Xena: Warrior Princess (1995 - 2001)

Xena: Warrior Princess

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The campy escapades of ancient Greece's sword-wielding female superhero. Originally a recurring nemesis on 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena opted to change her ways and was rewarded with a spin-off that even outpaced 'Herc' in the ratings. Filmed in New Zealand.

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2000, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1999, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1998, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1997, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1996, Syndicated, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Lucy Lawless exudes steely charisma in Xena: Warrior Princess, a swashbuckling actioner that transcends its origin as a spinoff and becomes a fully realized saga in its own right.

1995, Syndicated, 24 episodes


Renée O'Connor
as Gabrielle
Ted Raimi
as Joxer
David Te Rare
as Theodorus
Norman Forsey
as King Lias
Stephen Tozer
as Mezentius
Campbell Cooley
as 1st Guard
Roger Morrissey
as Monster Grinhilda
Todd Rippon
as Goliath
Robert Harte
as Ugly Ruffian
Slade Leef
as Sitacles
Paul A. Willis
as Atyminius
Iain Rea
as Brisus
John McKee
as Lord Menos
Jim Ngaata
as Gareth
Peter Feeney
as Caswallawn
Rajneel Singh
as Indrajit
Paul Glover
as Menticles
Luanne Gordon
as Grinhilda
Paul Gittins
as Kaleipus
Geoffrey Knight
as Trojan Guard
Colin Moy
as Phantes
Stephen Ure
as Werfner
Syd Jackson
as Storekeeper
Paul Norell
as Street Vendor
Mark Perry
as Warrior #1
Asa Lindh
as Alceto
Kevin Sorbo
as Hercules
Roy Snow
as Arthenian Captain
Peter Ford
as Zealot Guard
John Smith
as Boat Captain
Barry TeHira
as Head Highwayman
John Manning
as Greek Scout
Adrian Brown
as Yodoshi
Jodie Rimmer
as Seraphim
Gina Torres
as Cleopatra
Jon Bennett
as Marc Antony
Ray Woolf
as Marmax
Joe Berryman
as Senticles
Karen Dior
as Miss Artiphys
Colin Francis
as Swordsman
Duncan Ross
as Parnassus
Daniel Lim
as Ming T'ien
Timothy Lee
as Regent of Skiros
Anne Baxter
as Elderly Woman
Geoff Snell
as Herodotus
Tony Billy
as Mitoan Warrior
Grant Bridger
as Sinteres
Steve Wright
as Magistrate
Jennifer Rucker
as Police Officer
Andrew Thurtell
as Twickenham
Mark Clare
as Eochaid
Galyn Görg
as Helen of Troy
Peter McCauley
as Talmadeus
Peter Vere Jones
as King Silvus
Beth Allen
as Vanesa/Pilee
Péter Müller
as Dustinus Hoofmanus
Alex Mendoza
as Lucifer
Ray Henwood
as Sisyphus
Graham Moore
as Polonius
Edward Newborn
as King Gregor
Nick Kemplen
as Phiddipides
Rajiv Varma
as Krishna
Sandy Winton
as Prince Morloch
Peter Mason
as Shopkeeper
Graham Smith
as Senior Zealot
Michael Hallows
as Tall Villager
Nicko Vella
as Orphan #3
Venant Wong
as Morimoto
John Leigh
as Nabcot
Ted Clark
as Thoracles
Bob Johnson
as Athenian #2
Gary Young
as Saburo
Gilbert Goldie
as Town Elder
Glen Levy
as Grindl
Stuart Turner
as Sphaerus
John Freeman
as Promethus
John Sumner
as Lord Claron
Craig Hall
as Raczar
Kirk Torrance
as Demetrius
Tony Todd
as Cecrops
