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Army of Darkness is a madcap adventure worth taking thanks to Bruce Campbell's hammy charm and Sam Raimi's acrobatic direction, although an intentional lack of shocks make this a discordant capper to the Evil Dead franchise.



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The third in director Sam Raimi's stylish, comic book-like horror trilogy that began with The Evil Dead (1982), this tongue-in-cheek sequel offers equal parts sword-and-sorcery-style action, gore, and comedy. Bruce Campbell returns as the one-armed Ash, now a supermarket employee ("Shop Smart...Shop S-Mart") who is transported by the powers of a mysterious book back in time with his Oldsmobile '88 to the 14th century medieval era. Armed only with a shotgun, his high school chemistry textbook, and a chainsaw that mounts where his missing appendage once resided, the square-jawed, brutally competent Ash quickly establishes himself as a besieged kingdom's best hope against an "army of darkness" currently plaguing the land. Since the skeleton warriors have been resurrected with the aid of the Necronomicon (the same tome that can send Ash back to his own time) he agrees to face the enemy in battle. Ash also finds romance of a sort along the way with a beautiful damsel in distress, Sheila (Embeth Davidtz), and contends with his own doppelganger after mangling an important incantation. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Bridget Fonda
as Girlfriend
Ted Raimi
as Cowardly Warrior/Second Supportive Villager/S-Mart Clerk
Deke Anderson
as 1st Tiny Ash
Bruce Thomas
as 2nd Tiny Ash
Sara Shearer
as Old Woman
Shiva Gordon
as 1st Pit Deadite
Billy Bryan
as 2nd Pit Deadite
Nadine Grycan
as Winged Deadite
Josh Becker
as Fake Shemp
Bill Moseley
as Deadite Captain
Don Campbell
as Fake Shemp
Michael Kenney
as Henry's Man
William Lustig
as Fake Shemp
Andy Bale
as 1st Lieutenant
David O'Malley
as Fake Shemp
Robert Brent Lappin
as 2nd Lieutenant
Bernard Rose
as Fake Shemp
Rad Milo
as Tower Guard
Brad Bradbury
as Chief Archer
Ron Zwang
as Fake Shemp
Ivan Raimi
as Fake Shemp
Patricia Tallman
as Possessed Witch/S-Mart Employee
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  • May 03, 2016
    It's stupid, campy and silly - but that is exactly what Army of Darkness was aiming to be in the first place, and succeeds thanks to it's charming special effects and wonderfully fun performance by Bruce Campbell.
    Matthew M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 15, 2015
    My main issue with Army of Darkness is that the humor just didn't fully work with me, despite being similar to Evil Dead II. There's just way too much camp and ridiculous dialogue under a very poorly designed medieval setting that looks like crap in 1993. I know that's part of the charm of the series, but I couldn't help to feel that this could've been way way better.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Dec 06, 2014
    Though it still holds some entertainment value as a pulpy cheese-fest, most of Army of Darkness' moments of intended comedy and excitement have been lost with age.
    Isaac H Super Reviewer
  • Oct 09, 2014
    First off, this review is based on the unrated director's cut. I had seen the theatrical cut years ago and to say I loathed the finished product is an understatement. With the added value of hindsight and a new, unfiltered version of the film, I can safely reassess the film and declare it to be the same drek as before. Of course, the 'Evil Dead' trilogy has metamorphosed and retconned from a gruesome splatter flick to a fish-out-of-water farce in this entry. I've never been a huge fan of anachronistic humor and scenes of Bruce Campbell bewitching the humbled medieval citizens with tales of his "boomstick" shotgun don't persuade me in favor of it any further. Quite honestly, Bruce Campbell's self-deprecating overacting is too overblown and one-dimensional for belief (he is abused by a variety of malevolent spirits and demon hordes). For the majority of the film, Ash is a chauvinistic jerk (Sheila slaps him and a moment later, he arrogantly asks her to "give me some sugar"). In most of Raimi's films, the aesthetics can be stirring, but the shaky-cam she-bitch confrontations are gusty eyesores. Comedy is subjective but the acrobatic Three Stooges slapstick with the Lilliputian Ash clones is tremendously unfunny and it should've been excised entirely. At one point, the Necronomicon book assaults Ash and it is the umpteenth variation on the Passion of Ash. This is a meretricious parody of what the 'Evil Dead' series has become and even the foul 2013 remake is superior.
    Cory T Super Reviewer

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