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Mary Poppins Returns relies on the magic of its classic forebear to cast a familiar -- but still solidly effective -- family-friendly spell.



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Directed and produced by Rob Marshall, "Mary Poppins Returns" also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer and Julie Walters with Colin Firth and Meryl Streep. The film, which introduces three new Banks children, played by Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh and newcomer Joel Dawson, also features Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury. The film is set in 1930s depression-era London (the time period of the original novels) and is drawn from the wealth of material in PL Travers' additional seven books. In the story, Michael (Whishaw) and Jane (Mortimer) are now grown up, with Michael, his three children and their housekeeper, Ellen (Walters), living on Cherry Tree Lane. After Michael suffers a personal loss, the enigmatic nanny Mary Poppins (Blunt) re-enters the lives of the Banks family, and, along with the optimistic street lamplighter Jack (Miranda), uses her unique magical skills to help the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Mary Poppins also introduces the children to a new assortment of colorful and whimsical characters, including her eccentric cousin, Topsy (Streep). The film is produced by Marshall, John DeLuca and Marc Platt. The screenplay is by David Magee based on The Mary Poppins Stories by PL Travers with Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman writing all new songs and Shaiman composing an original score.


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  • Sep 20, 2019
    Desperately trying to recapture the magic of the original, and failing, Mary Poppins Returns is a whimsical family film with no heart. The fates once again call on Mary Poppins when Michael Banks, now a widower, is about to lose his house and his children are despite to help him save it. Emily Blunt takes on the iconic role of Mary Poppins, but as good as she is she's no Julie Andrews and comes off as a little more stern and less kind. And the musical numbers aren't nearly as catchy and fun as those from the original film. A couple are alright, but most of them go on too long, are over produced, and try too hard to be charming and lighthearted. The writing isn't that good either, as much of the film seems forced and contrived. While it's entertaining and has a bit of the original's spirit, Mary Poppins Returns doesn't have its passion or its sincerity.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 13, 2019
    Disney's 60s beloved classic - stolen from its dumbstruck creator, who was then vilified by the thief - gets an update for a new generation. "Magic is real" it suggests ("we NEVER said that," wink, wink "pish posh!"), just as the first one did, with plenty of Brit music hall style numbers stomping throughout, and hidden bits of sneaky mementos liberally sprinkled for the Boomers who saw it the first time around to secretly find. Only this time, given modern times, Poppins curiously spends a great deal of time in the mirror. The tradition continues then if traditions are simply that which we do more than once, setting the stage, as it were, for more to come. Rousing.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Jan 18, 2019
    Sequels to movies from 50 years ago are a dicey proposition that even the most cynical of studios balk at. Not so, for the House of Mouse, apparently. Of course, they have a better track record than most for "sticking the landing" with all their infinite resources and competent producers. While we certainly didn't need it and no one asked for it, Mary Poppins Returns does just that. We are treated to an airy and colorful excursion that contains a moral center and a message that is sorely missing from children's cinema these days. This follow-up takes place a couple of decades after the original classic. The Banks children are grown up and broke in the middle of the Great Depression and are about to lose their childhood home. Michael himself now has children and has need of a nanny (and moral guidance). Guess who shows up? This sequel would live or die based upon the performance and casting of its recognizable character. Emily Blunt proves to be an excellent fit for the magical caregiver, albeit a tad bit more vain and prickly than the Julie Andrews version. Supposedly this was because Blunt opted to take it in direction more akin to the novel version originated by P.L. Travers. This is one of those broad PR statements that's hard to prove one way or another, and I suspect this defense was created in hindsight. Either way she kills it with the charm and sharp wit one would expect. (Btw Emily Blunt is actually REALLY good in the few action movies she's been in. I don't know why Hollywood has not made her action star.) The interplay she has with the children is quaint and you feel some of that old Disney magic in many of their fantastic interludes. It was nice to see hand-drawn animation for one of the more memorable sequences, though some of the CGI used in others was a bit...umm terrible. The musical numbers themselves are...decent but not exceptional or ones that you'll be singing years later. The famous songs from the original were scored and written by the Sherman Brothers, who were masters of their craft. There's simply no comparison between the two. There are numerous supporting characters and a lot of cameos to be had. Lin Manuel-Miranda really shines and he fills in nicely for Dick Van Dyke. Emily Mortimer is quite lively and charming, while Ben Whishaw carries a lot of the dramatic work of the film. Meanwhile Colin Firth is a little TOO good as a slimy villain. Overall, Mary Poppins Returns is a fine family outing and has the right magic to pull off the impossible. That being said, WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE. This was FINE. In Russian Roulette you can get two clicks and survive. It doesn't mean you get THREE. And yeah that analogy was pretty dark for a review of a Disney movie. Don't lie. That's why you read my reviews.
    Joshua S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2019
    Magical in its own way and led by Blunt who makes the role her own and Miranda is stellar as well. It plays homage to the original but smartly doesn't try to best it or replace it. It's its own movie. I was disappointed in the music and don't think we will be sing the songs fifty years later. But it is beautifully filmed and makes you feel good as you leave the theatre! 12/31/2018
    Christopher O Super Reviewer

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