Michael Saccente
as Dr. Delaney
Robert Tappert
as Robert Tappert
Katrina Hobbs
as Glaphyra
Saras Govender
as Arminestra
Tanea Heke
as Ersina
Jon Gadsby
as Lachrymose
Hori Ahipene
as Ferragus
Ben Baker
as Dockhand
Lucy Thomas
as Rheinmaiden 2
Dale Corlett
as Jonathan
Olivia Tennet
as Princess Alecia
Grahame Moore
as Polonius
Peter Sa'ena-Brown
as Apollo's Priest Tazor
Danny Lineham
as Grathios
Peter Tait
as Daylon
James Gaylyn
as Petracles
Lawrence Whareau
as Mystic Warrior
Ken Blackburn
as King Menelaus
Daniel Parker
as Thief #1
Jeff Boyd
as Kaleipus
Matthew Dwyer
as Poseidon's Priest Orcas
Charlotte Comer
as Young Amazon
Anne Nordhaus
as Fan No. 1
Alex Moffat
as 1st Guard
Michael Hurst
as Interviewer
Charles Pierard
as Thessalian Guard
Mark Williams
as Fire Maker
Toby Fisher
as Petrodes
Syd Mannion
as Calchas
Norman Fairley
as Lord Lycost
Sally Spencer Harris
as Queen Mistria
Juliet Taylor
as Hanged Woman
Kim Michalis
as Natassa
Peter Needham
as Village Elder
Nicola Brown
as Banshee #2
Caleb Ross
as Ternecula
Andrea Kelland
as Village Leader
Geoff Houtman
as Gangrene Man
Ross Jolly
as King Barus
Joy Watson
as Palmist
Mark Warren
as Octavius
Ian Harrop
as Magmar
Jay Saussey
as Young Woman
Henry Vaeoso
as Fat Warrior
Sara Wiseman
as Young Woman
John Leonard
as Soldier
Michael Downey
as Young Guy Villager
Meryl Main
as Areolis' Widow
Brett Gilbert
as Drowned Athenian
Daniel Ryan
as Roman #1
Dean Stewart
as Executioner
Sam Holland
as Teen Son
Heidi Anderson
as Slave Girl
Mark Warren
as Octavius
Greg Ward
as Villager #3
Phil Jones
as Wounded Athenian
Phil Adams
as Centaur
Geoff Clendon
as Brides Father
John Dybvig
as Brigand
Rakai Karaitiana
as Horde Warrior
Ross Harper
as Polinios
Mark Viniello
as The Destroyer
Katherine Kennard
as Miss Skiros
Nicholas Clark
as Dying Acolyte
Peter Phillips
as 1st Xena Warrior
Tony Wood
as Xelifus
John Pemberton
as Arresting Guard
Peter Morgan
as Barkeep
Mark Jones
as Messenger
Tony Ward
as Messenger
Michael Dwyer
as Ruffian #1
Loren Horsley
as Sirglinda
Michael Holt
as Draco Man #1
Rich Chan
as Master Swordsman
Margaret Blay
as Woman in Court
Steve Cleary
as Instructor
Megan Nicol
as Hestian Virgin #1
Jonathan Blick
as 1st Viking
Mary Wilson
as Novitiate #3
Frederick Morton
as Bordello Girl #1
Geoff Dolan
as Henchman #1
Tammy Barker
as Gabrielle Lookalike
John Wraight
as Lord Erick
Geoff Barlow
as Storekeeper
Sam Williams
as Hordemaster
Julian Garner
as Hephaestus
Clint Sharplin
as Villager #1
Jean Hyland
as Priestess #1
Tania Anderson
as 1st Woman
Robin Kora
as Village Elder
George Port
as Critic #1
John Smythe
as Apothecary
Jim Rawdon
as Father
Diana Rowan
as Shepherd
Sean Grant
as Teenage Boy
Alister Babbage
as Patron #2
Rachel Gilchrist
as Lead Archer
Eric Lynch
as Best Buddy
Guy Ryan
as Sex Symbol Guy
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TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Sep 4, 1995
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Liz Friedman, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, R.J. Stewart
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