Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot


Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

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Thoroughly witless and thuddingly unfunny, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot gives its mismatched stars very little to work with - and as a result, they really don't work.



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The carefully maintained ultra macho image of a gruff L. A. police officer (Sylvester Stallone) crumbles when he gets a visit from his meddlesome, over-protective mommy (Estelle Getty) in this action comedy. Things get really hopping when she takes her meddling too far and begins interfering with his job.


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  • Jun 20, 2011
    Stallone has made a few bad movies in his time and this is one of his worst, Even though it is watchable (Just), 90% of the time the comedy is cringe worthy and as soon as we meet Stallones on screen mum we hate her but I suppose that was what they were going for, As for Stallone I think even he knew what he was getting himself in for and big action stars should learn that they aren't meant to star in these films, But its not all terrible, It's certainly not going to be a film you remember Stallone by.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • May 24, 2011
    The plot revolves around a bad-ass cop, Sergeant Joseph Andrew Bomowski (Sly Stallone), who endures a visit from his over protective meddling mother, Tutti (Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls), who then proceeds to make his life absolute hell, as she gets in the way of his job and his budding romance with fellow cop Lt. Gwen Harper. Things go from bad to worse when she goes gun-shopping for a gift and witnesses the dealers getting killed. If you're a fan of Sly Stallone you might enjoy this light hearted cheerful comedy....what can I say "Mothers always knows best!" haha.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2009
    Awful, just simply awful... This was supposed to be a comedy but I couldnt laugh at all.
    Cita W Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2008
    LOL! One of the funniest cop movies ever. Love the scene where his mum shows up holding a huge bottle of baby powder and a huge diaper in her other hand, and he realizes that he's wearing diapers! classic.

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