations. When the truth comes out, John and Jane end up in each other's cross-hairs.


Brad Pitt
as John Smith
Angelina Jolie
as Jane Smith
Adam Brody
as Benjamin Diaz
Chris Weitz
as Martin Coleman
Rachael Huntley
as Suzy Coleman
Stephanie March
as Julie (Associate No. 1)
Jennifer Morrison
as Jade (Associate No. 2)
Theresa Barrera
as Janet (Associate No. 3)
Perrey Reeves
as Jessie (Associate No. 4)
Melanie Tolbert
as Jamie (Associate No. 5)
Jerry T. Adams
as Guard (Bull)
Elijah Alexander
as Marco Racin
Lauryn Alvarez
as Coleman Kid No. 2
Burke Armstrong
as Restaurant Patron
Ron Bottitta
as P.J. (Dive Bar Patron No. 2)
Miguel Angel Caballero
as Bellboy (Bogota)
Victor A. Chapa
as American Hotel Manager
Maree Cheatham
as Father's Secretary
Laine Collins
as Eddie's Waitress
Noah Dahl
as Coleman Kid No. 1
Chris Daniels
as Mailman Assassin
Patrika Darbo
as 50's Woman
Jennifer DeMille
as Breakfast Diner Waitress
Keith Diorio
as Salsa Dancer No. 2
Sabi Dorr
as Bodyguard No. 3
Greg Ellis
as Mickey (Dive Bar Patron No. 1)
David Escobedo
as Americana Hotel Bartender
Kaela Freeman
as Neighborhood Girl
Megan Gallagher
as 40's Woman
Jessica Hedden
as Hopskotch Girl No. 2
Katherine Herzer
as Hopskotch Girl No. 1
Nigel Hudson
as Boxing Sparring Partner
Ravil Isyanov
as Curtis (Dive Bar Patron No. 4)
Stephanie Ittleson
as Party Guest
Mark Ivanir
as Patron (Dive Bar)
Benton Jennings
as Maitre D'
Christian Jensen
as Restaurant Waiter
Simon Kinberg
as Investment Banker No. 1
Peter Lavin
as Leroy (Dive Bar Patron No. 3)
Deren LeRoy
as Doorman
Sean Mahon
as Lucky (Dive Bar Patron No. 5)
Kevin Makely
as Hotel Doorman
Mike McCaul
as Bill the Neighbor
Derek Medina
as Policia No. 2
Will James Moore
as House Assassin No. 1
Joel Munoz
as Policia No. 1
Mark Newsom
as Guard No. 1
Richie Orleans
as Policia No. 4
Jordan Osher
as House Assassin No. 2
Edward Padilla
as Colombian Military Officer
Luis Racer
as Policia No. 3
Liz Ramos
as Salsa Dancer No. 1
Leonard Robinson
as Watchguard
Felix A. Ruiz
as Vocalist
Sam Sabbah
as Bodyguard No. 1
Kim Schioldan
as Bartender (Dive Bar)
Ty Sharp
as Towncar Driver
Jimmy Shubert
as Ancient Barker
Hannah Von Kanel
as Hopskotch Girl No. 3
Ali Marsh
as Mom No. 1
Kim Winther
as Mr. Smith's Father
Michael Winther
as Investment Banker No. 2
Michael-John Wolfe
as Bartender (Coleman House)
Jeff Yagher
as 40's Man
Carol Mack
as Dancer
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  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hardly qualify as a latter-day William Powell and Myrna Loy, but they handle the Nick and Nora Charles-style zingers with enough snap that you can generally tell they're zingers.

    Oct 18, 2008 | Full Review…

    Bob Mondello
    Top Critic
  • As Jane and John Smith, Jolie and Pitt hit their movie-star stride. They complete each other.

    Nov 1, 2007 | Full Review…

    David Ansen

    Top Critic
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith works on almost every level and against all odds.

    May 12, 2006
  • The couple's dark, deadpan banter is amusing, particularly during a car chase in which they rapidly exchange some home truths. But there's a coldness to their characters that is never resolved.

    Feb 9, 2006 | Full Review…

    Amy Simmons

    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • What sounds in principle like a pitch for a TV pilot instead plays like an old-fashioned romantic comedy with updated hardware.

    Sep 26, 2005

    Scott Tobias

    AV Club
    Top Critic
  • Mr & Mrs Smith is a revenge fantasy that hinges on murderous thoughts. It is bookended by marriage guidance counselling with the stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    Jul 5, 2005 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • Mar 25, 2015
    It may be unfair to say, but its easily admitted that the most interesting ploy this film can rely on was the media storm surrounding "THE affair" that led to "THE Hollywood couple to be" Brangelina. As a matter of fact, the film is actually rather good and the playful yet genuine chemistry berween Pitt and Jolie excuses the ludicrous plot and reliance on marketing gimmicks. The film really isn't a serious one, but it is a sexy one. A defiantly proud saturday night date film.
    Harry W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 13, 2012
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a messy and convoluted action film from director Doug Liman. The story follows a husband and wife that each discovers that the other is a private assassin for a competing company. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lead the cast and have incredible chemistry together. But the story is complete garbage and makes no sense. Yet Pitt and Jolie have enough charisma to keep the audience engaged, and Liman does an excellent job at staging exciting and thrilling action scenes. Mr. & Mrs. Smith works as a popcorn flick, but it has no substance to it.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 30, 2011
    A mindless action flick without any good writing. There were too many fight scenes and explosion but less time developing the relationship of Brangelina. The off screen relationship of the two is much more interesting than the plot itself. Random use of one liners really decreased the artistic intention of the film, making it a careless blockbuster.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Dec 18, 2011
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a great pair but I was bothered by the distracting romance mixed with pointless violence. They're both agents who happened to get married and then they both play games with each other and then finally decide to team up with one another. Stuff like that bares no interest to me at all and that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this picture.
    Brian R Super Reviewer

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