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In his second Hollywood movie, Jet Li impresses. Unfortunately, when he's not on screen, the movie slows to a crawl. Though there's some spark between Jet and Aaliyah, there isn't any threat of a fire. And as impressive as the action sequences are, some critics feel they are over-edited.



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William Shakespeare's streak as the hottest storyteller in Hollywood continues with this modern-dress variation on Romeo and Juliet. In this loose adaptation, Hang Sing (Jet Li) is a former police officer from Hong Kong who comes to the United States following the death of his brother, the leader of an Asian crime ring. Hang Sing discovers that his brother had become involved in a turf battle with an African-American gang, led by Isaak (Delroy Lindo). But his blood lust begins to subside when he falls in love with Isaak's daughter Trish (Aaliyah) and finds himself torn between his affection for her and his desire for justice against the men who killed his brother. Romeo Must Die was the directorial debut of noted cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak; the supporting cast includes Russell Wong and Isaiah Washington. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Jet Li
as Han Sing
as Trish O'Day
Delroy Lindo
as Isaak O'Day
as Silk
Henry O
as Ch'u Sing
Edoardo Ballerini
as Vincent Roth
Jon Kit Lee
as Po Sing
Derek Lowe
as Chinese Messenger
Ronin Wong
as New Prisoner
Byron Lawson
as Head Guard
Kendall Saunders
as Colin's Girlfriend
Benz Antoine
as Crabman
Keith Dallas
as Bouncer
Taayla Markell
as Po's Girlfriend
Chang Tseng
as Victor Ho
Tong Lung
as Overlord
Richard Yee
as Overlord
Colin Foo
as Overlord
Lance Gibson
as Doorman
Grace Park
as Asian Dancer
Jennifer Wong
as Asian Dancer
Cab Driver
as Manoj Sood
as Lori
Gaston Howard
as Member of Maurice's Crew
Clay Donahue Fontenot
as Member of Maurice's Crew
Jonross Fong
as Young Han
Francoise Yip
as Motorcycle Fighter
David Kopp
as Delivery Man
Aaron Joseph Robson
as Kid In Boutique
Candice McClure
as Store Clerk
W.J. Waters
as Hardware Store Clerk
Cesar Abraham
as Park Bench Kid
Jerry Grant
as Bartender
Tonjha Richardson
as Store Clerk
Chic Gibson
as Taxi Driver
Jody Vance
as Sportscaster
Ann Gwathmey
as Shopper
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  • Sep 28, 2011
    Romeo Must Die is a mess of a martial arts film. This is not a film that will appeal to fans of the genre. The story didn't appeal to me whatsoever, and I felt it was boring, uninspired and not interesting. The cast here are terrible, I've never been a fan of Jet Li, and this film just makes me hate him more. Starring alongside him are other "actors" who can't actually act, but try to any way. This is a terrible cast for a terrible film, and it fits perfectly. Unlike the old school Bruce Lee which had elaborate plots and great acting, and kick ass martial arts; Romeo Must Die fails at everything except delivering "ass kicking" martial arts. Jet Li sucks, and he's no Bruce Lee. Romeo Must Die lacks any real drama, conflict or effective action to keep this film afloat. Despite the fact that this is an action film, I was pretty bored with it because the film was poorly done. I despised the cast, and I felt that they all destroyed the film. Romeo Must Die is a sloppy film that has poorly executed action scenes. Romeo Must Die is not a good Martial Arts film. I'm going to stick with Bruce Lee as the undisputed master of martial arts and of the genre itself. At least his films involved elaborate, well developed plots and had awesome action. But this, this has some action, but marred with poor acting, and poor plot, which in the end, makes this film fail disastrously. I don't like Jet Li, I find him irritating and a bad actor, but at times he does cool stuff on-screen. However, I feel his martial arts aren't up to par with Bruce Lee, and no that is not why this film sucks. The film because the acting is awful, the plot is bad and the direction of the overall film is terrible. It's no wonder that this film has made it into the Bargain bin for 5$.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 18, 2011
    Definitely one of Jet Li's better films, especially in terms of storyline. The possible comparisons to Romeo and Juliet are minimal here, but it allows for a pretty cool title. Aaliyah was a surprisingly good actress in this film...I was too young to remember when she died in that plane crash, but it's a real shame that it happened; she had a lot of promise, both as a singer and as an actress. As a side note, Anthony Anderson is absolutely obnoxious in this prepared to hope he gets killed off (unfortunately, he doesn't).
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2011
    An ultra-cool and stylish action-thriller with great visuals and stunning fight sequences. Jet Li packs plenty of punch and Aaliyah packs plenty of heart.
    Al S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 11, 2009
    Jet Li is a terrific athlete and martial arts expert, specialising in Wushu. He plays Hon, a Chinese man who escapes from a prison in Hong Kong. Li goes to America to find out who had killed his little brother and gets caught up in a racial war between the Chinese and Black Americans. All the fight scenes are inventive and crisply executed. I enjoyed the music, cinematography, motorcycle and car chases, smart & funny gags thrown in along with budding romance between him and Aaliyah (who tragically died in a plane crash the year after this film was released) That X-ray thing was also very cool. Recommended for Jet Li fans of Martial Art Movie lovers!!
    Deb S Super Reviewer

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