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Air date: Aug 25, 2019
Air date: Sep 1, 2019
Air date: Sep 8, 2019
Air date: Sep 15, 2019
Air date: Sep 22, 2019
Air date: Sep 29, 2019
Air date: Oct 6, 2019
Air date: Oct 13, 2019
Air date: Oct 27, 2019
Air date: Nov 3, 2019

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Season six picks up with James "Ghost" St. Patrick seeking vengeance. His former drug partner and brother in arms must pay for the ultimate betrayal. Rocked to his core by the perfidiousness and cruelties of those he once called his family, Ghost devotes himself to one notion: Success is the best revenge, with all intentions of getting both. Ghost aims to get even with Tommy, get the Queens Child Project built to consecrate Raina's legacy, and finally achieve a thriving legitimate lifestyle with no criminal strings attached. Ghost's need to wrest satisfaction and happiness from this world by any means necessary - is the most dangerous he's ever faced. As the Feds grow closer to convicting him, Ghost must remain vigilant toward those wanting to take him down for his past criminal enterprises.

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This show is worth a look.

Sep 6, 2019 | Full Review…

Power sets the stage for a final season that appears to be less about redemption, and more about revenge.

Aug 26, 2019 | Rating: 4.0/5.0 | Full Review…

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  • 6h ago
    Awful acting! As the seasons have gone on the acting has got seriously worse! Started off as a great show has ended with absolute C list acting.
  • 4d ago
    Went downhill in S6. Up there with GOT for one of the most disappointing finales. Too much going on in the plot, too farfetched, characters all have plot armor & have gone off on stupid tangents, killing has become a norm with no consequence because: "he said that she said that he was badmouthing him and she's a traitor because he stole from him who thought he overheard her saying she stole from him". Hope that made sense... because that's kinda what the plot has become too, the writers seem to be just throwing in stupid plot twists to incriminate and tangle all the characters in each other's beef- even if it makes no sense for them to be involved and it has no plausibility.
  • Oct 06, 2019
    Season 6 just doesn't have the quality of the previous other seasons. Adding a lot to each plot, story is just all over the place.
  • Sep 30, 2019
    its gone from 2 hard core drug dealing gangstas to 2 pussys crying over there women the worst serious ever cant watch it was so looking forward to this 100 THUMBS DOWN
  • Sep 29, 2019
    So unrealistic, such bad story lines, below average casting, mostly bad acting & totally stupid show!
  • Sep 17, 2019
    An abomination. Turned into a soap opera. Up there with GOT and Dexter for horrible final acts.
  • Sep 16, 2019
    I love it !!!! It's like a soap opera for younger vkewed
  • Sep 09, 2019
    I have to ask under what rock has the Tomatometer Critic been living under the last few years? The Season 6 premier had an increase in viewership from season 5. Episode 3 , 50 cents directorial debut was the most epic directorial debut I have witnessed in a while. Power is known by millions & 50 cents loyal fans are still in the millions. The shows cast keeps people on their toes .. It is one of the best if not best Crime shows on TV.
  • Aug 30, 2019
    As usual, lots of action, but the writing has reached the desperate "last season" stage, not to mention the overacting. You can sense the actors are waiting to be done with it. That said, will most likely continue to watch to the bitter end!

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